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Actors: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton, David Gale, Robert Sampson
Genres: Horror
R     2001     1hr 26min

Stuart Gordon's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Re-Animator puts a Night of the Living Dead spin on the classic Frankenstein story. Jeffrey Combs furrows his brow and bugs his eyes as the preternaturally inten...  more »


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Actors: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton, David Gale, Robert Sampson
Genres: Horror
Sub-Genres: Horror
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen,Letterboxed
DVD Release Date: 01/01/2001
Original Release Date: 10/18/1985
Theatrical Release Date: 10/18/1985
Release Year: 2001
Run Time: 1hr 26min
Screens: Color,Widescreen,Letterboxed
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 7
Edition: Special Edition
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English
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Member Movie Reviews

Craig S. (InnerMacro) from WAUSAU, WI
Reviewed on 6/5/2023...
Re-animator is loosely based on an HP Lovecraft serial, but it was probably one of his worst works of fiction. Lovecraft is known for much better "science" than that displayed in this relatively low-brow gore-fest. To that end, this film employs very dark humor to keep the viewer from taking the subject matter too seriously. Fans of Evil Dead 2+ will be in familiar territory. Those looking for a credible, medically-researched backstory need not bother. This movie does not represent the whole of Lovecraftian style horror, and it probably pushes extremes that are not entirely in the same spirit as Lovecraft intended.
Vanessa V. (sevenspiders)
Reviewed on 9/9/2008...
"You agree it's dead now?"

Beware all those who are squeamish or easily offended. Re-Animator is of the old school B-horror movie class that revels in gore, nudity and all around madness. It is the perfect melding of humor and horror, as madly brilliant medical student Herbert West perfects his procedure of reanimating the dead. Once perfected (on a very put-upon cat) West begins to reanimate all the dead bodies he comes across, and since this is a horror movie, he stumbles across quite a few. Again, because it is a horror movie the path to perfect reanimation does not run smooth, and West must face the dire consequences of his actions.
The special effects in Re-animator are quite good for 1985, and the tongue-in-cheek tone of the movie makes them even better. They were meant to be laughed at, even in 1985. The acting is much better than the average horror movie, particularly Jeffrey Combs, as the monomaniacal West. In plot, acting and effects the movie is just fine; its in the details that the movie goes gleefully off the rails, making it the most fun horror movie of all time.
2 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.

Movie Reviews

You wanna see a REAL horror movie?
Kitten With a Whip | The Hellmouth | 11/01/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The best horror movie ever made, period. For me anyway, this has to be my personal favorite. Forget all that Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer junk. You wanna see a REAL horror movie? Rent this one. Skip it if you're squeamish, though--trust me on this. The plot is taken (loosely) from an HP Lovecraft tale, "Herbert West, Re-animator". The taglines kinda say it all. Dan Cain is a young medical student dating the Dean's daughter, who takes in a roomer and meets up with West, brilliantly played by Jeffrey Combs. West has discovered a "reagent" that will bring the dead back to life, except the serum still needs lots of work. When the dead people wake up, they do not seem happy at all to be brought back, and in fact have the tempermant of a grizzly bear on PCP. Added to the mix is the creepy Dr. Hill (who looks like an uglier, way creepier version of James Woods), who clashes with West and also has an icky obsession with Dean Halsey's daughter. (the attraction results in the movie's most outrageous scene that I'm sure you've heard about, which gives new meaning to a slang term for oral sex that..well, you'll figure it out). This movie is scary, gory, original, and above all, lots of fun. Just when you think it can't get any more over-the-top, it does. Combs steals the show as West, who looks like a cartoon version of a brainy young scientist with huge hornrimmed glasses. I appreciate his performance more each time I view the movie. He gets most of the best lines, such as when Dan yells at him when a hysterical Meg has found her pet cat, Rufus, in West's fridge with a broken neck, that if he found the cat that way as he claimed, West could have left a note. "A note saying what? 'Dan: cat dead. Details later'?" he dryly replies. Stuart Gordon made other great movies later on such as From Beyond and The Pit and the Pendulum (also with Combs) but he never topped this underrated, underseen gem. A word of caution-make sure you are renting the unrated version, as the R version has most of the gore cut out and the last 20 great minutes reduced to 5 or so. The R rated version has some scenes not in the unrated one that you might find interesting if you are a big fan (I rented it by accident) but really, the unrated version is the way to go."
A horror masterpiece is re-animated on DVD!
John Lindsey | Socorro, New Mexico USA. | 11/08/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Medical student "Herbert West" ( Jeffery Combs) has just returned from Switzerland after doing a horrifying experiment on a doctor has just joined the myskotonic medical university in Arkansas as he becomes the roommate of a fellow medical student "Dan" (Bruce Abbot) whom is having an affair with the dean's daughter "Meg" (Barbara Crampton). But Dan is getting involved with Herbert West's experiments which involves bringing the dead back to life with a special glowing green serum called "Re-Agent" but unfortunately it creates violent zombies that go awry.

