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Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season
Dallas The Complete Fifth Season
Actors: Larry Hagman, Victoria Principal, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Barbara Bel Geddes
Directors: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Harry Harris, Irving J. Moore, Joseph Manduke
Genres: Drama, Television
NR     2006     21hr 23min

The complete fifth season of the TV series Dallas.


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Actors: Larry Hagman, Victoria Principal, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Barbara Bel Geddes
Directors: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Harry Harris, Irving J. Moore, Joseph Manduke
Genres: Drama, Television
Sub-Genres: Drama, Drama
Studio: Warner Home Video
Format: DVD - Color - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 08/01/2006
Original Release Date: 04/02/1978
Theatrical Release Date: 04/02/1978
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 21hr 23min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 5
SwapaDVD Credits: 5
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
Subtitles: Spanish, French

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Movie Reviews

Forrest C. Hopson | Burnsville, NC USA | 04/27/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"It's official! "Dallas: The Complete Fifth Season" on a 5 disc set will be making its way to dvd on August 1, 2006! With the conclusion of the Season Four cliffhanger, "Cliff's discovery of a dead lady in the Southfork swimming pool," as well as Sue Ellen's endless pursuit of a happy life away from JR, with all of the tragic love affairs, family disputes, and the usual wheeling and dealing that Dallas fans have come to expect and love in this epic TV series. Here's an episode list of Season Five.


MISSING HEIR: The identify of the dead woman floating in the pool is revealed. J.R. and Cliff accuse each other of murder and both are questioned by police.

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTON: J.R. and Cliff testify at the inquest. A grieving Sue Ellen takes action to put an end to her marriage.

SHOWDOWN AT SAN ANGELO: J.R. uses Miss Ellie to gain access to the Southern Cross Ranch and his son as Sue Ellen has misgivings about building a new life with Dusty.

LITTLE BOY LOST: Sue Ellen and J.R. begin a custody battle against one another for John Ross, as J.R. snoops for information to unravel Sue Ellen's pursuits.

THE SWEET SMELL OF REVENGE: As they prepare to do battle for temporary custody of John Ross, J.R. produces a scheme to undermine Sue Ellie's chances. But the "wheels of justice" do not turn in J.R.'s favor this time around.

THE BIG SHUT DOWN: Clayton Farlow refuses to give in to J.R.'s demands. Bobby makes arrangements to buy more information regarding the identify of the father of Kristin's baby. Pam fears how her psychiatric treatment will end up.

BLOCKED: J.R. seeks revenge on Dusty Farlow's family business, as he begins buying and storing all the oil that was originally promised to the Farlow company. His deal is to turn over the oil in exchange for his son, John Ross, who is staying at the Farlow's Southern Cross ranch with Sue Ellen.

THE SPLIT: Ellie receives a shocking legal document from Jock which affects the future of Ewing Oil. Jock continues on his mission in South America for the State Department. J.R. has a confrontation with Dusty at the Cotton Bowl stadium.

FIVE DOLLARS A BARREL: J.R. is forced by Cliff's demands for Ewing property after Cliff buys the bank notes on J.R.'s $200 million loan and threatens foreclosure. J.R. plots unsuccesssfully to acquire Gary and Ray's voting shares. Pam is allowed to leave the hospital for a brief visit to Southfork.

STARTING OVER: Miss Ellie wants to help Ray out of his financial problem and uncovers J.R.'s scheme in the process. J.R. consults a broker in New York about selling Ewing stock. Sue Ellen says a good-bye to Dusty. Bobby buys Kristin's baby thinking J.R. is the father. Bobby unintentionally surprises Pam with one thing she's always wanted--a baby.

WATERLOO AT SOUTHFORK: Pam is taking care of Chistopher, the new baby, while Bobby secretly investigates legal possiblities of adoption. A determined Miss Ellie confronts J.R. about his recent schemes involving Ewing Oil funds. She agrees to back him as president of Ewing Oil on the condition that he not persecute Sue Ellen during the divorce hearing. Meanwhile, J.R. plots to have Sue Ellen declared an unfit mother but eventually loses another battle for custody over John Ross. Ray is forced to pull out of his development deal. Jock continues in South America.

