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Final Destination 2 [Import] [Blu-ray]
Final Destination 2
Actors: Andrew Airlie, Terrence "T.C." Carson, Fred Henderson, Eric Keenleyside, James N. Kirk
R     2009     1hr 31min

Final Destination 2 begins with a well-orchestrated multicar pileup on a freeway--a horrifying accident that turns out to be a premonition, as seen by a young woman (A.J. Cook) who saves herself and several other people...  more »


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Actors: Andrew Airlie, Terrence "T.C." Carson, Fred Henderson, Eric Keenleyside, James N. Kirk
Studio: Alliance Canada
Format: Blu-ray - Widescreen - Dubbed
DVD Release Date: 07/07/2009
Release Year: 2009
Run Time: 1hr 31min
Screens: Widescreen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
Edition: Import
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English, French
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Movie Reviews

FD2.....a must see chiller!!
Francisco Javier Nunez | Somewhere in Florida, United States | 01/15/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I saw this movie movie at a special screening in Canada, and it is even better than the first.Tony Todd has a 5-minute cameo, and I must say the ending is very well-done. I felt so happy when that annoying Johnathan Cherry got it, and the car accident part is very action-packed.The body count and gore is a little higher than in the first movie.I also liked when there is sort of homage to the first movie. Ali Larter is back along with A.J Cook , Michael Landes, and Andrew Downing. Go see it January 31!!"
(mouth still hanging open)
Jamie R. Wilson | Brooklyn, New York | 02/03/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you liked "Final Destination", you will not be disappointed in "Final Destination 2".This movie is everything the first movie was and more: heart-pounding suspense that has you captivated from the moment it starts until credits roll at the end. There were so many times in this movie that I found myself on the edge of my seat, mouth hanging open, completely blown away. This is the kind of suspense that creeps up on you ever so slowly, even though you know its coming, and then pounces on you suddenly with a big bang. I don't remember the last time I've seen a theater full of people jump at the same time so many times in one sitting.The movie begins with Kimberly (A.J. Cook) and her friends heading out for a vacation when she suddenly has a premonition of a massive freeway pile-up in which she and everyone else around her are horrifically killed (this sequence will give you goosebumps). When she and the others avoid the accident, which takes place on the 1 year anniversary of the plane crash from the first movie, Death becomes determined to make sure that they all reach their ends -- one by one, in the same order they were supposed to die in the pile-up. And that's all I'm saying for fear of ruining the movie.One thing is definitely for sure: I drove home very slowly and very carefully after watching this, avoiding the expressway and any other cars on the road for that matter. If you like suspense, this is your movie. Not recommended for the faint of heart."
It's a hilariously dumb schlockfest, how can you resist?
Robin Goodfellow | Port Townsend, Washington United States | 10/21/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Be warned, this movie is not remotely frightening. Whereas the first FD attempted to undercut the silliness of the whole concept with some genuinely creepy sequences, this hare brained sequel simply plays the whole thing for laughs, and gets them. In truth the whole film is really nothing more than an excuse to string together some pretty inventive and grisly deaths (its extremely gory for an R rated picture), but the same could be said of a lot of horror movies and it's refreshing to see one so totally lacking in both pretension and narrative logic. The set up is pretty much the same as before: someone experiences a vision of an imminent disaster, narrowly avoids dying and in the process prevents the certain death of several other characters. Death won't give up however, and a series of freak 'accidents' start bumping off the support players. And so we are treated to 90 minutes of splatstick, with death scenes that share the same kind of dramatic dynamic as The Three Stooges or Pink Panther movies, except that someone typically ends up mushed into a fine paste by the end. For sure, if you're squeamish then the sight of people being crushed by panes of glass, beheaded by elevators, segmented by barbed wire, burned alive, blown up, trepanned by fence posts and generally reduced to the consistency of yoghurt probably won't endear you too much to the movie, but hey - its just a gore flick for gore hounds. It has too much gallows humour and too much of a sense of it's own lowly intellectual stature to ever try and qualify as a serious chiller - witness Tony 'Candyman' Todds welcome return as the gravel voiced mortician in a scenery chewing turn, or the sidesplitting final sight gag just before the credits roll. People clearly had a lot of fun making the movie, and it's infectious. The plot is all over the place - we get an utterly surreal exchange of dialogue in which we learn that apparantly Death is working backwards through his victims this time for, well, no real reason - but it doesn't bother me. The filmmakers had their priorities right, paint the screen red and to hell with rhyme or reason. For those who question why people would want to watch movies like this: don't get all moral and judgemental. Humans have always enjoyed watching the simple, honest butchery of their own kind in vivid colour. It's entertaining. It can be highly amusing. Live with it. At least it's only simulated and not in the gladiatorial arena.Watch this movie and have a GREAT time!"
A purposely trashy thriller
N. Durham | Philadelphia, PA | 08/15/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"While Final Destination 2 follows the plot of it's predecessor, the similarities between the films stops there. The teen-melodrama and too good looking for their own good young stars are replaced (for the most part) with well orchestrated accident scenes and some very nice gore effects. It all starts when Kimberly (A.J. Cook) has a premonition of a huge multi-car pile up and inadvertantly saves herself and a few others. And then one by one, death comes calling with some over the top computer assisted and well orchestrated grisly deaths. Ali Larter reprises her role from the first film as Clear Rivers, and Tony Todd returns in his cameo role as well. Director David Ellis has crafted a purposely cheesy, trashy, and fun horror film that both outshines and pales in comparison to the original; and while it is very graphic and grisly for a mainstream horror film, it is never too mean spirited. The Infinifilm DVD is another fine piece of product from New Line (although I personally like the Platinum Series of DVD's more), and the Bits & Pieces featurette provides enough ample entertainment for horror afficiandos."