Help Center - Configure your browser to work with SwapaDVD

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For most members, this will not be necessary!  You will only need to do this if you are having trouble with aspects of the site (most commonly with printing or posting/removing items from your Tower). If you saw the message at the top of the site alerting you that javascript appears to be disabled in your browser, the instructions below will help you fix that problem. The site needs javascript to work properly.

If you are using Firefox (available at you should not have any difficulties using the site.  If you do:

  • Check that your popup blocker is NOT enabled for SwapaDVD (you can adjust this in your Firefox preferences)
  • If you are running NoScript, make sure that you allow and allow 
  • Make sure that javascript is enabled (for PCs this checkbox is under Tools > Options > Content; for Macs this checkbox is found under Preferences > Content)

If you are using Internet Explorer

  • Check the version: if your browser is outdated, you will probably have trouble logging in, navigating parts of the site, and using buttons on the site.  You need to upgrade for security purposes, to protect your computer!  You can upgrade at
  • If you are having trouble printing a wrapper or posting/removing items:
    • This could be because your browser is set not to run some scripts (for example, the scripts that check (1) for a pending request from the same requestor  (2) to be sure the requestor has not canceled the request before you print)
    • You should set your security settings (click the Gear icon at the top right of the browser then choose Internet Options) to Medium-High.
      • Microsoft recommends this as a general-purpose setting.
      • Having security set to "high" will disable javascript (and disable a lot of functions on our site)
    • If you prefer to keep your Internet Security settings set to High for general browsing
      • please add and our partners (PaperBackSwap and SwapaCD) at to your Trusted Sites list (click the Gear icon at the top right of the browser then choose Internet Options)
      • Make sure that the security level for your Trusted Sites is no higher than Medium-High.

If you are using any other browser

  • Disable your pop-up blocker for the SwapaDVD site (we don't have advertising popups)
  • Make sure your browser supports javascript and that it is set to enable javascript

If you are unable to see images on the site

  • You need to configure your browser/computer to allow access to the domain. This is the domain for the images (ie, DVD covers) displayed on the site.