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Duran Duran - Greatest - The DVD
Duran Duran - Greatest - The DVD
Actor: Duran Duran
Genres: Music Video & Concerts, Musicals & Performing Arts
NR     2003     3hr 15min

The definitive Duran Duran video collection on a 2-DVD set! DVD 1: Planet Earth, Girls on Film (long uncensored version), The Chauffer, Hungry Like The Wolf, Save A Prayer, Rio, Is There Something I Should Know?, Union of...  more »


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Actor: Duran Duran
Genres: Music Video & Concerts, Musicals & Performing Arts
Sub-Genres: Pop, Rock & Roll, Ballet & Dance
Studio: Capitol
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 11/04/2003
Original Release Date: 01/01/2003
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2003
Release Year: 2003
Run Time: 3hr 15min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 13
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Good entertainment value...surprisingly satisfying.
The Sentinel | Vancouver, British Columbia Canada | 07/21/1999
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Featuring twenty-one songs, and clocking in just short of an hour and forty-five minutes, this compilation of Duran Duran's "greatest" videos is a much more generous and comprehensive overview of the group's wildly inconsistent 17-year career than anything currently available on CD. Well, let's face it, with Duran Duran the videos were always an essential part of the package that completed the (new) romantic promise of their already (fairly) good music. "Planet Earth" (from 1981) looks amusingly quaint now: the Edwardian frill shirts and Kabuki makeup - along with the stiff-spastic-marionette dancing and Futurist sets - mark this early clip as a quintessential Blitz Kid time-capsule. The uncensored "Girls on Film" still arouses us as an ever-dubious attempt to merge sub-Roxy Music decadence with a barrage of mid-Eighties Playboy-channel cliches (and I DO continue to relish the sweet sight of that LUSCIOUS boudoir tart straddling a feather-covered phallic pole in her sheer black scanties!). Still, "Girls" never transcends the surface titillation offered by its self-consciously chic litany of soft-core S&M-lite posturings, nor does it really have the guts to explore or confront its own darker implications.The next video, "The Chauffeur," is the collection's darkly gleaming gem. Shot in intimate, otherworldly black-and-white, this insinuatingly erotic mini-epic about a femme-lesbian rendezvous at a desolate London underground parkade in the dead of night is, I believe, this group's musicodramatic masterpiece. Fluid, rhythmic crosscutting blends together the stark, luminous chiaroscuro imagery to devastating effect. And the ghostly sight of those three sculptured beauties swaying and undulating in their fetishistic undress...ahhh, you won't find anything as deeply or blissfully kinky as THAT on late-night cable these days!The next three clips, "Hungry Like the Wolf," "Save A Prayer," and "Rio," are all well-known and still entertaining to watch. "Wolf" is the best of the three - as yet another tale of lustful pursuit and orgasmic conquest/submission, it combines cinematic allusions ("Gunga Din," "Bridge Over the River Kwai," and "Apocalypse Now") as camp signposts on a journey into the jungle heart of feral eroticism. "Save A Prayer" has some nice romantic images of Buddhist monuments and native youths stilt-fishing in the Indian Ocean, as well as a few panoramic aerial shots of a sacred plateau and a final procession of saffron-robed monks illuminated by torchlight. "Rio" is exuberantly naive and amateurish - this is the one with them posing on a yacht in the Caribbean, a neat trick which (unfortunately) convinced many that the group really did inhabit a continuous episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." "Is There Something I Should Know?" is a rather vague and arbitrary bit of classic New Wave kitsch-cryptic surrealism featuring men in Magritte bowler hats and forbiddingly spare Cubist décor, while "Union of the Snake" is merely a flaccid and indigestible boondoggle of Oriental menace and crude forced sexuality. While a dandy little song by itself, the video for "New Moon on Monday" badly flubs its potentially intriguing premise - revolutionaries organizing an underground resistance movement in some unidentified Eastern European police state. In what has to be one of the most painful moments in all of music video history, our lads end up feebly pantomiming their exultant chorus like earnest teenage wannabes at a talent(less) competition...while several megatons of pyrotechnics detonate everywhere around them!"The Reflex" is a colorful and well-made attempt at