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Sensational Sixites - 50 Movie Set
Sensational Sixites - 50 Movie Set
Actors: Jack Nicholson, Joan Collins, Ann Margaret, Sophia Loren
Director: Various
NR     2012     70hr 0min

It s an instant library of the hippest movies of the 1960s with the hottest stars of the decade such as William Shatner, Lee Majors, James Brolin, Joan Collins, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Sophia Loren, Vincent Price an...  more »

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Actors: Jack Nicholson, Joan Collins, Ann Margaret, Sophia Loren
Director: Various
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 07/24/2012
Release Year: 2012
Run Time: 70hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 12
SwapaDVD Credits: 12
Total Copies: 2
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Member Movie Reviews

Larry N. from BEALETON, VA
Reviewed on 7/29/2018...
Here are the 50 movies in this set. A couple are actually from 1959 and many are foreign films. Most are presented in 4:3 format, not widescreen.

The average rating of these 50 movies is just over a 6 out of 10. Out of the 50, about a third of them are garbage, a lot of them are average, and 9 are gems well worth seeing.

Rating system: 1 = not worth watching; 2 = worth watching; 3 = well worth watching

1963 (2) Alexander the Great - TV movie, features William Shatner and Adam West. At only 50 minutes, this a short movie based on Alexander's battle where he defeated King Darius of Persia.
1961 (2) Anatomy of a Psycho - B&W, is about a young man driven insane by the execution of his older brother. His psychosis causes him to continually spiral deeper in trouble with the law.
1962 (?) The Avenger - This movie was filmed in color, however the copy on this DVD is black and white! This is supposed to be a decent movie, but I tried to watch it twice and it just failed to hold my attention.
1969 (2) The Ballad of Andy Crocker - TV movie, features Agnes Morehead, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Hatfield (of the Righteous Brothers), Jimmy Dean, Joey Heatherton, Lisa Todd (a Hee Haw Honey) and Lee Majors as a Vietnam veteran who finds that his business has been ruined by a partner, his girlfriend married to another man, and friends hard to find.
1969 (1) The Battle of El Alamein - Dubbed, is about the 1942 North African battle at El Alamein between the Allied and the Axis forces. Poor video and sound quality detract from the movie.
1969 (2) The Battle of the Last Panzer - Dubbed, After being ambushed by Americans, a German tank crew fights to survive in WWII France.
1965 (2) Bloody Pit of Horror - Dubbed, widescreen, a photographer and his models go to an abandoned castle to shoot provocative photos but the castle is inhabited by a man who thinks he is the reincarnation of an executioner.
1967 (1) The Cape Town Affair - Features James Brolin and Jacqueline Bisset, it's about South African secret agents attempting to save a microfilm before it falls into the hands of communists.
1961 (2) The Choppers - B&W, is about a gang of teenagers that strip cars and sell the parts while the police and an insurance investigator try to catch them.
1961 (2) Constantine and the Cross - Somewhat fictionalized account of Roman emperor Constantine the Great
1968 (2) Criminal Affair - Dubbed, features Ann-Margret as a college girl obsessed with a professor who has taken a sabbatical under the pretense to write a book but is actually planning to pull off the perfect crime.
1962 (3) Dangerous Charter - A fishing boat crew happens across an abandoned luxury yacht. They claim salvage rights and end up owning the boat, but it turns out that it was intentionally abandoned by its owner who is a heroin dealer. There's 1/2 million dollars of heroin hidden on board and the owner wants his "cargo" back.
1960 (2) David and Goliath - Features Orson Welles, the Biblical story of David and Goliath.
1961 (3) The Deadly Companions - Featuring Brian Keith & Maureen O'Hara is a western about an ex-Union officer who accidentally kills a woman's son. Feeling guilty, he escorts her while transporting the body for burial through Apache territory.
1967 (2) Desert Commandos - Letter-boxed, is about WWII German soldiers in the Sahara Desert on a mission to go to Casablanca to assassinate some Allied leaders.
1961 (2) Devil's Partner - B&W, features Edgar Buchanan & Byron Foulger from Petticoat Junction fame. Decent movie about a man selling his soul to the devil and using witchcraft & black magic to win the affection of a girl from a rival man.
1969 (2) Diary of a Telephone Operator - Dubbed, features Claudia Cardinale, is about two female roommates that are also telephone operators. One is always entertaining men and the other one always seems to be alone, so she sets out to steal the other ones boyfriends.
1962 (1) The Dungeon of Harrow - Badly acted and boring
1960 (2) Esther and the King - Features a 26-year old Joan Collins, is a telling of the biblical story.
1966 (1) The Fat Spy - Features Jayne Mansfield & Phyllis Diller. A spoof of 1960's beach party movies, it has very little plot & lacks focus & direction.
1961 (2) Five Minutes to Live - B&W, features Johnny Cash, Vic Tayback, Ron Howard and Merle Travis. A bank robber and a killer for hire team up to rob a bank by holding the bank manager's wife hostage in their home. It's a low budget movie and the sound quality is awful.
1964 (1) Guerillas in Pink Lace - Stars George Montgomery in a film that attempts to be a comedy but is just lacking in everything.
1967 (1) The Head of the Family aka Il padre di famiglia - Dubbed, features Leslie Caron whom is wasted in this boring saga of a man who marries, starts a family, gets bored with life, has an affair, blah, blah, blah.
