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The Hunting of the President
The Hunting of the President
Actors: Morgan Freeman, Paul Begala, Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock, John Camp
Directors: Harry Thomason, Nickolas Perry
Genres: Drama
NR     2004     1hr 30min

The Hunting of the President is the story of a sustained and well-funded effort to discredit and defeat Bill Clinton, dating from his gubernatorial days in Arkansas and eventually leading to his impeachment trial. The film...  more »


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Actors: Morgan Freeman, Paul Begala, Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock, John Camp
Directors: Harry Thomason, Nickolas Perry
Creators: Joe Conason, Harry Thomason, Nickolas Perry, Adrienne Crow, Amy Greenspun, Gene Lyons
Genres: Drama
Sub-Genres: Drama
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen,Widescreen - Closed-captioned,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 09/28/2004
Theatrical Release Date: 00/00/2004
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 1hr 30min
Screens: Color,Full Screen,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish

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Movie Reviews

The Hand-to-Hand Combat of Poltics Explained
!Edwin C. Pauzer | New York City | 12/15/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you are looking for an uplifting story of the human condition and character, this may put you into a depression, as it describes how both can sink far below the crush depth of common decency. This story describes the abyss of vindictiveness, meaness, chicanery, and manipulation. It is a reminder that politics is not just mean or ugly, but brutal, and it can be brutal even when the stakes are inconsequential and petty.

So it was in Arkansas, when Larry Case, a private investigator attempted to gain anything on Governor Bill Clinton to be used against him. Larry Nichols, an employee fired by the governor, wanted it to get even. Larry Case didn't care if what he found was real or phony, but he did find a jingle singer, Jennifer Flowers who could embarrass the governor. Two piqued Arkansas State Troopers decided to give up the governor's dalliances after he failed to deliver on jobs he promised them after his presidential election. Another flower would come out of the woodwork to claim a sexual harassment suit against the President. Her name is Paula Jones. With an IQ resembling a bra size, she is egged on by three attorneys who are working on this unbeknownst to their law firms. The elves, as they are called, Ann Coulter, George Connery, and Jerome Marcus, persuade Jones that a settlement of $700,000 is not enough without an apology, and the Supreme Court, for the first time, gives the okay to depose a sitting President of the United States in a civil matter. She gets rid of kinder, gentler attorneys, Gill Davis and Joe Canumarata. The trap is set to get Bill Clinton under oath where he might make a false statement that can then be turned into a criminal matter. That would involve high crimes and misdemeanors and impeachment. For the first time in our history, impeachment is used not to punish wrongdoing, but as a politcal weapon.

In the meantime, the Rutherford Institute and Jerry Falwell, a man of the cloth is also a man of the Holy DVD. He promotes scripture in the form of "Citizens for Honest Government," which accuses Clinton of being a drug smuggler, embezzler and murderer. It is narrated by--Larry Nichols. (In Jesus' name, we pray)!

This story goes into a second part, called the Arkansas Project which is engineered by archconservative, Richard Mellon Scaife, who bankrolls a full-time, all-out smear campaign against the Clintons. This is Whitewater. It will involve David Hale, a lawyer, judge, and sleaze lending-meister who is indicted in September 1993 and is sentenced to 28 months in jail. Willing to do anything to get less time, he claims that his shady dealmaking involved Bill Clinton. A former Reagan appointee, Ed Olsen unsuccessfully attempts to tie the Clintons to Hale's illegal mischief. Robert Fisk is appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton's financial past. He is not only the President of the American Bar Association, but is one of the most respected attorneys in the country. When it looks like Fisk is going to exonerate the Clintons of any wrongdoing, he is replaced by Ken Starr a Republican hack appointed by a three-judge panel of Jesse Helms appointees. (Helms hates Clinton from his viscera). Ken Starr is also a former Solicitor General who lost his job, thanks to--Bill Clinton. Starr will go after failed banker Jim McDougall who is willing to make any kind of deal to stay out of jail. He is willing to say that the Clintons were involved in shady loan receiving. There is only one problem. His wife, Susan is unwilling to go along. The independent investigators make it clear that she will go to jail unless she gives them a "proffer" against Bill Clinton. She refuses. Not only does she end up in jail, but she is given a red jumpsuit to wear, which indicates that she is a child killer. This puts her near the bottom of the inmate food chain. She will also be accused of being Bill Clinton's lover.

William Jefferson Clinton will be charged with two counts of high crimes and misdemeanors. He will be tried and found not guilty by the Senate, thus infuriating even more those who were out to get him.

The so-called liberal press are sent to Little Rock, to be taken in by hayseed locals, known for lies and scams, who provide monumental exaggerations about Clinton. Those that investigate their information and find it questionable are told by their editors to come back with something on the Clintons. The news that Bill Clinton had nothing to do with Whitewater, receives barely a mention in the media.

With Morgan Freeman's superb narration, and a story so, literally unfathomable, you cannot help watching this with a morbid curiosity for not just how it could happen, but the depths to what people will do for slights real or imagined, or because they just didn't like someone's political party or election. It revealed how stunning politics can be for things so devoid of issues, ideology, or justice. It is not hard to see Susan McDougall as a forerunner of Jose Padilla. Having already thought Ann Coulter was one of the most miserable excuses for a human being and a possible sociopath, I was surprised that I still had room to lower her even more, as well as Ken Starr. I am now convinced that both are certifiable sociopaths.

This is the kind of story you watch, and almost hold your breath until it is over. I strongly recommend you see this after the Christmas season.

In the meantime, peace on earth and goodwill to all men.


Paula Jones ends up with just $200,000 and her husband divorces her. She sports a nosejob and debases herself by posing nude in Penthouse and going on Fox's Celebrity Boxing where former Olympic iceskater, Tanya Harding cleans her clock. She will complain on a TV talk show that she was used by Clinton and the Republicans while "Ann Coulter's done books."

Jim McDougall dies in prison.

A number of Republican politicians appointed to investigate Clinton's affairs will discover that female skeletons will be found in their own closets of infidelity.

Unable to prove anything after an investigation that costs the government approximately $40,000,000, Senator Alfonse D'Amato (R-NY) announces that even though there was not one indictment, that "something stinks."

Ken Starr says that he is willing to talk things over with Susan McDougall, over lunch. She is still waiting for his phone call."
I still buy this film to pass along to others
The geacher | Irvine CA | 03/16/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you like the Clinton's, you'll love this film. If you hate them, it won't change your mind. My life was at it's best during the Clinton/Gore administration. I think the nation was at a high point, too. With this in mind it amazed me to see the venom spewed forth in their direction by supposedly rational human beings. I now understand it because I have the same knee jerk reaction to the current administration. I guess when you hate something you can't help it.
Watch the film, it says what needs to be said but more importantly, watch the bonus material with Clinton speaking before a group at the premier screening. I felt that it is a shame that he had to administer a country that didn't appreciate him, when he could have been the best poli-sci professor in the history of the"