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The Last Exorcism
The Last Exorcism (2011)
Actors: Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell
Release Year: 2011
Date: 7/20/2013 1:58 ET
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not bad, i dont like these documentary style movies, but i wanted to watch this one because i like one of the main actors in the film (i have seen him in bad guy parts and i always think hes a terrible bad guy, he just has a naturally nice personna, his character in this is perfect for him), and i wanted the back story before seeing the second part. it does a good job with connecting you to the characters and it relies on that instead of dramatic special effects. i took a chance even after Paul H. ruined it by not warning people that his review is one big spoiler, and im glad i did. crappy blair witch type ending, but good development of characters, and good backstory to have if youre going to see the second part.

Review Date: 7/20/2013
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