Help Center - Tips to find the DVD you are looking for!

Search Terms:

If you enter search terms into the toolbar search and you don't see the DVD(s) you are looking for:

  • Check your search terms: is everything spelled correctly (title and/or actor)?

    • If you are searching for an actor who uses ONLY first initials instead of a first name, this is a common source of confusion.  The initials may appear as "A.B. Smith" (no space after the first period) or "A. B. Smith" (a period after each initial, and a space after each period) or even "AB Smith" (this is uncommon).
      • The most common way that an actor's name would appear who uses only first initials would be "A. B. Smith" (a period after each initial, and a space after each period). 
      • If you don't know how the actor's initials appear on the listing exactly, try searching for the last name only, or last name plus a DVD title if you know one.
  • You may be searching Only Posted or Only UnPosted DVDs or Only Wish Listed DVDs.

    • Click the link "Don't see the DVD you are looking for?" at the upper right of the page. 

    • This will expand your search for you and find the DVD!

If you get too many search results:

  • Try narrowing your search by putting more search terms into the Search field:

    • Put title and actor, for example, or title and genre (if you know it), or actor and genre


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