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Date Movie (Unrated Edition)
Date Movie
Unrated Edition
Actors: Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge, Eddie Griffin
Directors: Aaron Seltzer, Jason Friedberg, Sam Hurwitz
Genres: Comedy
UR     2006     1hr 24min

Bring home the UNRATED DVD that lets you go all the way on the first date! With outrageous extras and footage not shown in theaters, here's the ruder, cruder version of the no-holds-barred comedy from two of the twisted mi...  more »

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Actors: Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge, Eddie Griffin
Directors: Aaron Seltzer, Jason Friedberg, Sam Hurwitz
Creators: Adam Campbell, Aaron Seltzer, Jason Friedberg, Sam Hurwitz, Adam Lewinson
Genres: Comedy
Sub-Genres: Romantic Comedies
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen - Dubbed,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 05/30/2006
Original Release Date: 02/17/2006
Theatrical Release Date: 02/17/2006
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 1hr 24min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 30
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English, English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish

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Member Movie Reviews

Reviewed on 1/2/2010...
I usually like comedy that follows in the steps of airplane, and scary movie. This movie does not. Don't waste your time on this one. Poorly written, and just not funny.
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.
Jerry S. from OCEANSIDE, CA
Reviewed on 12/10/2009...
A Really Funny Movie
1 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.
Cassandra M. from RIVERSIDE, CA
Reviewed on 8/24/2009...
This movie is hilarious as a comedy. It's really good if you're into films like the Waynes Bros. Scary Movie series and like Epic Movie.
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.
Kristina G. (familiagarduno) from COLUMBUS, OH
Reviewed on 12/9/2008...
For the style of movie that this is, it was great. I guess I'm showing my age, because this kind of comedy just isn't my thing anymore....
1 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.

Movie Reviews

The new parody
Terry Mesnard | Bellevue, NE | 05/04/2006
(2 out of 5 stars)

"There was a time when parody was more insightful. While this type of film has never been known to be subtle, a good parody should know its framework and make humor based on it. A good parody winks at the audience while also reveling in some exagerations.

Like fellow reviewers here have said, to simply take the plot from a movie and exagerate it does not equal parody. There is nothing subtle about this film, at all. The only humorous parts of the film are seen in the trailers. The majority of everything else can be skipped.

If you're expecting the so-called "unrated" edition to fill in the missing pieces and hope that it makes the film better, be warned. Whenever a PG-13 film becomes unrated, it normally means there were maybe one scene, one instance or so that caused it to touch the R rating and so that one scene, joke, word, or what have you was taken out. Still standing at around 85 minutes, this film won't be changed much. And, really, that's one minute more of your life wasted.

Speaking of a waste, I'd rather waste my time watching the movies emulated here or watch Not Another Teen Movie (and that's saying something) than watch this."
How to Lose an Audience in 10 Days
J. Moore | Richmond, VA | 02/27/2006
(1 out of 5 stars)

"I enjoy spoof movies. I've seen "Airplane" a million times, the Scary Movie franchise still makes me laugh, and the "Naked Gun" films were inspired and fresh. Heck, even "Not Another Teen Movie" had its funny moments.

This film, on the other hand, simply falls flat. I think the writers forgot that to make a spoof, they had to do more than just menetion the movie they are spoofing, or at least make the spoof moment somewhat satirical and entertaining. It's like they made a list of all the films they wanted to make fun of and then couldn't come up with ways to make them funny.

1) We need to spoof Pretty Woman! Let's have the male star dress up as a hooker and walk down Melrose in a flashback sequence! Wait a minute, huh? Why is the male star imitating a female prostitute again?

2) We need to spoof Meet the Parents! I know, let's have the goofy Ben Stiller character knock down the urn with the mother's ashes in it, only THIS time, we'll have an entire dead body spill out of the urn instead of ashes. Oh that will be a hoot! And THEN we'll have the cat go and french kiss the dead body instead of pee on it. That's hysterical!

3) We need to spoof Kill Bill!! (Wait... what? Is that even a date movie?)

4) We need to spoof Hitch. I know! Let's have a dwarf play some guy named Hitch who gives love advice to our lead female. Hysterical!

5) We need to spoof When Harry Met Sally. I have a great idea. For no reason at all, we'll start a dinner scene with our male star faking an orgasm (ridiculously I might add). He won't be trying to prove a point or anything, he'll just be wailing around like a dying seal for no reason at all at the beginning of the scene. That will get a huge laugh.

6) We need to spoof My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So let's have our female be a member of a huge family, and we'll have her father be a black man and her mother be Indian. That's too much humor right there folks.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. This movie doesn't hit the same, satirical notes that better spoof movies do. It just succeeds in mentioning a bunch of date movies and making you feel sick to your stomach while at the same time feeling confused. I guess that's worth ONE star...."
"Date Movie" Has It All--Oh Yeah, Except For An Actual Movie
K. Harris | Las Vegas, NV | 02/12/2007
(1 out of 5 stars)

"This movie is almost too easy a target, and I don't want to spend much time on it as the essence of this film has been captured effectively by many, many other reviewers. At heart, "Date Movie" is just a bit of silliness--it has no ambition, no goals other than to showcase its preposterous spoofs. Truth be told, I usually don't mind silly escapist fun--as long as a picture knows it's not very good, you can't really hold anything else against it. My issue with "Date Movie," thus, is more complex. Movies like "Scary Movie" or "Airplane!" have done a great job skewering other films and pop culture icons--but the primary difference between those films and "Date Movie" is that they frame their spoofs and gags around an actual plot.

My irritation with "Date Movie" comes from its absolute laziness in not even attempting to tell a story. Heck, it doesn't even fake it. No, apparently the sheer delight at seeing someone in a fat suit is supposed to carry us through an entire film. The gags are so random--and don't get me wrong, you might chuckle occasionally--they end up making no sense whatsoever. Have we gotten so jaded that we don't even expect a rudimentary storyline? It's sight gag, after sight gag, after sight gag--with a sound gag thrown in for variety. And it's not even as if these jokes are clever. By shooting at the easiest pop culture targets and liberally adding unnecessary bodily function humor--it's as if the filmmakers expected us to lap all their "hilarious" antics up.

There are talented people in the cast. Surely Alyson Hannigan (a star of the small screen) deserves better. But at least she, and the others, are game and throw themselves into the proceedings--but to little affect. If I wanted to see sketches and skits with no connection, however, I'd watch SNL or MadTV (which might actually be more entertaining). "Date Movie" misadvertises itself in the title--there is no movie here! Normally, like I said, I wouldn't judge an inoffensive bit of nonsense like this so harshly--but this negative review goes out to all the creative screenwriters who couldn't get decent projects greenlit due to this example of filmmaking by committee. KGHarris, 02/07."