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SwapaDVD is for the exchange of used original (not burned or copied) DVDs of all genres.  DVDs must be original and playable, with the UPC printed on the DVD or accompanying (original) artwork. DVDs do NOT need to be in like-new condition. You should not expect to receive DVDs in like-new condition.

You must include the original case (a replacement is fine as long as it is the same type as the original) and original artwork/covers with DVDs that you mail out.

Any extra items that are specifically mentioned in the DVD title on SwapaDVD must be shipped with the DVD. For example, the DVD "Shrek 3-D: Party in the Swamp [Fullscreen (P&S)] [Includes 4 Pairs of 3-D Glasses]" must be shipped with the 4 Pairs of 3-D Glasses. If the additional items are no longer available to be shipped, you may only offer your DVD in our Bazaar forum, explaining in your post that the item(s) are not included. The one exception to this rule is for DVDs with "Digital Copy" included in the title. We do not count the Digital Copy as an extra disc and we do not require the Digital Copy to be sent with any DVD.

Box sets must include the correct number of discs and any extra items mentioned in the title line on our site. The UPC must be valid and legible. If the UPC is only included on the outer sleeve of the box set, that outer sleeve must also be included.

What is not okay to post here:

  • Burned copies of DVDs are illegal, and cannot be swapped here.  Posting burned copies of DVDs will jeopardize membership.
  • AudioBOOKS are not permitted at SwapaDVD; they can be swapped at, our sister site for swapping books.
  • Music CDs are not permitted at SwapaDVD; they can be swapped at, our sister site for swapping CDs.
  • Software DVDs are not permitted at SwapaDVD. 
  • Computer games are not permitted at SwapaDVD.
  • Pornographic DVDs (or any other pornographic material) are not permitted at SwapaDVD.
  • DVDs that do not have UPCs printed on the case/DVD.  You can swap those "unofficially" in the DVD Bazaar Discussion Forum; please read the rules topic before posting in that forum.


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