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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (2000)
Actors: Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, Terence Stamp
Release Year: 2000
Date: 2/18/2013 2:26 ET
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Exaggeration to the point of sterotype? Maybe. Earned two stars with me. One for my having actually watched it from beginning to end. I didn't find any of the characters particularly believeable, and one was excruciatingly annoying. There were a couple moments of funny humor, but in general I thought it was a rather pointless romp through dragsville.

Review Date: 2/18/2013
Aftershock (2013)
Release Year: 2013
Date: 8/6/2013 2:55 ET
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Not a review so much as a warning. One reviewer on Amazon wrote:
“You know a movie is going to be bad if the trailer is so bad that you can't even finish watching it.” (Darrren12000) That sounds pretty bad.

Review Date: 8/6/2013
Agenda: Grinding America Down
Agenda: Grinding America Down (0)
Date: 7/21/2018 11:39 ET

If there were a way to rate negative stars, this film would deserve it. I'd never seen how the right wing delivers propaganda until I got a look at this film. They make the case that democrats, environmental movement, women's movement, and all progressive movements in general are euphemisms for communism/socialism with the goal of "destroying America." Among the targets are the media, education and the arts. It would be laughable if it were not disturbing on so many fronts.

Review Date: 7/21/2018
American Experience: Minik, the Lost Eskimo
American Experience: Minik, the Lost Eskimo (2008)
Actor: Joe Morton
Release Year: 2008
Date: 9/25/2012 4:02 ET
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I'm not sure what the intent of this film was. Themes on "the last of his tribe" are American's wet dream, but that may be another subject. My purpose is just to correct a few assumptions in the other review posted here. In general it is a good review, and asks questions about what has been omitted. Here are a few issues raised in the review:

The work says that "Minik was horrified to learn that after a sham burial, his father's skeleton was on display at a museum."

Native people have a respect for the dead. They go to great lengths to send their relatives on to the next world in a good way. There are various consequences of not following the rituals for the dead. With approx. 500 tribal nations, there are also diverse ritual practices for sending loved ones on to the next world. I would say "horrified" doesn't come close to describing Minik's response.

The reviewer continues with, "I really wonder if his situation helped to get the Indian Repatriation Act passed decades later." Well, probably not. Read up on the battle over The Kennewick Man's remains. Few museums have returned Native remains without a fight; and the law might apply as well to private land owners who continue to sell remains and artifacts on the black market.

One more point: the reviewer wrote, "I wonder if many of the Native American children forced to attend American private schools felt the same way." Native children were forcibly removed from their homes and taken, not to "private" schools, but schools more akin to reform schools where the objective was re-education: to beat the Indian out of them, to rape and molest Indian children; to cut their family and tribal ties, and to assimilate them into the American way of life, teaching them English and low level work skills (because very little was expected of them).

None of this has to do with the film, but since the other reviewer brought up questions not answered by the film, I'm simply correcting the reviewers' assumptions. This film is not high on my list.

Review Date: 9/25/2012
Ancient Aliens: Season One
Ancient Aliens: Season One (2010)
Release Year: 2010
Date: 12/8/2012 10:30 ET
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I am blown away by this series, which I did not see on TV. I'm impressed by the differing perspectives investigated, and the examples shown in the programs. Any discussion on "aliens" or life coming to Earth from other planets or solar systems is so interesting. In an endless universe, why should we assume that the third planet from our sun, be the only one to support intelligent life? I don't ascribe to alien abductions or UFO sitings per se, but I do think the sciences and professionals have much to offer to the discussion. And I do not think the societies we have constructed are the center of the universe. This program places various academic discussions at the center to demonstrate another perspective on "alien" lore. Traditional cultures from around the world play a central role in demonstrating the possibility of contact thousands of years ago. It's an very engaging program posing plausible theories.

