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Your Wish List is the list for all DVDs that you want to request when they become available or you have enough Credits.  You can get to your Wish List from My Lists under My Account.

Why use the Wish List?

  • You can "get in line" for popular DVDs
  • By default, DVDs on your Wish List will be mailed to you as soon as they are available if you have enough credits in your account.  Please also make sure that you have $0.49 in your SwapaDVD money account, especially if you use the Auto Request option.
  • You can select to be given 48 Hours to deposit any needed credits and SwapaDVD money to your account .  SwapaDVD will tell you when it is available. If you do not make the necessary deposit(s) within 48 hours, you will forfeit your place in line for that DVD.
  • You can put available DVDs onto your Wish List and set them to be on Hold--this allows you to keep a list of DVDs you might want to request in the future, if you are not ready to request them right now. Make sure you have not set your Wish List options to automatically add DVDs without letting you specify the item will be on Hold. The DVD must be on Hold when it first goes on the Wish List or an available copy will be requested immediately.
  • Your position in line is determined by how long you have had the DVD on your Wish List and what Rank(s) you gave it during that time.


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