A sick, gory, and hilarious horror Sci-fi comedy based on a HP Lovecraft story has become a cult classic since it's release in 1985! This movie was released in that year unrated in theaters with a "No one under 18 warning" but became a minor hit in theaters including critical acclaim in this cross between "E.R" and "Evil Dead". Suprisingly good acting for a low budget movie even by David Gale who wickedly plays the evil Dr. Carl Hill whom becomes the best zombie of the movie. There's alot of nasty gore in this movie like a skull and brain surgery scene with sleaze as well, it's not for the faint of heart or squeamish but a must see and must have for fans of horror, horror comedy, gore and zombie flicks.

This 2-Disc Millenium DVD has awesome picture & Sound from THX! great extras include storyboard-scene comparison, audio commentaries, interviews, trailers & TV Spots, Extended scenes from the "R" rated cut, Bios and Deleted scenes, most recommended.

Also recommended: "Evil Dead 1 & 2", "Day of the Dead", "Frankenstein ( 1931)", "Cannibal Holocaust", "City of the living Dead ( a.k.a. Gates of Hell)", "Zombie", "Demons", " Blood Diner", " The Toxic Avenger", "Basket Case", " Dead Alive", " From Dusk Till Dawn", " The Devil's Rejects", "House of 1000 Corpses", "House By The Cemetery", " Maniac ( 1980)", " Cannibal Ferox", "Wrong Turn", "Final Destination 2", "28 Days Later", " Land of the Dead", "Return of the Living Dead 3", "Caligula", " Dead & Breakfast", "Rabid Grannies", "Tromeo & Juliet", " Let Sleeping Corpses Lie", " Resident Evil", "Resident Evil Apocalypse", " The New York Ripper", "Ichi The Killer', " Men Behind The Sun", "Riki-Oh The Story of Ricky", "Undead", " Shaun of the Dead", " The Brain that wouldn't Die", " Scanners", "Videodrome", "The Fly ( 1986)", "The Brood", "Steel and Lace", " American Werewolf in London", " Dereanged", " Bride of & Beyond Re-Animator", " Tenebre", "Inferno", " The Lost Boys", "The Forsaken", " High Tension", " Fright Night", " Bio-Zombie", "Saw", " Burial Ground", "Dead Heat ( 1988)", " Terror Firmer", " The Stuff", " Cabin Fever", "The Thing ( 1982)", " It's Alive!", " Cemetery Man", " Tetsuo The Iron Man", "Candyman", "Cannibal Apocalypse", "Inferno", "Phenomena", "Suspiria", "Blood Diner", " Gore-Gore Girls", " Driller Killer", "Jeepers Creepers" and "The Beyond"."
Man what a great flick
Fred Derf | 08/16/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"A reviewer below said that this film will only seem good to those who saw it in the 80s and that people who have never seen it shouldn't. Well I really have to disagree. I'm only 15 so I obviously never saw this film in the 80s, but a few months ago I bought this DVD for 15 bucks and it was one of the best 15 bucks I ever spent. This film is great. If you actually like real horror films then you should like this film. Also the same reviewer said that the special efx were only good when the film came out, but I thought the efx were great and better than the CGI of today. So if you're a fan of horror and haven't seen this film yet you should go out and buy it right now. The DVD is amazing by the way and pretty cheap."