Review Date: 12/8/2012
Before The Flood
Before The Flood (2017)
Release Year: 2017
Date: 4/15/2018 12:02 ET
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Early in the film, DiCaprio says he is pessimistic about our future, and I agree with him on that. Most Americans don't believe that oil is dwindling or care if alternative energy is made available. Most people don't believe that the government is owned by petro corporations, and this is unfortunate. The price of this ignorance will be more Katrinas, Harveys and Irmas; loss of the coastal lands and buffer zone flood plains. One reviewer said: "US politics/laws are inseparable from the financial backing of special-interests, particularly the fossil fuel lobby. And even if we managed to take the money out of politics . . . the average American isn't going to change their comfort level (i.e. energy consumption) to save anybody but themselves." Excellent film I would recommend.

Review Date: 4/15/2018

A co-op manager for coffee growers is on a quest for a long-term fair trade solution for his farmers. I was floored to learn how little coffee growers earn for their crops. It began with a cupping (taste testing) that praised Ethiopian coffee as the best, but led into the plight of real growers who live in poverty. It is a timely "wake up call" to choose only Fair Trade.

Review Date: 6/30/2018
Cadillac Records
Cadillac Records (2009)
Actors: Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Beyonce Knowles
Release Year: 2009
Date: 4/30/2011 1:08 ET
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I absolutely love movies with great soundtracks, and this is one. I bought the soundtrack, in fact. Read the reviews if you want to, but I found the characters truly believable, and Beyonce plays her role so well that darts from her angry, hurt eyes out of the screen. She may not be the Etta James fantasy of some NY blues lover's liberal dreams, but believe it, boy, the hinted at love story is completely believalbe. And even if it is not historically correct for you blues-aholics, it is still a beautiful movie with beautiful music. We can all agree that the blues in this movie is great--the story is a good one. It's a movie! This is not history. The blues history buffs should not be movie critics, besides, how many of them are blues musicians or African American? Let folks who enjoy the blues and movies enjoy what is a perfect combination, that's what I say. I'm not Simon, I'm Ramona Spoon.

Review Date: 4/30/2011
Chemtrails: The DVD
Chemtrails: The DVD (2005)
Actor: Artist Not Provided
Release Year: 2005
Date: 12/18/2015 2:03 ET
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I give this DVD five stars for providing much needed information through interviews with various experts. We have experienced years of unprecedented weather patterns that if one is observant follow directly after overhead cloud seeding. Yes, perhaps the video work is lower quality, but that does not undermine the value of the information presented. Me thinks the other reviewer protests too much. Other higher quality DVDs support everything presented herein. The toxic particles that are falling on us from the chemtrails are having devastating impacts on our health (upper respiratory disease, asthma, and recurring symptoms of mysterious illness). What is demonstrated repeatedly in this video is how the cloud cover changes dramatically following chemtrail events. I would highly suggest this video for anyone who has the niggling feeling something is going on . . . and who would like to learn more about those big Xs we are seeing in the sky.

Review Date: 12/18/2015
The Citizen
The Citizen (2013)
Actors: Khaled Nabawy, Agnes Bruckner, William Atherton
Release Year: 2013
Date: 6/30/2018 1:02 ET

The Citizen is based on true events following the story of Ibrahim Jarrah's journey from immigrant to American citizenship during the volatile anti-middle eastern backlash post-911. Highly, highly recommend this film that is so timely, and necessary.

Review Date: 6/30/2018
Death to Smoochy (Widescreen Edition)
Death to Smoochy (Widescreen Edition) (2002)
Actors: Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Catherine Keener
Release Year: 2002
Date: 4/26/2013 5:44 ET
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I don't understand why this movie is not more popular. Robin Williams is always entertaining, but the biggest surprise was Edward Norton playing Smoochy. He's both funny and cute. It may have a bit of a cheesy story, but it's still a funny comedy. I keep it around for rainy days when I need a laugh.

Review Date: 4/26/2013
The Debt
The Debt (2011)
Actors: Sam Worthington, Helen Mirren
Release Year: 2011
Date: 11/28/2012 12:52 ET
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How can you go wrong with Helen Mirren? This is an interesting movie that requires paying attention to in order to follow the story. Flashbacks to an earlier incident in the lives of the three main characters lead you to the conclusion of the story. Truth and fiction are questioned. Do people really want to know the truth? How do individuals grapple with the knowledge of the truth of events and the fictionalization of the same events? In the end, it seems individual integrity determines the outcome. Well worth watching.