BARBECUE TWO: After the divorce hearings, Sue Ellen moves into her new apartment with John Ross. Mitch makes progress in his medical profession. A cable from Jock announces his arrival from South America and Miss Ellie plans a barbecue as a homecoming. The whole family awaits Jock's arrival and even Rebecca Barnes-Wentworth, Clayton Farlow, and Cliff get invited. The happy scene is shattered by a phone call for Miss Ellie, who tells a stunned J.R. of the terrible tragedy.

THE SEARCH: J.R., Bobby, and Ray fly to South America to join in the investigation at the site of the crash of Jock's helicopter. They search in the jungle and even reach the crash site, where Bobby finds Jock's medallion, but nothing else. Miss Ellie leaves before the Ewing boys return with the terrible news.

DENIAL: Jock's death devastates J.R., Ray, and Lucy the most. J.R. seeks consolation with Serena but feels very depressed and neglects Ewing Oil business. Bobby takes over most of the operations. Miss Ellie is pressured by family lawyer Harve Smithfield, and by Bobby, but refuses to allow Jock's will to be read and to have Jock declared legally dead. She says, "as long as I believe he's alive, he's alive." Sue Ellen meets a new man named Tom but he comes on too strong and she rebuffs his advances. Ray refuses to go into another deal with Punk Anderson because he feels devastated by Jock's death. Donna and Ray drift apart because of Donna's success in publishing a book about the late Sam Culver. J.R. tells Sue Ellen he will never let her take John Ross away from him, despite the recent divorce.

HEAD OF THE FAMILY: Ray neglects his ranch duties and is reprimanded by Bobby. Clayton offers his friendship to Sue Ellen. Bobby tells Miss Ellie that if J.R. continues his neglect of Ewing Oil business, he may have to step in as president, but Miss Ellie disagrees. Lucy gets an offer for a modelling portfolio. Bobby tells Pam that they got Christopher through private adoption and that his parents were a couple from Louisiana who had been killed in a car crash. Sue Ellen sees Cliff. Donna decides to write another book on the late Sam Culver.

THE PHOENIX: J.R. finally returns to the business and brings John Ross into the office for the first time. Bobby has a fist fight with Ray over Ray's negligence in running the ranch. Pam is concerned about whether Christopher came from a healthy family and pressures Bobby to tell her about who Christopher's parents were. J.R. is afraid the reading of Jock's will is going to divide Ewing Oil shares in a way he won't like. Lucy's photographer friend Roger starts following her. Cliff gets Afton a singing job. Ray has an extramarital affair with a woman from the bar. J.R. sleeps with Marilee Stone and convinces her to talk the cartel into doing business with Ewing Oil again.

MY FATHER, MY SON: J.R. pressures Donna to talk Ray into giving up his voting shares. J.R. sees Cliff and Sue Ellen together in a restaurant, hires a detective to keep Sue Ellen's house under surveillance, and tell Afton he's in love with Sue Ellen. Donna leaves for Laredo to do research for her book. A lawyer tells Bobby he will have to ask Sue Ellen for permission to adopt Christopher because Sue Ellen is the sister of Chistopher's mother [Kristin]. Lucy learns Mitch is dating Evelyn Michaelson and, feeling abandoned, turns to Roger. J.R., John Ross, and Sue Ellen spend time together at a fun park and J.R. invites Sue Ellen to dinner at Southfork. She refuses after some hesitation.

ANNIVERSARY: J.R. hatches a plot against Cliff with the help of Wally Hampton, chairman of one of the biggest conglomerates in the South-West. If Cliff accepts Hampton's offer for Chief Operating Officer, he will have to move to Tulsa,Okahoma. Rebecca is reluctant to see Cliff go but leaves the choice up to him. Evelyn Michaelson confronts Lucy [who is separated fro Mitch] and tells her she wants Mitch. Donna discovers Ray in bed with the woman from the bar, thanks to another plot by J.R. Bobby buys Pam an aerobics business. J.R. tries to win Sue Ellen back. He shows her a video from the late 1960's where Sue Ellen is 20 years old, appearing in the Miss Texas contest. That is how they first met because J.R. was one of the judges in the contest.


