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Abandoned [Blu-ray]
Abandoned [Blu-ray] (2010)
Actors: Brittany Murphy, Dean Cain, Mimi Rogers
Release Year: 2010
Date: 8/28/2010 8:49 ET
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What a waste of time, the plot was recycled and the acting was horrid. Brittany Murphy looked like she hadn't washed her hair or bathed in weeks. Bought it on Blu Ray and I can never get the 1 1/2 hrs of my life back!

Review Date: 8/28/2010
Blink 182: Urethra Chronicles
Blink 182: Urethra Chronicles (2000)
Actors: Travis Barker, Rick Bondi, Thomas DeLonge
Release Year: 2000
Date: 5/15/2012 11:14 ET

The review shown besides this one is for the second DVD not this one. This one is awesome!

Review Date: 5/15/2012
Bubble (2006)
Actors: Debbie Doebereiner, Omar Cowan, Dustin James Ashley
Release Year: 2006
Date: 2/25/2012 2:54 ET

Wow, this movie is horrible! I kept watching because I thought, okay, something has to happen. Well it does in about 2 mins at the end leaving you feeling like "what, that's it?". It was a huge waste of my time!

Review Date: 2/25/2012
The Company You Keep
The Company You Keep (0)
Actors: Robert Redford, Brit Marling, Stanley Tucci
Date: 1/21/2015 9:40 ET
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One of Hollywood�s most acclaimed filmmakers and actors, Robert Redford directs and stars as Jim Grant, a lawyer and single father revealed to be the fugitive leader of a 1970s radical antiwar protest group by intrepid reporter Ben Shepard (Shia LaBoeuf). Grant is forced to run and confront those he left behind decades ago to protect himself from the FBI. But as Shepard delves deeper into the story, he realizes that there is more to Grant than meets the eye. Featuring Julie Christie, Sam Elliot, Richard Jenkins, Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon, THE COMPANY YOU KEEP is packed with powerful suspense and brilliant performances.

Review Date: 1/21/2015
Dinner for Schmucks [Blu-ray]
Dinner for Schmucks [Blu-ray] (2011)
Actors: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis
Release Year: 2011
Date: 1/25/2011 10:03 ET
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What a waste of time, too stupid to even finish watching.

Review Date: 1/25/2011
The Fall, Series 2
The Fall, Series 2 (2016)
Actors: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan
Release Year: 2016
Date: 3/24/2017 10:09 ET
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An excellent follow up continuing the first series. I watched all of it in one sitting. Great story, great acting, enthralling.

Review Date: 3/24/2017
Feed (2006)
Actors: Alex O'Loughlin, Patrick Thompson, Gabby Millgate
Release Year: 2006
Date: 2/29/2012 3:19 ET
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Watched this movie on Netflix and wow, it was disturbing! Although this is fictional, you can completely see how it could be a true story. Which makes it frightening. Very well acted and filmed for a low budget. I won't ever watch it again, but it is a must see for anyone with a strong constitution, it can make you very sick for sure!

Review Date: 2/29/2012
The Good Student
The Good Student (2009)
Actors: Tim Daly, Hayden Panettiere, William Sadler
Release Year: 2009
Date: 5/3/2012 12:09 ET

This was a total bore. Seemed like they were looking for a "Drowning Mona" type movie but it fell far short of anything resembling entertainment.
it was not suspenseful, it was not funny, it was lame. Could I please get my hour plus of time back????

Review Date: 5/3/2012
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures
A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures (0)
Actors: Melanie Griffith, Kathy Griffin, Tim Curry
Date: 4/19/2017 7:36 ET
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Great Music, Cute story spanning decades. Filled with all the right mesages about conserving and respecting the environment and nature to a hot soundtrack!!! Fun for the whole family!

Review Date: 4/19/2017
UA 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection (90 Titles)
UA 90th Anniversary Prestige Collection (90 Titles) (2007)
Release Year: 2007
Date: 4/27/2009 12:13 ET
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Was at sams club last christmas and is available on amazon for $350.00 right now.

Review Date: 4/27/2009
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