Review Date: 11/28/2012
The Descendants
The Descendants (0)
Actors: George Clooney, Judy Greer
Date: 7/27/2012 11:58 ET
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While I agree with the spoiler review, I have a different take on the film. The title implies the film is about the descendents of Native Hawaiians, but the people portrayed in the film do not have anything in common with Native Hawaiians, with the one exception of the portrait on the wall of an Hawaiian princess of whom they are the descendents. Clooney's character lives in a mansion, while living Native Hawaiians do not. I seem to recall seeing one Native Hawaiian in a pan shot. Their absence in the film is telling. The ceremony performed in the bonus material I suspect is bogus. I lent the film to friend who live in Hawaii and asked about the person performing the ceremony, and whether or not it was authentic. She said no. The dancers are Polynisian rather than Hawaiian. I wanted to like this movie, but for all of these reasons, plus quite a bit of the same reasons as the spoiler review addresses, I do not.

Review Date: 7/27/2012
Fed Up
Fed Up (2014)
Actor: Katie Couric
Release Year: 2014
Date: 10/29/2015 12:36 ET

Through the stories of four children's attempts to loose weight, the film starts slow, but ends up blasting the foodmakers, corporations, FDA and present a mini-history of how foods have been marketed, primarily to children & from birth baby formula and foods create sugar addictions. The push toward "low fat" actually increases the food addiction (sugar addiction because while the fat is removed, sugar is added) and leads to increased weight gain and an epidemic of chronic matabolic disease, "a condition that includes high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, strokes, and cancer, among other diseases." What comes through clearly is that normal people are confused about what food is "healthy" due to marketing. What I learned is that people who are thin on the outside can be fat on the inside. The condition is called "metabolic obese normal weight," and that being thin does not equate to "healthy." The skinny-fat kids can be pre-diabetic. In the end, I thought it was a very good film that anyone with children or attempting to loose weight should see.

Review Date: 10/29/2015
Fireproof (2009)
Actors: Kirk Cameron, Jason McLeod, Erin Bethea
Release Year: 2009
Date: 10/19/2010 12:13 ET
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Bad acting, made-for-daytime TV-like script. What a bunch of sap. I did watch, then gave it away--quick! Definitely, one of the worst I've seen lately, right up there with Madonna in Swept Away.

Review Date: 10/19/2010
Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution
Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution (2009)
Actors: Francois Veillerette, Richard Clapp, Charles Sultan
Release Year: 2009
Date: 6/6/2017 9:13 ET

This doc focuses on a single community in France that made an unprescidented move to serve only organic foods in their school. The demand created a market for growers, they hired caterers and a kitchen that provided food to the several schools, and the meals on wheels program. What is documented is the agricultural practices that resulted in the deaths of many children exposed to toxic chemicals. Interestingly, what it brought to mind is that because the US is so large, we wouldn't see the effects as immediate as a small community. Food for thought (pun intended).

Review Date: 6/6/2017
Fresh (2012)
Actors: Joel Salatin, Will Allen, David Ball
Release Year: 2012
Date: 7/16/2018 9:52 ET
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This film is by far the best film I've ever seen on agriculture! In it, the filmmaker tours small farms that are attempting to change the local food systems. The farmers are highly literate on agricultural issues, and their own farming practices. The big star of the film are some piglets that are so darn cute. We see different models for sustainable agriculture, and some of the people have created ingenious systems. The most important message is what we already know--we can make a difference by buying local. I can't recommend this film highly enough. I didn't want it to end, it was that good.

Review Date: 7/16/2018
GMO OMG (2014)
Actor: Dennis Kucinich
Release Year: 2014
Date: 4/15/2018 11:35 ET

If you don't know anything about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) it is a good intro told from the 1st person discovery of the government sanction of poisoning our food supply. the film follows a young father on his journey to educate himself and his little family. One scene that was quite touching was seeing one of kids sadly staring out the window at an ice cream truck. There are more educational dvd's out there, but this one does bring the issue home.