THE MAELSTROM: Sue Ellen tells Clayton that Kristin and J.R. were lovers. Ray recovers from Jock's death and reconciles with Donna. J.R. learns Bobby paid Sue Ellen a visit and accuses him of poisioning her mind against him. Mitch pressures Lucy for divorce. Lucy turns to Roger. Jeff Farraday asks Bobby for a meeting. J.R. meets Cliff's half-sister Katherine.

THE PRODIGAL:Rebecca gives Cliff autonomy in running Wentworth Tool and Dye, which upsets Katherine. Donna learns during her book research that the late Sam Culver and Jock had Sam's uncle Jonas Culver committed to a mental institution to get his oil-rich land. Jonas later killed himself. J.R. gets Christopher's birth certificate from California. Clayton wants to find out from Afton whether Cliff is worthy of Sue Ellen. Katherine meets with J.R. about how to stop Cliff. J.R. plots to have Cliff buy worthless land. Farraday blackmails Bobby. Roger tells Lucy she can never have pictures with anybody else and threatens her. Pam tells Roger to stay away from Lucy.

VENGEANCE: J.R. thinks he is Christopher's father. Clayton goes overseas on vacation. Bobby finds Farraday murdered. Sue Ellen accuses J.R. of destroying her friendship with Clayton. Donna and Miss Ellie clash over Donna's discovery of Jock's involvement in Jonas Culver's death. Cliff thinks he's on the verge of striking oil and asks Sue Ellen again to marry him. J.R. tells Bobby he is Christopher's father and demands Bobby's loyalty on Ewing Oil business in return for keeping the matter secret. Roger kidnaps Lucy. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that Cliff is heading for disaster on the Wellington property. Police take Bobby in for questioning about Farraday's murder.

BLACKMAIL: J.R. thinks he is Christopher's father. Clayton goes overseas on vacation. Bobby finds Farraday murdered. Sue Ellen accuses J.R. of destroying her friendship with Clayton. Donna and Miss Ellie clash over Donna's discovery of Jock's involvement in Jonas Culver's death. Cliff thinks he's on the verge of striking oil and asks Sue Ellen again to marry him. J.R. tells Bobby he is Christopher's father and demands Bobby's loyalty on Ewing Oil business in return for keeping the matter secret. Roger kidnaps Lucy. J.R. tells Sue Ellen that Cliff is heading for disaster on the Wellington property. Police take Bobby in for questioning about Farraday's murder.

THE INVESTIGATION: Rebecca learns Cliff has been withdrawing large amounts from Wentworth Tool and Dye. Police question Bobby about Farraday. Bobby and Pam rescue Lucy from Roger. Lucy is taken to the hospital where Mitch shows up to visit her. Lucy decides to go ahead with the divorce. Cliff is facing financial ruin and tries to borrow money from Sue Ellen but she tells him to get lost. She tells him she feels used by him. Sue Ellen tells Pam about Cliff's situation and about the conversation she had with him. Farraday's associates show up at Bobby's office thinking Bobby had drug deals with Farraday. They offer him continous drug supplies. It turns out they killed Farraday during a confrontation over his failure to come up with money. J.R. tells Sue Ellen she belongs at Southfork.

ACCEPTANCE: Rebecca fires Cliff from Wentworth Tool and Dye over the recent embezzlement. Bobby helps the police catch Farraday's murderers by arranging a fake cocaine buy. Miss Ellie becomes increasingly withdrawn over Jock but finally accepts his death. Punk Anderson wants to establish a memorial scholarship to Jock at the Southern Methodist University. J.R. sends roses to Sue Ellen's place every day. Mitch leaves Dallas and Lucy behind and moves to Atlanta. Cliff feels rejected and abandoned by everybody. Afton tries to console him. Miss Ellie gives Donna the go-ahead on her book.

GOODBYE, CLIFF BARNES: Marilee Stone tells Cliff that J.R. used her to get Sue Ellen back. Bobby tells Pam the truth about Christopher. They fly to Los Angeles and learn that Kristin miscarried J.R.'s baby, that Farraday and Kristin were married, and that Farraday is Christopher's father. Clayton comes back from vacation. J.R. and Sue Ellen plan to marry and break the news to family. Lucy tells Muriel she was raped by Roger. Cliff feels devastated when Sue Ellen tells him she's marrying J.R. He tries to kill himself. Rebecca shows up at Southfork and tells Miss Ellie that the Ewing-Barnes feud will continue. Sue Ellen feels guilty about Cliff's suicide attempt and tells J.R. she may not be able to marry him if Cliff dies.