1967 (1) Hell of Borneo - Features George Montgomery acting, producing, writing, and directing. Don't waste your time, nothing good about it.
1959 (2) Herod the Great - Dubbed, letter-boxed, story of 1st century B.C. King Herod of Judea.
1960 (1) High School Big Shot aka Date Bait is about a troubled young man dealing with jealousy, anger and drug addiction.
1960 (2) High School Caesar - Self-proclaimed big man in high school beats up students for protection money, rigs the student body election, steals money from the class fund and obtains copies of tests for a fee. Nobody seems to like him, but nobody will do anything about it until he shows up at the street races and tries to take over that, too.
1967 (3) The Jackals - A South African western love story with Vincent Price. What a combination! It's a decent remake of the 1948 movie Yellow Sky.
1966 (2) Lightning Bolt aka Operazione Goldman - Letter-boxed, a fair attempt at a James Bond-like sci-fi movie.
1966 (?) Magic Serpent - Dubbed, Japanese monster and Ninja flick. Sorry, I can't stand Ninja movies, so no review on this one.
1962 (3) The Magic Sword - The son of a sorceress armed with a magical sword and armor accompanied by six magically summoned knights, embarks on a quest to save a princess from a vengeful wizard. The special effects are quite good for 1962! Plenty of action and story moves along at a good pace.
1959 (1) The Manster - B&W, is about a Japanese scientist experimenting on humans turning them into monsters. The movie tries to be a combination sci-fi, horror, drama, mystery and thriller and just ends up missing them all and becoming boring.
1964 (1) The Nasty Rabbit - Letter-boxed, is a very silly spy spoof movie. Richard "Jaws" Kiel appears in this farce with the only redeeming quality of the movie is being able to see the voluptuous Liz Renay.
1961 (2) Night Tide - B&W, features Dennis Hopper, whom gives a drab, lackluster performance. He falls in love with a carnie "mermaid" that he believes kills on the full moon.
1966 (2) The Poppy is Also a Flower - An Ian Fleming story, directed by Terence Young and chocked full of stars such as Yul Brynner, Angie Dickinson, Rita Hayworth, E. G. Marshall, Omar Sharif, Eli Wallach, Grace Kelly, and more proves that all of that talent can't make a movie a hit. The movie is about the opium trade from the middle east to Europe and the story just misses the mark that should keep it interesting. Also, this copy's color is fading and at times is nearly black and white.
1962 (2) The Reluctant Saint - B&W, features Ricardo Montalban is about a simple young man who'd rather tend to the farm animals than become a priest. The villagers think he's an idiot, but surprises everyone by passing the entrance exam. He goes on to become a priest and even performs a miracle.
1963 (3) The Sadist - B&W, three teachers driving to a baseball game have car trouble. They stop at a repair shop, but the area seems deserted. They encounter a psychotic killer and his girlfriend whom the police are looking for.
1968 (2) Sandy the Seal - Basically a children's movie by today's standards, but still quite dated, it's a story about capturing seal poachers.
1964 (1) Santa Clause Conquers the Martians - Features a 10-year old Pia Zadora, is a Christmas movie that was certainly a children's movie when it was released. I doubt that any child except for the very young would be willing to watch it now. The acting and action scenes are laughable by today's standards.
1966 (1) The She Beast - is about a woman that drowns in a lake and is possessed by an 18th century witch that was killed in the same lake by the locals. It's supposed to be a horror and a thriller, but they threw in some comedy that just did nothing for the movie but take it down a few notches.
1962 (1) Shoot Out at Big Sag - B&W, is a western TV movie for a pilot that features Walter Brennan. It's just isn't that interesting and borders being boring.
1966 (1) Sound of Horror - B&W, dubbed, is about a group of treasure hunters that are terrorized by an invisible, shrieking dinosaur that was trapped in a cave that they inadvertently released.
1963 (2) Sword of Lancelot - A telling of the story of the affair between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere.
1967 (3) They Came From Beyond Space - A decent sci-fi invasion movie from the UK. Aliens come to earth seeking knowledge by taking over bodies.
1968 (3) Twisted Nerve - Features Hayley Mills and is about a young sexual psychopath man who portrays a mentally handicapped boy so that he can use a family to aid in the coverup of murdering his father. In the meantime he has developed an infatuation with their daughter and commits another murder.
1960 (3) Two Women - B&W, dubbed, features Sophia Loren, An Italian mother whom is tired of the ravages of World War II, attempts to remove herself and her daughter from war torn Italy.
1969 (1) Wake Me When the War is Over - TV movie featuring Eva Gabor, Werner Klemperer and Jim Backus stars Ken Berry as an inept WWII American officer who accidentally ends up parachuting into Germany. He is held "prisoner" by Baroness Marlene whom falls in love with him and refuses to tell him that the war has ended.
1962 (2) When the Girls Take Over - B&W, cheesy comedy loosely based on Fidel Castro's take-over of Cuba.
1968 (2) White Comanche - Features William Shatner playing half-breed twin brothers, one good, one evil, in a Spanish western.
1960 (1) The Wild Ride - features Jack Nicholson but that's about the highlight of this saga of an amateur dirt track race driver who spends most of his time partying and causing trouble.