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Cowboys & Aliens
Cowboys Aliens
Actors: Olivia Wilde, Daniel Craig
Director: Jon Favreau
1hr 58min

Cowboys & Aliens fuses rip-snortin' horse opera with some whiz-bang sci-fi, melding dry and austere badlands with slimy, mucusy aliens. Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig, of James Bond fame) wakes up in the midst of sagebrush wi...  more »

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Actors: Olivia Wilde, Daniel Craig
Director: Jon Favreau
Studio: Universal Pictures
Format: DVD
Theatrical Release Date: 07/29/2011
Run Time: 1hr 58min
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 7
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Member Movie Reviews

Craig S. (InnerMacro) from WAUSAU, WI
Reviewed on 10/30/2022...
It's always disappointing when a film gets the green light for expensive special effects and A-List actors, yet falls short due to sloppy or lazy scripting. This movie follows a predictable plot, which can perhaps be excused given the blatant title (you know what you are going to see). I guess my biggest problem with the movie is the inconsistency of trying to appear gritty and realistic, but then being overly cinematic and obviously Hollywoodized in other parts of the movie. The female lead is the most poorly presented character - much of what she does makes no sense, particularly when spoilers are revealed (watch the English translation scenes and pay attention to her role and you'll see what I mean). The timing of the film is terrible - how does Lonergan catch up to a jet powered vehicle with a horse again? How long does it take a woman to slowly climb through a tunnel while an agile alien moves at full speed along the walls to catch up to her? It's these 'tension building' moments that the director tries to trick us, but we are fully aware of these cliched 'Spielbergian' techniques and unsurprised when the hero barely escapes in time *yawn*
The most surprising part of this movie is that Clancy Brown is not a villain for once! Well, that and how a man can manage to keep his hat on while flying through the air at jet speed - must have had some super glue in the hat band . . .
1 of 1 member(s) found this review helpful.
Kerry L. (Elaureth) from FORT WAYNE, IN
Reviewed on 2/6/2012...
I must be one of the very few people out there who actually liked this movie. Honestly, from just the previews I thought this was going to be a ridiculously cheesy movie. So I was pleasantly surprised when I finally watched it! I found it entertaining from beginning to end, with enough suspense and mystery to make it intriguing.

Sure, a lot of the plot points bring to mind other blockbuster alien movies but that is going to happen between all alien flicks. I liked the twist of it being set in the old west. No military to call on to bring out the fighter jets . . . just men on horseback with guns trying to defeat something that has them totally out-armed and out-skilled. A good, fun adventure!
11 of 12 member(s) found this review helpful.
Chad B. (abrnt1) from CABERY, IL
Reviewed on 1/20/2012...
A boring waste of time. This movie is awful.
3 of 12 member(s) found this review helpful.