Dallas-The 4th Year
Clavinbot | TX | 05/03/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"What is really the 4th season is a great year, probably my favorite of the entire show, although it ties with 11 several years later. It is exciting for fans because a lot of long running stories get started, with new characters who will play a big part coming into their own after the last year, including Afton, Clayton, and Rebecca. Jim Davis is of course lost, and an episode pays tribute to him, but Susan Howard who had guest starred to this point then joins the main title. Other than that, it is continued goodness as the death of Jock and the divorce of JR and Sue Ellen add more drama than usual. It is great drama, and I hope it sells gangbusters so we can get the rest as soon as possible."
Good Season, Lacking in Extras
Antoine D. Reid | Durham, NC United States | 08/20/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Dallas' Season 5 Season Set was good overall. Right off the bat, the flaw is in the extras. The tour of Southfork Ranch feature is okay, BUT, it seems like we already got that in a pervious set. Why no cast interviews? Without giving much away, there was a departing cast member that got a lot of attention in the reunion special ... yet here on the season set in the extras, the cast, the departure, and all is missing. It seems a bit impersonal.

Quality wise, Season 5 felt a bit different from the previous seasons. Yeah, it was still good and by far more interesting and higher in quality than most things out there on tv then and now, but, it wasn't as thrilling as the previous seasons. The plots are a bit more tamed and it takes the entire season for certain plots and climaxes to occur. In other seasons, every few episodes would be packed with shocking twists and turns. This one had its share too but it wasn't as fast paced and exciting as the other seasons.

This was still (as usual it seems) Linda Gray and Larry Hagman's season. Both's plots really drove the season forward and both were right on the mark in their scenes and acting. Surprisingly, this was also Barbara Bel Geddes' season. She really emerged in this season, taking on a more active role in the family's business and personal matters. It was nice to see her have more scenes and be a tough, strong character throughout the entire season rather than in just an episode or two as in the previous ones. There were also other actors who had bigger roles this season (and in future seasons) that really added something new to the show.

In all, definitely worth your money and time. This was quality t.v. unlike a lot of what makes it onto the air today. Hopefully future seasons will get more in terms of special features and stuff. Other than that, it's a good season and show to add to your collection."
A year of obsessions and tragedy
Reginald D. Garrard | Camilla, GA USA | 12/09/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)


Major points of the season are as follows:

After suffering several miscarriages, Pam (Victoria Principal) is obsessed with motherhood.

Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is obsessed with finding the father of Kristen's baby.

Ray (Steve Kanaly) is obsessed in proving tht he can make it on his own without his wife Donna's (Susan Howard) money.

Cliff (Ken Kercheval) continues his obsession in destroying the Ewings.

Rebecca (Priscilla Pointer) is obsessed with proving herself a "good mother" after having abandoned her children when they were young.

In light of his impotency, Dusty (Jared Martin) is obsessed to show how much of a "man" is he.

Lucy (Charlene Tilton) is obsessed with winning her husband back, while hubby Mitch (Leigh J. McCloskey) is obsessed with making it on his own.

Lucy's photographer, Roger (Dennis Redfield), has an unhealthy obsession with her, leading him to begin stalking the model-wannabe.

Katherine (Morgan Brittany) begins her obsession with brother-in-law Bobby, which will come to a head when she mows him down in a couple of seasons.

Vaughn Leland (Dennis Patrick) returns in his obsessive quest to bring down J.R.

And J.R. (Larry Hagman) continues, after a few missteps, to run over everyone!

Also, the writers were able to stretch out the absence of "Jock" (the late Jim Davis) by having the character noticeably absent and finally "announcing" his death in a mid-season installment, thus opening the door for the fight for control of Ewing Oil.

"The Search" becomes a tribute to Davis, interspersed with clips from previous episodes that showcased the towering and much beloved actor.

Boy, did a lot happen in these twenty-two episodes!"