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12-Movie Family Adventure
12-Movie Family Adventure (2016)
Actors: John Denver, Mickey Rooney, Bo Hopkins
Release Year: 2016
Date: 12/9/2016 12:23 ET

An interesting selection of movies. Half black and white and half in color. I'm guessing that the majority of people that are interested in a family movie collection would want to watch these movies with their kids and that the black and white movies would be a downer to those kids.

Review Date: 12/9/2016
70's Drive-In Horror Double Feature: Ruby & Kiss of the Tarantula
70's Drive-In Horror Double Feature: Ruby & Kiss of the Tarantula (2010)
Actors: Piper Laurie, Stuart Whitman, Janit Baldwin
Release Year: 2010
Date: 6/22/2018 1:46 ET
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Two low budget horror movies on one DVD. In Ruby (1977), the spirit of Ruby Claire's (Piper Laurie, who played Carrie's mom in Carrie) gangster husband returns for revenge at her drive-in movie theater. In Kiss of the Tarantula (1976), teenager Susan (Suzanna Ling in her only role) sends out her tarantulas to kill her enemies. Both of the movies were a thrilling good time for what they were.

Review Date: 6/22/2018
Adventures of Scamper the Penguin
Adventures of Scamper the Penguin (2005)
Actor: Virginia Masters
Release Year: 2005
Date: 9/12/2015 4:38 ET

I loved this movie and still do. The VHS was watched many times when I was a kid.

Review Date: 9/12/2015
Amish Grace
Amish Grace (2010)
Actors: Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Tammy Blanchard, Matt Letscher
Release Year: 2010
Date: 12/28/2011 8:30 ET
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This movie was good, although I got bored in parts. This is not the type of movie that I normally watch, but I liked it and I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Review Date: 12/28/2011
Anna (2018)
Actors: Arianne Martin, Sheri Davis, Joshua Winch
Release Year: 2018
Date: 6/13/2018 10:16 ET

This is a very cheesy low budget horror comedy. I actually enjoyed it. The opening that says this is based on a true story (lol) has the world possible misspelled.

Review Date: 6/13/2018
Asssassination Classroom: Season 1, Part One (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Asssassination Classroom: Season 1, Part One (Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (2016)
Actors: Sonny Strait, Lindsay Seidel, Chris Ryan
Release Year: 2016
Date: 7/27/2018 4:49 ET
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In this anime series, a class of middle school students are tasked with assassinating an octopus creature that can destroy the world - who just so happens to be their teacher. That teacher is Koro Sensei and not only is he a super strong assassination target, but he is an incredible teacher who cares about his students. Koro Sensei does have a tragic background, but I won't ruin it and his background isn't revealed until season two. You didn't think he just popped out of nothingness, did you?

Review Date: 7/27/2018
Astro Boy [Blu-ray]
Astro Boy [Blu-ray] (2010)
Actors: Nicolas Cage, Kristen Bell, Freddie Highmore
Release Year: 2010
Date: 12/29/2011 1:27 ET

I enjoyed this Blu-Ray release of Astro Boy. I went into it not knowing what to expect and I came out liking it a lot. How Astro Boy came into being is actually creepy for a movie aimed towards kids.

This is a remake of the anime Astro Boy. Like Dragonball: Evolution, which is also based on an anime, this didn't do well in the Japanese box office. Unlike Dragonball: Evolution, this film did well with the source material. I think that I see why this did bad in the Japanese box office though. They probably thought that Americans were messing with their creativity.

Review Date: 12/29/2011
Bad Milo!
Bad Milo! (2014)
Actors: Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton
Release Year: 2014
Date: 2/11/2018 9:41 ET
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A highly enjoyable horror comedy. The ending was strange and kind of touching.

Review Date: 2/11/2018
Baptism of Blood
Baptism of Blood (2004)
Release Year: 2004
Date: 8/15/2015 12:21 ET

This is a decent horror film from Japan. I usually don't turn my head away from horror movies, but I had to turn my head away during the scene with the brain transfer. I guess that is saying something. It is a bit strange, but that doesn't make it a bad movie.

Review Date: 8/15/2015
Bat Thumb
Bat Thumb (2002)
Actors: Steve Oedekerk, Mark DeCarlo, Paul Greenberg
Release Year: 2002
Date: 1/30/2014 10:40 ET
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This is a funny take on the 1989 Batman movie. If people can get pass the creepy animated faces on the animated thumbs, they will likely enjoy it.

Review Date: 1/30/2014
Batman: Bad Blood
Batman: Bad Blood (0)
Date: 2/27/2016 6:24 ET

This is an overall good movie, but I think that too many characters and too much story is crammed into this 70 minute movie.

Review Date: 2/27/2016
Batman Ninja (Blu-ray/DVD)
Batman Ninja (Blu-ray/DVD) (0)
Date: 7/2/2018 12:10 ET

If you don't like over the top action anime, ancient Japanese history, and a not so gritty Batman, you won't like this movie. I am luckily interested in all three things. The sword fight between Joker and Batman was epic and the animation is excellent.