a fake "live" video - but the teenybopper quotient renders it just a little cringe-worthy. The legendary "Wild Boys" now looks like an hysterically overblown slab of "Thriller"-era excess - complete with absurd post-apocalyptic jungle-gym-cum-torture-rack sets; dizzyingly baroque camera angles and vertiginous cutting; snarling, shaven-headed zombies in alabaster body paint, tribal-dancing and somersaulting with atavistic abandon; our hero suspended from a tattered old windmill and...oh, I could go on, but why bother? On the other hand, "A View to a Kill" - the famed James Bond theme - compensates with a simple self-deprecating wit that makes it stand out as one of Duran X 2's most cleverly inventive and enjoyable videos. "Bon...Simon Le Bon," indeed! After that we get "the new Duran Duran" - a bit less flashy, a bit more "mature." "Notorious" has some nice footage of lean, wiry female models jiving and strutting but the video is ruined by way too many herky-jery camera movements and worsened by frenzied, dissonant cutting. "Skin Trade" has a more controlled rhythm and makes an appealing use of vivid bright colors and matted backdrops. "I Don't Want Your Love" is still surprisingly fresh and fun...perhaps more so than it was the first time around. "All She Wants Is" is a vaguely DEVOesque domestic statement with a lot of blinding, distorted, hypnotic strobe-neon effects and a pretty, pouting girl that I can either love or leave.The mid-tempo yawner "Serious" (the only semi-bearable moment from their gawdawful "Liberty" album) is the most negligible of the bunch here, as is the rather pointless retrospective sampling, "Burning the Ground.""Ordinary World" is a triumphant return to form - gorgeous, melancholy romanticism beautifully realized with classical guitar and the lyrical image of a bride wandering amidst golden-toned boughs of weeping willow trees. "Come Undone" is another great song, although I'm not quite so sure about the video. aquarium full of exotic sea creatures, a ginger-haired young siren chained underwater, a middle-aged dowdy inserting disparate household objects into a blender, a tortured transvestite confronting himself in the vanity mirror...are these folks all meant to represent displaced personalities who have "come undone"?The recent (and mildly scandalous) "Electric Barbarella" is a catchy electronic dance ditty that brings Double D full circle (cf. Roxy Music's "In Every Dream-home a Heartache"). This last video - about a battery-operated, remote-controlled, life-sized Barbie-doll that suddenly animates to dizzy, ditzy life - is light-hearted and witty, it's also perversely, artificially sexy like a Pedro Almodovar film. Zap me, Barbie!"
Duran Duran on Film.
The Groove | Boston, MA | 11/11/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Like Michael Jackson and Madonna, Duran Duran benefited from MTV as much as MTV benefited from them. In the 1980s, they were the premier video band, specializing in high concept music clips that represented the excess and decadence of that decade. By today's standards, many of their videos may seem cheesy and dated, but they brilliantly captured the essence of Duran Duran and the new romantic movement to which they belonged. Finally, the videos of their hits are compiled on this DVD, and it's already getting complaints from many fans. To them, I say: CALM DOWN. Of course, it'd be great to have a DVD featuring ALL of their music videos, but that wasn't the intent or concept behind "Greatest." Capitol/EMI wanted to do a "Greatest" DVD collection with the same tracklisting of the "Greatest" CD (with two exceptions: this collection has a video to "The Chauffeur" and "Burning the Ground," which are not featured on the CD). Fans have also complained that the hidden bonus features are very difficult to access, and they're right. I spent several minutes clicking my remote to navigate my way towards certain interviews and extended videos and ended up quite frustrated. However, if you go to the band's official website and go to the "Ask Katy" section, you'll find a list of helpful tips to get to the bonus features. Trust me, it's easier than you think. Some of the hidden features include an 18 minute version of "New Moon on Monday," an extended version of "Wild Boys," a club video of "Planet Earth" (this one in particular is a hoot), and other promo clips dating as far back as the early 1980s. While I would have liked a DVD featuring omitted videos like "Careless Memories," "Meet El Presidente," and "Lonely in Your Nightmare," I'm still pleased that I grabbed "Greatest." Yes, the price is a bit steep, but the videos bring back lots of welcome 1980s memories, and the bonus features are fun to watch once you're able to find them."
