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Making a hemp advocacy documentary is an uphill cinematic battle because of the unintentional humor that surfaces. It is difficult to keep a straight face when you're told that hemp can be used to build "anything from a 2x...  more »


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Genres: Documentary
Sub-Genres: Documentary
Format: DVD
Theatrical Release Date: 10/20/1995
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Movie Reviews

End the lies about cannabis!
Colin D. Donoghue | New Mexico | 10/15/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If I could only recommend one video ever again this would be it. This video clearly explains the truth about the cannabis plant. It includes the history of cannabis prohibition (how and why it began), the plants many extremely beneficial uses (paper, fuel, medicine, food, pesticide-free clothing...) that can save our environment from the destruction caused by industries that care more about profit then the effects of their actions. This very well made documentary clearly shows how cannabis can end all pollution as we know it, deforestation, feed the starving, and heal the sick from many different fatal diseases and ailments. And for consumption it is one of the safest substances know to man, the stories of brain damage, addiction,etc. are a continuation of the lies that began with the "reefer madness" propaganda at the beginning of prohibition in the 1930's. This video contains the information that has been suppressed by the petroleum oil, logging, and pharmaceutical industries and our federal government, who have become economically bound to these companies that would lose billions in profit or even collapse if this plant was free to be used again. You don't believe it? Watch this video, research the facts, and then decide for yourself. . Lend this video to everyone you know and speak out against the lies that continue to be told to our children."
The War on Hemp.
Bernard Chapin | CHICAGO! USA | 01/29/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This was an inspiring documentary as it unearths many of the prevalent lies about marijuana and the non-THC containing hemp plant. I will admit though that the quality of this documentary really is not worth four stars, as the soundtrack is embarrassing and the footage is technically pretty weak, but its central thesis is irrefutable because hemp, and marijuana, have been unfairly and irrationally vilified by the United States government. Marijuana should be de-criminalized at once or, at the very least, moved down to a Schedule II narcotic (just as the drug derived from the plant, Marinol, is). Mr. Clarke's thorough depiction of hemp as a plant possessing wideranging uses and application was quite valuable. Here, the director did not rely on emotion alone but presented logical arguments for the way in which hemp is a superior, and sustainable, way to produce paper in the twenty-first century. Not making use of the non-THC containing hemp plant is ridiculous and it's just another reason why we should downsize the DEA. Hemp is easy to grow in any climate and we now need a leader with a bit of courage to stand up to the technocrats who infest our government. "Hemp Revolution" is a much needed work. I just wish more people saw it."
Hemp Hemp Hooray!
H. Nicol | St. Paul, MN USA | 10/31/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I would recommend this film for those viewers who are curious about hemp/cannabis and have little knowledge of the plant's history over the last 5,000 years in various cultures. The strong points of the film are the numerous examples of hemp's multiple uses: industrial, medicinal and recreational. The examples of hemp's potential as a replacement for petrochemicals in the field of fuel, lubricants and plastics; the inherent superior qualities of hemp used for paper and textiles which could supercede the environmental disasterous wood pulp and cotton industries used for paper and textiles. In addition, the health benefits of hemp seeds and medicinal cannabis/hemp are convincingly illustrated. The negative qualities of the DVD are it's cheesy psychedlic sequences and the maudlin music background. The section devoted to the history of prohibition, with the histrionic 'reefer madness" lies and the industrial espionage used by Hearst to bamboozle the federal legislature into banning hemp along with marijuana in 1937 is well worth watching. Not a classic source of facts, but a decent primer."