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Black Hawk Down [UMD for PSP]
Black Hawk Down
Actors: Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore, Eric Bana, William Fichtner
Genres: Action & Adventure, Drama, Military & War
R     2005     2hr 24min

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Actors: Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore, Eric Bana, William Fichtner
Genres: Action & Adventure, Drama, Military & War
Sub-Genres: Ridley Scott, Drama, Military & War
Studio: Sony Pictures
Format: UMD for PSP - Color,Widescreen - Dubbed,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 07/12/2005
Original Release Date: 01/18/2002
Theatrical Release Date: 01/18/2002
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 2hr 24min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English, Somali
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Movie Reviews

Very well done!
jaredb | 01/03/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have to say that they nailed this movie pretty good.Basically all it does is tell the story of what happened in Mogadishu on October 3, 1993. They didn't focus on character detail that much which to me is a good thing. There are just too many people involved to go into detail with them all. Going into too much detail on certain characters and not others would take away what some did and would lessen their sacrifice. So, they stuck to just the story. Good move.They compressed the story some, changed a few names, and merged some characters into one character This was done to get the story down to a movie time frame and to protect certain characters identities as they are still serving.No movie based on a book is as detailed as the book. Don't expect it to be. You should read the book as well.Some critics have said that it is way too violent of a film. Did they know they were going to see a movie about combat? Hello!!?!! It's about time that film makers have started making movies to show the American public what really happens in combat. Combat is not one guy running around killing people by the hundreds with a head band on. They made it a real as you could get it on the screen. Saving Private Ryan started it off and now Black Hawk Down. To Jerry Bruckheimer and Ridley Scott, Bravo! Well Done!It's very accurate as far as weapons, equipment, uniforms, etc. They used the exact helicopters that were used in the original mission in 1993 with the 160th SOAR. The whole movie I was searching for inaccuracies. Want to know what I came up with? They had their names written in marker on their Kevlar helmets (this was done so the audience could quickly tell who's who) we wrote our names on the helmet band. The chin straps on the Kevlar helmets were not taped up (As soon as I got to Ranger Battalion we had to taped up and tie down certain pieces of equipment and this was one of them), they wore dog tag silencers (in Ranger Battalion I was told to get them off and tape em up with 100 MPH tape as soon as I got there), and sometimes they said each others names on the radios instead of call signs (once again this was done for the audience). So as you can see I was really reaching there.Certain shots were just incredible for me. For example, there was a point of view shot from the side of a MH-6 Little Bird (we used to ride out on the sides of those things all the time). The camera was positioned as to be a person sitting on the left side of the chopper looking to the front. In front of the chopper is another Little Bird fully loaded with guys. The sequence is them going in for a landing on the street. Just watching it reminded me of all those times I rode on those [...things].Maybe someday people will start to understanding what people in combat arms go through.A Co, 2nd Ranger Battalion
U.S. Army (1991-1995)"
"No one gets left behind..."
Shelley Gammon | Kaufman, Texas USA | 01/19/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is a phenominal film. I'm sad to say that I was fairly oblivious to the conflict in Somalia... I was working 3rd shift and sleeping during the day in 1993 when this incedent took place. This film could not have been more timely in its release... when long dormant patriotism has been brought to the forefront of every American's thoughts.Now that we've been attacked on our own soil, conflicts overseas seem that much more real to us.In 1993, the Islamic leader and warlord of Somalia, Muhammad Farrah Aidid, led with fear and tyranny. His henchmen were equipped with what appeared to be limitless weapons -- large machine guns, shoulder rockets, pistols, and many automatic and semi-automatic weapons. They enlist even the youngest and most innocent of their populace to help them spy and keep in constant contact via cell phone. Aidid stopped international aid from reaching his own people, killing 300,000 by starvation and the onslaught of civil war.Washington sent in their military forces to remove Aidid from power and to prevent the Somali people from having to endure more suffering under Aidid's iron grasp. Sadly, Washington didn't want to "look too dramatic" and denied military requests for C130 gun ships and other heavy artillery that certainly would have made a big difference on the outcome of this event.Army Rangers, pilots, medics, the famous Delta Force, the pride of America was there, fighting for the freedom of a people they did not know.This film is the realistic portrayal of the events that led to the deaths of 19 U.S. servicemen... but it's not just a shoot 'em up movie. You feel like you're there, with them. What should have been a mission that was to last only 30 minutes, lasted longer than anyone imagined when a single Somali soldier downs a Black Hawk rotor with a shoulder-launched rocket... and the Ranger motto, "no one gets left behind," is tested to the limits.There are some humorous moments to break the tension, but the majority of the film is a stressful experience where you are literally at the edge of your seat to see what happens next. The 19 servicemen that are killed range the gamut from 18 year old enlistees to First Sergeants with years of service... and none of them dies in a pretty way. If you are made queasy by blood, beware... this is a bloody film... and there are a number of scenes that will make you gasp in horror. Some of these guys were hit by rockets... burned and blown apart... it's just