Help Center - Which DVDs can be posted on this site?

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Any DVD that you can find by entering the UPC on the Post DVDs page may be posted on this site, as long as you have the original DVD in its original case.  Many different releases of DVDs are available, so the UPC must match the DVD you are posting!

The UPC code must appear on the DVD(s) that are received--that means if the UPC appears only on the box that holds a set of DVDs, then the box must be sent with the DVDs.  The requestor will be able to re-swap them ONLY if the discs she or he receives include the official UPC, printed by the manufacturer. If the sender includes the "official" UPC that was on something attached to the item at some point (the cellophane, the paper band, etc.), we can also accept that as postable.

Any extra items that are specifically mentioned in the DVD title on SwapaDVD must be shipped with the DVD. For example, the DVD "Shrek 3-D: Party in the Swamp [Fullscreen (P&S)] [Includes 4 Pairs of 3-D Glasses]" must be shipped with the 4 Pairs of 3-D Glasses. If the additional items are no longer available to be shipped, you may only offer your DVD in our Bazaar forum, explaining in your post that the item(s) are not included. 

UPCs that are not currently listed cannot be added to the database on an individual basis. New releases and updates to the database will occur routinely, each week.

Blu Rays are permitted (they swap for 2 credits per disc); they must be Region A, and all other stipulations above regarding DVDs also apply to Blu Ray discs.