Review Date: 4/15/2018
Gosford Park
Gosford Park (2002)
Actors: Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas
Release Year: 2002
Date: 9/5/2012 2:24 ET
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For its entertainment value alone, this is a keeper for me. I find so much subtly hilarious. (So okay, I have an odd sense of humor.) I suppose it is a critique of the upper classes that amuses me, but it has sound acting and good storyline. I give it a five star rating.

Review Date: 9/5/2012
Great North
Great North (2005)
Release Year: 2005
Date: 3/27/2016 10:32 ET

This was a very beautifully done documentary film on the lives of the Inuit whose lives are tied to that of the caribou. They, in fact, once lived with the caribou. There is wonderful vintage scene showing a family crossing a stream with several caribou in tow. Told by the son of Nanook (Nanook of the North fame). It is as much about the landscape as it is about the people that have adapted to live in the northern wilderness.

Review Date: 3/27/2016
I'm Not There (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)
I'm Not There (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) (2008)
Actors: Christian Bale, David Cross, Charlotte Gainsbourg
Release Year: 2008
Date: 7/3/2018 1:21 ET

I found this film amusing. I think it is based more on the Dylan self-mythologizing than his real life. For example, it has been related that he made up the story of his early life, that he didn't ride the railroads (thus, the little boy with the guitar). He has claimed that Woody Guthrie was a heavy influence on his music, but he has never admitted to donning "the train-hopping, hobo persona of his troubadour hero, Guthrie." ("Positively 4th St," David Hadju). He has never acknowledged how he used people as stepping stones to buffer his career either. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Dylan fan. He is a contradiction--pursuing fame, but once achieving it, he rejected it and becoming reclusive. He never wanted to be the "voice of a generation." His interviews are nonsensical; and even one of his albums, Self Portrait, was not so much about his music as getting back at all of the people who recorded his songs. Back to I'm Not There, well, you can see bits and pieces of his story, but you'll never know what is really autobiographical and what parts are based on the mythology of Dylan. I'd suggest reading Hadju's biography and compare to Dylan's version, Chronicles, and then watch this movie. I did like this movie by-the-way.

Review Date: 7/3/2018
Jonny Lang: Live at Montreux 1999
Jonny Lang: Live at Montreux 1999 (2008)
Actor: Jonny Lang
Release Year: 2008
Date: 1/6/2013 6:11 ET
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Johnny Lang is 10 stars! He knocks the socks off everyone else!

Review Date: 1/6/2013
Julie & Julia
Julie & Julia (2009)
Actors: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci
Release Year: 2009
Date: 1/13/2010 11:18 ET
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Julia Child's search for "something to do" leads her to take French cooking classes while in Paris. Meryl Streep creates a delightful portrayal of Child, a departure from the formal, stuffy TV personality. Her portrayal in the film is as a lovable character that even won over the French. Julia's journey into culinary arts leads her to the creation of the cookbook for which she is famous. Enter Julie Powell on her own sort of personal journey who vows to blog her commitment to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook. The movie shifts between these two parallel stories. This was a thoroughly enjoyable movie I would highly recommend.

Review Date: 1/13/2010
Kate & Leopold
Kate & Leopold (2002)
Actors: Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber
Release Year: 2002
Date: 12/8/2012 10:11 ET
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One my fav rom-coms. Everyone should see it, but personally I think everyone should own it. Hugh Jackman is actually funny! And you can't go wrong with Meg Ryan, she always lights up the screen. May not be "high film making" but is certainly an entertaining movie.

Review Date: 12/8/2012
Leviathan (0)
Actor: Aleksey Serebryakov
Date: 8/7/2017 2:20 ET
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GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER, BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM! From the back of the DVD: "In a small coastal town in Russia lives an ordinary family Kolya, his wife Lilya and their teenage son Roma. The family is haunted by a local corrupt mayor who is trying to take away Kolya's business, house and precious land. Kolya calls in an old friend, now an authoritive attorney, for help. Together they fight back and collect dirt on the mayor, but fate does not seem to be on Kolya's side." Telluride Film Festival, Winner Best Screenplay Cannes Film Festival, and Toronto Film Festival.

Review Date: 8/7/2017
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