awful, but sadly... it's reality. We usually just hear some sterile figures on CNN how a particular number of soldiers were shot, stepped on land mines, etc... but we don't see what really happened and that's when we become very detached from reality and end up sympathizing with the people (often our enemies) we see in easier-to-stomach scenes of children living in squalor as a result of conflict, maligning Americans against their own military. Please note the rating of this film and consider it thoughtfully before considering bringing a child. The gore is horrific and the scenes are really too intense for young ones.For those who like shoot-em-ups and explosions, you won't be disappointed. The special effects are fantastic... there are a few scenes in the movie in which you feel like ducking as it appears a missile is ready to whiz right over your shoulder. The sound is fantastic... you can hear and feel the bullets whizzing by and you can hear the klinking of shells falling at your feet. The foley artists on this film are to be commended.Hans Zimmer delivers a wonderful and complimentary score to the movie... along with the sounds of African children singing and some rock-n-roll to boot... it's a nice soundtrack.Ridley Scott reminds us once again his flair for delivering crisp, vivid scenes that are riveting, exciting and moving all at the same time.Watching this film is an emotional and intense experience that will leave you tired when it's over... but images from the screen will replay in your head several times. These soldiers trained hard to become Rangers and to be part of the Delta Force... these are young men that know what dangers await them and they go in with their eyes wide open... and they are prepared to defend their buddies with their lives. In many ways, this film is a monument to their strength, their courage and their loyalty. Those 19 men should not be forgotten. This film is also a testament to the necessity of properly arming and equipping our soldiers so that they have the best protection needed when engaged in conflict and worrying less about appearances and more about protecting American lives, both military and civilian. I highly recommend this film."
One of the best war movies ever made!
Shelley Gammon | 05/05/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Black Hawk Down starts out with a brief introduction into the U.S. involvement in Somalia, and then takes us on a journey through hell! This movie tells the true story of Task Force Ranger, who were sent to Somalia to put an end to the clan warfare and capture the most powerful warlord in the impoverished African nation. What was supposed to be a routine mission, turned into a fierce 18 hour battle that claimed the lives of 18 American servicemen and resulted in another 73 being wounded. This movie does not "Hollywood" the story at all because it simply did not need to. The story itself was shocking, tragic, and in many senses triumphant. It was an event that very few people in this country knew about at the time. Mark Bowden's book was exceptionally written and the movie follows it extremely well.Be aware...This movie is not for the faint of heart! It depicts the battle in graphic detail and contains scenes of some very gruesome injuries sustained by the men involved. There is one scene where a medic is fighting to save the life of a wounded soldier who has a severed artery in his leg. This is one of the most graphic sequences you will see in a film, so be prepared.Ridley Scott turned in another brilliant job of directing. He successfully puts the audience into the fight and allows us to feel the hopelessness and despair that was felt by these brave men. He tells the story of this battle with exceptional detail and realism. You will be left with a mix of emotions after watching this film, but you will also feel a deep sense of thanks and gratitude for the men and women who are serving our country today.Black Hawk Down is one of the best films in recent years and should not be missed!"
Pretty historically accurate
onemorepilot | Tacoma, WA | 02/20/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Most reviews focus on the political and humanitarian background of the movie. This background is helpful, but the movie stands well on its own, even if you don't know anything about the actual events it is strictly based on.
The movie is of course based on the book of the same name, by Mark Bowden. A lot of credit should be given to Bowden; it was his tireless research that brought together a lot of scattered documents and first-hand recollections into one coherent historical piece. Before he wrote the book, there existed no single, overarching look at the battle.
I was impressed with the technical side of the movie. Battle scenes were depicted very realistically, and I couldn't find any niggling technical inaccuracies, like incorrect weapons or tactics. Most civilian viewers wouldn't notice anyway, but hats off to Scott for going the extra mile and getting good military advisors.
I was even more impressed that the movie followed the book so closely, and therefore what really happened. I don't think I've ever watched a movie that was almost an exact reproduction of the book its based on. Even so, there are a couple of historical glitches, and no real reason why they are there. When the first Blackhawk crashed (in real life)it did so in a very narrow road, knocking down a stone wall. In the movie it is in a traffic circle. In real life, the Minibird pilots showed exceptional skill landing in the narrow road to drop off medics. It's kind of an insult in the movie, when they simply landed in the great wide open. Beyond a few of these glitches, it tracks very closely. Watching the movie is like seeing the book fleshed out in full color. It gives you a taste of what grueling conditions the raiders faced.
One last thing...all U.S. participants save 2 or 3 medics were in fact Army soldiers, not "from different branches of the armed forces." Nor was this based on a "novel". It recounts, as accurately as a movie can, a real life nasty firefight and the superior efforts of U.S. Rangers, Special Forces, and Army Aviation pilots (and a few brave PJs) against what turned out to be crushing odds. So long as America produces selfless, dedicated, and highly trained soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines we have little to fear."