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Here are real testimonials from some of our club members. If you like what we are doing in general or maybe you consider a certain feature to be a miniature "stroke of genius" :), please take a moment to let us know about it. Hey, we like to read these testimonials and we can then publish them for prospective members to read as well. (More DVDs! More DVDs!)

Or maybe you'd like to express your appreciation for the kind or thoughtful actions of fellow members? We hear about them quite often in feedback and it always makes our day, so please, share it with the world!
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"Thanks to this site, I have been able to change over many of my VHS tapes for the DVD format, as well as get many others I have wanted for years, but could never find elsewhere. And it's a great site for exchanging all the movies I no longer wanted! I just love saving money--Thanks I also swap books on it's sister website!"
Lauren L. from WESTERVILLE, OH 
"Sometimes people can be picky. I usually check on-line if the DVD or Blu-ray discs have same features. (I can't really tell the difference, some people can or can't (but that's just me.) Anyway, if the dvd is cheaper and has same features, go for it. My Blu-ray collection might be slowly expanding, but I thank the club for saving me a lot of money."
Pete L. (PeteL) from MELBOURNE, FL 
"I love this place. I wish I would have joined years ago. It's a great place to share and pass along your movies to traders that will appreciate them. The CD and Book club seem to be great places too."
K. K. (GAMER) 
"The astrology tarot tape was amazing. Great film, over 20 years old, but very realant, even today."
Randi B. from KNOXVILLE, TN 
"Been here only a short time and have built up my keep collection to an amount I never thought I would achieve !!
Nice folks , great picks , I too thought at first ehhhhh I'm not sure of this, but quickly my mind got changed when I seen how easy it was for one, and second that people all were like me , wanting to get those movies they love and trade the ones they didnt so much care about.
Great idea Swapadvd staff ! I Love this place now and come by 3 to 4 times a day at least !"

John L. 
"I have been a member of SwapaDVD for over two years now and I couldn't be happier. This site is easily the best place online to swap DVDs and Blu-rays. After hundreds of transactions with other members, the truth is that nearly all of my orders have arrived quickly and in excellent condition.

I've also found the staff to dedicated individuals who are always on hand to answer questions or settle disputes. When I have found that no listing existed for a particular title, they have almost always been able to add it.

I highly recommend SwapaDVD to both casual collectors and serious aficionados. You will find titles here you've loved and long since forgotten about. The site rules are solid and fair, the database includes nearly every edition of every DVD ever released, and there is no better place to trade on the entire internet.

Finally, I can honestly say that my favorite thing about SwapaDVD is the sense of community among members and staff. Unlike most sites, everything feels very personal, which is a welcome change from most sites."

David B. (EyesMalloy) 
"I love this swapadvd favorite moment was when I was number 1 on the wish list for "12 years a slave"...2 days after it came out on dvd, my request was fulfilled !!"
Tina W. from CHEROKEE, NC 
"I am actually very happy to see that you will charge 49 cents per item after providing this wonderful service so long for free. I've thought about sending you a thank you check many times. That fee is measly compared to the opportunity to trade DVDs so quickly and so easily. The membership is the best too -- everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and gets those DVDs off right away -- or acknowledges receipt immediately. I love what you do and how you do it -- and hope that tiny fee helps more than a little."
Billie W. from JUNEAU, AK 
"I love this service! It is the bomb! I love movies and get to see ones I have never seen anywhere. The reviews really help.
It is so easy to send and receive, I like shipping and receiving. It's like Christmas!"