Review Date: 7/2/2018
Beasts from the Darkside - 5 Movie Collection: Anaconda, The Cave, She Creature, Dragon Wars, The Day the World Ended
Beasts from the Darkside - 5 Movie Collection: Anaconda, The Cave, She Creature, Dragon Wars, The Day the World Ended (2016)
Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight
Release Year: 2016
Date: 10/28/2016 11:03 ET
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I bought this for Anaconda, She Creature, and Dragon Wars. I have already seen Anaconda and Dragon Wars and I enjoy them. She Creature was a first time view for me and it didn't seem like it was made for television. It is good quality on both discs.

Review Date: 10/28/2016
Birth of the Dragon (DVD)
Birth of the Dragon (DVD) (0)
Date: 5/28/2018 11:39 ET
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A completely fictionalized movie about Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man. I know that the movie isn't accurate and that the main character seems to be the fictional Steve McKee, but I don't care. I watched it for a Kung Fu based plot and it does deliver on that point.

Review Date: 5/28/2018
Black Panther
Black Panther (0)
Date: 6/20/2018 12:31 ET
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I really wanted to like this movie more than I did. The movie was just OK and I wanted it to be a great movie. I didn't care that much for the action and the last 45 or so minutes. It felt like the movie was dragging when it reached that point.

Review Date: 6/20/2018
Blood: The Last Vampire [Blu-ray]
Blood: The Last Vampire [Blu-ray] (2009)
Actors: Gianna Jun, Allison Miller, Liam Cunningham
Release Year: 2009
Date: 3/24/2017 7:42 ET
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A great vampire flick with tons of action. The movie's only downfall is its bad CGI when it comes to the demons and blood.

Review Date: 3/24/2017
The Children's Hour
The Children's Hour (2002)
Actors: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner
Release Year: 2002
Date: 6/8/2018 2:52 ET
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The power of a lie turns the lives of two women upside down when a child lies about the two teachers being lesbians. The film has great performances all around and the black and white is done in a way that makes it have a stunning picture. This 1961 film is based on a play which was banned many times during its run.

Review Date: 6/8/2018
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol (1999)
Actors: George C. Scott, Frank Finlay, Angela Pleasence
Release Year: 1999
Date: 12/4/2018 10:26 ET

This is a great adaptation of a Christmas classic. This originally aired as a television movie in 1984 on CBS.

Review Date: 12/4/2018
Danny Phantom: Season Two, Part 1
Danny Phantom: Season Two, Part 1 (2012)
Actors: David Kaufman, Grey DeLisle
Release Year: 2012
Date: 6/15/2018 1:13 ET
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This set includes my favorite Danny Phantom two part special The Ultimate Enemy, in which there exists an evil future version of the main character. This two DVD set also includes the two part special Reign Storm and the fun Christmas episode The Fright Before Christmas.

Review Date: 6/15/2018
The Dark (2005)
The Dark (2005) (2006)
Actors: Sean Bean, Maria Bello, Sophie Stuckey
Release Year: 2006
Date: 9/14/2015 8:15 ET
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A creepy movie with a great twist ending.

Review Date: 9/14/2015
Descendants (2015)
Release Year: 2015
Date: 6/3/2018 5:50 ET
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This was surprisingly pretty good, although it was really cheesy in parts as expected of a Disney Channel movie.

Review Date: 6/3/2018
Dinosaur (2001)
Actors: D.B. Sweeney, Julianna Margulies, Samuel E. Wright
Release Year: 2001
Date: 12/9/2016 12:14 ET
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I watched this movie a long time ago as a kid and all that I could remember about it was the fantastic animation and a dinosaur living with a family of lemurs. I watched it again today and it blew me away. The animation looks so real (much better than Disney's Pixar works), many of the main characters are lovable, and the suspense is perfect for both kids and adults.

Review Date: 12/9/2016
Dragon Ball GT - Affliction (Vol. 1)
Dragon Ball GT - Affliction (Vol. 1) (2003)
Actors: Yko Minaguchi, Masako Nozawa, Jji Yanami
Release Year: 2003
Date: 5/29/2018 8:10 ET
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I was wondering why I was so confused while watching the first episode on this DVD. Funimation decided to skip the first 15 episodes of the show for this set. Wow.

Review Date: 5/29/2018
DVD - Dragons Dinosaurs And The Bible
DVD - Dragons Dinosaurs And The Bible (0)
Actor: Answers in Genesis
Date: 7/16/2018 8:44 ET

This video completely ignored science or even science based on a biblical understanding of it. Rather, the video tries to teach that dinosaurs lived with people and that meat eating dinosaurs actually ate plants.

Review Date: 7/16/2018
Everyones+ Titan Df
Everyones+ Titan Df (2018)
Release Year: 2018
Date: 2/13/2018 9:58 ET

Everyone's Hero is an OK flick, but Titan A.E. alone makes this worth it. Titan A.E. bombed at the box office and didn't find success until after it's home video release. The mix of hand drawn animation and CGI is stunning eye candy.

Review Date: 2/13/2018
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