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Genres: Music Video & Concerts
Sub-Genres: Pop
Studio: Avex Trax Japan
Format: DVD
DVD Release Date: 12/15/2007
Release Year: 2007
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
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Edition: Import
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Movie Reviews

TONS of cool hidden stuff for longtime fans especially!
Michael Pechacek | Austin, Texas United States | 02/23/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This thing is amazing! In addition to having all of the PWL videos and four of the six deConstruction videos you get some amazing hidden treats (well, they were hidden to me, I had to turn off the navigation and manually dig around the photo gallery and discography menus to find them). There are SO many extras, mini interviews and making of featurettes from 87 to 92. Better than that are the (to me at least) un-seen alternate versions of her classic videos. Stop reading if you want to be surprised by what is there to be found...Alternate versions of "I Should Be So Lucky" (a very bizarre riding around singing in a car clip...a very low budget affair), The original version of "The Loco-Motion" with the pre-SAW vocals (it is pretty much the same as the re-edited clip only with a strange vocal track that features Kylie singing in some very low registers at times!), there is a concert mix of "Hand On Your Heart" featuring some very cheesy bits incorporating people on the street doing dances with Kylie, there are TWO versions of "Got To Be Certain", the first VERY cheese heavy, the second very much like the actual promo video, and a remix version of "Word Is Out" featuring an RnB mix but using the same visuals as the regular clip. The only complaints I have are that the videos are not in order of release and that they couldn't just squeeze in "Some Kind Of Bliss" and "Where Is The Feeling (single edit video)", I mean you put EVERYTHING and then some on a compilation, why squeeze out just two videos??? STILL, it's a must have for any longtime Kylie fans!"
She is just so lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely!
Awesomeguy | 02/15/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Kylie fan should not live without this! Simply - great fun!
I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY This is classic! She is so cute when she's sitting on her bed and watching the photograph.. I wish I had a flat like that! 10/10
THE LOCOMOTION Girl dancers wear funny looking clothes but that was 80's.. Kylie looks good, no matter what she wears. 7/10
HAND ON YOUR HEART That flying heart is nice! I think Kylie shouldn't wore those blue and yellow dresses.. 8/10
GOT TO BE CERTAIN She looks so elegant (considering it was 80's) wearing that black dress and singing at balcony. Hat was terrible! 7/10
BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW One of my favourites. This was when the sex-kylie was born. She looks good wearing only a man's hand. 10/10
WOULDN'T CHANGE A THING How innocent she looks in those candid shoots! Didn't like her denimshorts.. 7/10
CELEBRATION Sorry, but this is quite boring. Only dancing.. 5/10
NEVER TOO LATE Again one of my favourites! Toy theatre scene, I think the best is the cowgirl-kylie 10/10
WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO? Good! She has so many personas in this video, love it when she's ironing.. Also her sister Dannii's in this video 10/10
JE NE SAIS PAS POURQUOI This is cute, though her light blue jacket isn't. Kylie's waiting for somebody who's not coming.. 9/10
STEP BACK IN TIME Again, many personas. 8/10
ESPECIALLY FOR YOU If Jason wouldn't look so ungood, this would be perfect video. It almost makes me cry when they finally get together, so sweet.. 9/10
SHOCKED I'm still thinking about the mystery of driverwoman. Kylie looks stunning! 9/10
WORD IS OUT Though I don't like the song, video's good. 8/10
MADE IN HEAVEN This time, the song is good but video's boring.. Nothing happens in this video, except Kylie's singing and there are clips of her earlier videos on the background. 5/10
WHAT KIND OF FOOL Sexysexy video. Good looking man and Kylie.. She's just herself which means - stunning again. I like the story in this video, liar man get's what he deserves - Kylie dumps him. 10/10
GIVE ME JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME Like Celebration, didn't attract me because they're just dancing and nothing happens. I guess I don't need to tell you that Kylie looks good again. 5/10
FINER FEELINGS A bit sad video, shooted at Paris. Black and white. A good one. 9/10
IF YOU WERE WITH ME NOW Kylie as an actress.. Keith Washington's appearence distroys the elegance of this video. Kylie's so sweet when she's crying in that old fashioned car.. 8/10
TEARS ON MY PILLOW I'd love to see that movie, Delinquents, though her yellow hair is awful. 8/10
CONFIDE IN ME Kylie's multipersona again. Good one. Redred lips.. 9/10
PUT YOURSELF IN MY PLACE Striptease show in space! Her long orange hair looks supernaturally good. Again one of my favourites. 10/10
DID IT AGAIN Four Kylies having a fight. I think the best is indie-kylie. Supergood video. 10/10
BREATHE Lovely song, nice colours. Kylie can fly! 9/10
IT'S NO SECRET It's nice to see Kylie doing the same job as I do, she's a waitress in a cocktailbar.. Then she goes to countryside feeling sorry for herself because some stupid guy was cheating on her. 8/10If you like Kylie, you definitely must buy this!"
Awesomeguy | Atlanta, Georgia USA | 05/09/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I am a longtime American fan who has never seen any of these videos, so it really is a joy to finally see them. It really is a crime that she has not reached superstar status in the States. She has perfect pop songs and her videos are so much fun. Oh well, that is to be expected from a country that makes stars out of J.Lo., Hillary Duff, Avril, M. Branch, ad nauseum. There are tons of extras on this video like alternate video versions, interviews, behind the scenes of the videos, etc etc. If you are a Kylie fan, it is mandatory that you buy this."
Excellent DVD for all Kylie Fans !!!
Rafal Kudlinski | Wroclaw, Poland | 12/10/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Amazing DVD with 24 excellent kylie minogue videos from 1987 to 1997. As a bonus alternative versions of videos , behind the scenes , interviews and cute photo gallery :)
DVD contains music videos for :
1)i should be so lucky
2)the loco-motion
3)hand on your hand
4)got to be certain
5)better the devil you know
6)wouldn't change a thing
8)never too late
9)what do i have to do
10)je ne sais pas pourquoi
11)step back in time
12)especially 4 you
14)word is out
15)made in heaven
16)what kind of fool
17)give me just a little more time
18)finer feelings
19)if you were with me now
20)tears on my pillow
21)confide in me
22)put yourself in my place
23)did it again
24)breathe90 minutes of pure FUN!!!!!
Sound : Dolby Digital 2.0
Screen : 4:3 ( wrong info on cover says presented in 16:9) i don't think so ...
Picture quality : Excellent sharp picture and colors.
A MUST HAVE for all Music fans !! :)I hope you'll enjoy this DVD as much as i do ...
All the BEST !!!
Rafal from Poland"