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I love this service! It is the bomb! I love movies and get to see ones I have never seen anywhere. The reviews really help.
It is so easy to send and receive, I like shipping and receiving. It's like Christmas!

Jennifer D. - ST AUGUSTINE, FL - 4/8/2014

I love this site, swapacd, and paperbackswap. It's an excellent idea and I have traded many items through all three sites and gotten lots of stuff I wanted, which was great. It's a lot more affordable than having to go out and buy new copies of these titles, and it's a much more savory option than having to sell your dvds for a dollar each, which is hardly worth it. This is a great alternative to netflix if, like me, you like to hang onto copies of your favourite films so that you can watch them again and again.
Michelle M. - 8/8/2013