Jennifer D. (jennicat) from ST AUGUSTINE, FL 
"I love this site, swapacd, and paperbackswap. It's an excellent idea and I have traded many items through all three sites and gotten lots of stuff I wanted, which was great. It's a lot more affordable than having to go out and buy new copies of these titles, and it's a much more savory option than having to sell your dvds for a dollar each, which is hardly worth it. This is a great alternative to netflix if, like me, you like to hang onto copies of your favourite films so that you can watch them again and again."
Michelle M. (mishkaness) 
" is the best site of it's kind. After twenty years of collecting great films, I couldn't ask for a better way to do business with other collectors. It saves money and time, and makes you appreciate that people have radically different tastes. Thank God that one man's Showgirls is another man's Se7en."
David B. (EyesMalloy) 
"I am so thankful for SwapADVD! I have found so many films I've wanted to see, especially foreign and art house films. I love that this site enables me to be physically and fiscally resourceful!"
Victoria S. from LILBURN, GA 
"I joined in May of last year and it was one of the smartest things I ever did. alot of times when u sell a movie you get 1 dollar or less for it. This is a much better alternative. I've been telling everyone I know about it!"
Adam M. (redbaronredsoxfan) from BURLINGTON, VT 
"It's rare in this day and age to find a site that relies almost entirely on the honor system. Everyone on the site trusts one another and the people I've met on this site are just fabulous to talk to. The customer service is quick and excellent and its such a cheaper way to get build or update your dvd collection. This site is a gem!"
Leandra M. (Luckycutie) from BREMERTON, WA 
"I was a member in 2008, and since then have moved to a new home. When I got settled in my new home, I re-opened my membership with dvd swap, and book swap. Love them, and I am doing something to help others, and reduce my footprint.
Love this site!!! :))"

Lisa E. from BRISTOL, WI 
"I LOVE SwapaDVD. In the past I would trade in 5 movies to my local used record store, only to come out with 2 used titles. I always left feeling like I got cheated. Then, I stumbled upon SwapaDVD. I trade titles that I no longer watch and receive titles that I want. One out and one in. I LOVE IT!! I am telling all my friends about it. It is exciting to hear other members enjoying movies that I send them as well."
Jason S. (Jayboy) from PHOENIX, AZ 
"I have built my collection at a lot faster rate, since I have used this site and have found items hard to find. Thise site Rocks!"
Raymond D. (Draco) from LEBANON, OR 
"This site {along with its sister sites} is great. You can save so much money, I wish I would have known about it a year ago, before I took most of my dvds to MovieStop."
Lorilea G. (lorilea) from FREDERICKSBRG, VA 
"I thought it was a scam...but it is NOT I absolutely love it! Thank you so much who ever you are for thinking of this."
VanNessa B. from INDIANAPOLIS, IN 
"This website is the absolute best! I've been able to see a lot of new movies and shows thanks to it and been able to help others see some of my stuff. It is really easy to use and has been one of the best experiences I have had on the Internet. Highly recommended!!!!"
Michael H. from IRVINE, CA 
" is such a great idea. I love receiving requests for DVD's that I posted. It clears my shelf space of my older DVD's, while allowing me to work towards movies I currently want."
Nancy C. (nxt161) from PINE BROOK, NJ 
"i absolutely LOOVEEE just today i was explaining the process to my mom and she thought it was such a creative idea and loved it. Ive received some of my most absolute fave movies from here and swapped out ones that will make someone equally happy. :) I adore this site sooo worth everything its almost a shame its free! lmao"
Ceic W. (Ceicwilson) from RIVERSIDE, CA 
"i have to say swappadvd is without a doubt the BEST WEB SITE on the internet!!!! i collect horror for myself, but i have hundreds of older and newer dvds from all genres just taking up space, now i post them on swappadvd and get a horror movie i wanted in return. how cool is that?!!!!"
Tony B. (horrorfan70) from HULEN, KY 
"My dvds sit there on the shelf only been watch once! So I found out about dvd sawp and i have over 30 credits! I can add my favorite movies to my wish list that they don't have or i could use my credits to make a good present for a friend.Or me me to watch."
Averi K. (leolover) from ALACHUA, FL 
"I'm a member of PaperBackSwap and I love it so I thought that I would give DVDSwap a try can't wait to get started..."
Leslie W. (lesliewoodie) from MORGANTON, NC 
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