Finding the Hidden Extras
Charles | The Carolinas | 12/31/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The word "GREATEST" in the main menu is the key to all the secret stuff. The R, A ,T, S, and T letters are the ones you click on by hitting enter. On DISC ONE - go "inside" the letters. Inside the letter "A" is where the gallery to the LPs are on the white walls. Select an LP to view the video from that Album. There are secret interviews if you click on the next button and then hit the 'up' key on your remote. If it shows an arrow on the title then you can hit enter and you can check out an interview or information about the LP.

DISC 2 Has the same options: "GREATEST" is the secret word to enter into the LP gallery and the selected videos inside the letters. Same letters as in DISC 1 are chosen by hitting the arrow keys on your remote control. Letter "R" takes you to 'Notorious', 'Skin Trade' and 'I Don't Want you Love.' Letter A again takes you to the LP gallery where you can watch the videos that way as well. If you click on 'The Wedding Album" go to the title and it shows you an advert for the LP. Go to the 'Liberty' LP and click on the title and year where you will get to see a great interview and also see the video for 'Violence of Summer'. The Letter T at the end of word "GREATEST" will just tell you that you can pop this CD into you pc for more features.""
Great DVD Release
Greg | Lafayette Hill, PA United States | 11/14/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"As a long time fan of Duran Duran, I have waited forever for this DVD and it looks and sounds fantastic. The videos never looked better, with colors vibrant and detail sharp. The audio, while only 2 channel stereo, sounds as good as the remastered compact discs. While some minor videos were not included, all of their major hits are here, as well as the never before seen "The Chauffeur". If you are a DD fan I would not hesitate at all to purchase this DVD. The following is info on how to find the Easter eggs included on the discs:* Go to Union of the Snake on the sub menu, hit the left arrow key, press play or enter on your remote and view the Dancing on the Valentine version.* Once you have played the first default version of New Moon on Monday, reselecting the video gives you a different version. Similarly, reselecting the uncensored Girls on Film reveals an alternate ending. Ditto Wild Boys for another version.* Enter Le Galerie de Duran by clicking the 'A' in the word 'GREATEST' on the main menu. This pulls up a gallery featuring the group's album covers and singles sleeves.When the Planet Earth single sleeve is enlarged, go to the bottom single sleeve (Girls on Film) and press the left arrow button. This takes you to a ''hot spot.'' Press play or enter.* On the Girls on Film (Short Censored Version) clip, click to enlarge the sleeve. Go to the Play screen icon and press remote's play/enter.* A Day in the Life featurette is available by highlighting the third single sleeve down while an album sleeve is enlarged. Hit right arrow key and then play/enter.* While the Seven and the Ragged Tiger sleeve is enlarged, press the up arrow key, then play/enter to hear the band discuss the 1983 LP.* Watch bandmates chat about the Wild Boys clip by pressing the up arrow key next to the screen's Play icon when its sleeve is enlarged. Hit play/enter. The group's John and Andy Taylor discuss the 007 View to a Kill clip, too. While on that sleeve, go to the Play icon, hit the right arrow, press play/enter.* On the second DVD, enter Le Galerie as on the first disc. To see the Liberty album's press kit, highlight that album's sleeve, slide to the left top single sleeve and press the up arrow key, then play/enter. Also, enlarge the Serious single sleeve, go to its parent album Liberty and press the right arrow key, then play/enter.* Enlarge the Come Undone sleeve. Go to Play icon, press left arrow key, then play/enter."