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Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps
Like Carrie before it, Ginger Snaps uses horror-movie conventions as an inspired metaphor for puberty. When beautiful but reclusive goth teenager Ginger (Katharine Isabelle) is attacked by a monstrous wolf on the eve of he...  more »


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Movie Reviews

Finally - a cult favorite that lives up to the hype.
M. Nichols | West Chester, OH United States | 10/05/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I was afraid to buy this. It sounded too good to be true. A good werewolf movie? So many years (and bad films) after the Howling? You bet your life. GINGER SNAPS is not just good, it's great. And smart. Hip without being snide, slick yet retaining integrity, this is not just a good werewolf movie - or a good horror movie - it's just a great movie altogether.Mimi Rogers aside, the cast were all unknown to this viewer yet could not have been more perfectly chosen for their roles. You know these characters (or you are these characters) and even though you may not be a lycanthrope, you're easily drawn in and aligned with their trials. This is no out-at-the-full-moon and back-at-dawn transformation, this is one long, drawn-out shapeshift; the misery of puberty. Even if you didn't grow a tail when you turned 16, if you felt like you might as well have, this is a movie for you.Well-paced, expertly directed and, of course, PERFECTLY acted, GINGER SNAPS only disappoints slightly in the same way almost all werewolf films do: the final, full-on beast just never looks 100% convincing. Who cares? Getting there is all the fun and the film's final scene avoids the cliched, easy ending and goes for the heart. I hear the two leads are in on production for GINGER SNAPS II as well as a prequel. I don't know where these could go, but I'll even give the dread horror sequel a chance based on this refreshingly strong, nearly flawless film. One of my favorite finds this year."
Great movie, but don't buy this version
R. Moses | New Hampshire | 12/12/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"It's a great little flick, but if you decide to pick it up, do whatever it takes to track down a copy of the Canadian Special Edition. It's R1, so no problem there. But it's in widescreen (this one is P&S), there's a commentary track, and a number of extras. This one's pretty much bare bones. So do yourself a favor and get Googling for a copy of the Canadian edition. You'll be glad you did."
Ginger Snaps
D. A. Marie | Redondo Beach, Ca | 03/16/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Ginger Snaps. What can I say about this movie? I saw it when I was seventeen years old on HBO and instantly fell in love with it before the opening credits were through. Gore and cheesy effects aside, I have to say this movie is brilliant. It was a pretty original spin on the werewolf theme. If you like animals, especially dogs, you might have a hard time watching this at some parts. For being a low budget film, it gets pretty graphic.
I love the relationship between the two sisters, Brigitte and Ginger, and how Ginger's transformation, which they at first mistake for puberty, tears them apart, but they are still connected by their sisterly bond.
The acting is great; I think they did a great job casting the leads, Ginger and Brigitte, the score is beautiful, and the story is captivating. I do have to say that the opening credits are still my favorite part of the movie. I think it portrays the relationship between Brigitte and Ginger very well and you also get a glimpse into their dark and sarcastic realities.
Great movie! I just got the trilogy for Christmas and I'm absolutely ecstatic! If you like Ginger Snaps, I definitely recommend watching the third movie of the trilogy; Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning."
That's What Little Girls Are Made Of...
Marc Ruby? | Warren, MI USA | 04/15/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"What would you do if you found that your sister was turning into a werewolf? This is the problem that faces Brigitte (Emily Perkins), when her sister Ginger (Katherine Isabelle) suddenly reaches womanhood and hairiness at the same time. The two young Goths, fascinated by suicide, loners in a normal high school suddenly find themselves at odds after years of close companionship. Ginger dives into a whirlwind of appetite - sex, drugs, and violence. Brigitte finds herself alienated, desperate to help a sister who cares less and less every day.

At first Ginger's powers are almost welcome. A chance to get even with the world and be free from the limitations of society and parents. But the change that is coming over her isn't a slight allergic reaction to moonlight. Inexorably, her body changes, and she must confront countless contradictions between her actions, and her remorse each step of the way.

For Brigitte the horror is losing a sister and waging a desperate struggle to reverse the process. Once Ginger was the leader, but now Brigitte must find her own power in a effort that becomes more painful as Ginger sinks into bestiality. Brigitte becomes the cleanup crew, the fixer, and the loyal friend. She also delivers much of the subtle sarcasm that keeps the audience unprepared for the tour-de-force ending.

Somebody should have warned me about this film. For some reason I got it in my head that this was something on the lighthearted side of horror. Instead it is one of those dark films that cross over from horror into the bleakest noir. The acting is surprisingly good, building gradually from hokey teenage horror to a kind of fevered tragic pitch that leaves you stunned in the final moments. The effects are a bit amateurish, but the impact isn't. The film has a surprising number of layers, from coming of age to self-realization.

There are no extras on this DVD. No subtitles, no languages, just the film and the trailer. And just for once I would actually like to hear the director comment of explain something of the concept of the film. But this is a low cost production, and I'm glad the transfer was successful."