Overview of SwapaDVD Features

Below are some of the major features you might find useful here at SwapaDVD.com. Some of the features are SwapaDVD exclusives.
  • DVD Wrapper - The easiest way to mail your DVDs hands down. No more copying down the address or calculating postage. This is a SwapaDVD exclusive!
  • Wish List - If you ever want a DVD that is not active in the system at that given time, well just add it to your Wish List and we will notify you when it becomes available. It is just that simple. Likewise if you see DVDs on the Wish List and you have them, be sure to list them. You are on your way to receiving another credit.
  • Saved Searches - Do you find yourself always performing the same searches each time you come to SwapaDVD?
  • Buddy List - Whenever you see this you can add this SwapaDVD member to your Buddy List to keep tabs on their current list of DVDs and also their Wish List. You can even send them a personal message. Your Buddy List will even tell you when any of your Buddies are online.
  • Public Profiles - A lot of information about a member can be found on their public profile. You can even see what DVDs they have mailed to other members and also the DVDs they have ordered.
  • Top 25 List - A list that shows who the top 25 swappers, posted DVDs, wished DVDs and requested DVDs.