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Gokudo - Swordsman Extraordinaire
Gokudo - Swordsman Extraordinaire
Actors: Tomisaburo Wakayama, Koji Tsuruta, Minoru Oki, Sanae Kitabayashi, Bunta Sugawara
Director: Kosaku Yamashita
Genres: Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Anime & Manga, Animation
UR     2001     1hr 32min

Where is it written that heroes have to be heroic? Gokudo is the perfect adventurer, reckless, greedy and ambitions. Unfortunately, that makes him one imperfect crown prince and an even worse hero. With his flaming swor...  more »


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Movie Reviews

Gokudo - an Extraordinaire anime!
fangwulf | Laurel, Maryland United States | 11/30/2001
(5 out of 5 stars)

"There are noble, handsome princes who traverse afar for the good of society, defending the weak, giving money to the poor... And then there's Gokudo. An ill-tempered, lecherous, money-grubbing adventurer whose only thoughts are for his own safety and pleasure, he manages to accidentally save at least four people every episode, usually stealing from them in the process. His goals are never honest, and his methods are despicable, but he's got spunk. Each episode is laugh-out-loud hilarious, the fight scenes are most excellent, and the enemies are superb. A must-see for the Slayers fan."
The fantasy genre... twisted every which way!
Sebastian Sandoval | Ontario, CA | 08/15/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Gokudo: Collection Extraordinare collects all the six individually released disks for the series and put them in one over-sized pack. Spanning 26 episodes this is both one really looong breath of fresh air compared to your typical fantasy anime.

First of, let me say one thing. I simply can't help but ADORE Gokudo, the exraordinary main character! Seeing him mess things up in his unending quest for fame and riches (in the most arrogant way possible) is encredibly entertaining. In short I'm a little biased in this review, but who wouldn't be after loving a series.

The show features about five main story arcs that really go all over the place. One has Gokudo felling the Magic King from power, another has him come in conflict with the Buddah, God and Magic World races in one huge confrontation and yet another has him face off against Buddaha and Magic World people with the fate of the entire world resting on his actions! A little over the top, I know, but the slap-stick, often intellectual (a better word would be contextual...), keeps things running light. Gokudo and his companions are always fighting and arguing. Fighting and arguing. Not at all what you'd always expect from a group who's destined to save the world... somehow.

Basically, you have more comedy than you can shake a stick at and, even though it won't appeal to everybody, it will definetally have an impression. The voice actors (in both Japanese and Enlgish) to a good job making everything... absurd. As for plot, it may get a little overwhelming and overcomplicated with so much going on so quickly throughout the show that is may loose other peole who just want to relax their brains and go on auto.

Recommended! Tired of white-knights saving the world with charm and good looks? Get Gokudo: Collection Extraordinare! Its not perfect but at least it is (you guessed it) Extraordinare."
If this guy played fair, he wouldn't survive the series
Eric L Brandenburg | FT Campbell, KY USA | 07/01/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Absolutely hilarious!!! Gokudo only has two wishes, "I want all the money and all the hot babes of the world all to myself!" He gets turned into a woman, an old man, a woman again, a baby, and back again. This greedy, backstabbing, pervert beats the bad guys for one reason, HE'S WORSE. The fact that he is an unbeatable swordsman helps. One of the many running gags in the series is that Gokudo breaks the foulest wind in human existance. It not only clears taverns, but counters magic spells and rouses tempermental goddesses. His dealings with the oni Ikyuo are equally hilarious. I originally bought this series on VHS and this is the excuse I have been looking for to get it on DVD!"
Gokudo - Collection Extraordinaire
Shadowolf | Bryson City, NC USA | 04/29/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This was a very interesting series. I normaly go for animes like Fushigi Yugi's Mysterious Play (best anime ever), Blue Seed, and others of their nature. But this was suprisingly refreashing. Gokudo isn't a goody goody or even turn out in the end to have any amazing personality changes. He remains basically the same the whole series, which is to say a lying cheating, inexplicale rotten fellow with a dry since of humor. but that is what makes this series so great. Along with a crew of wierd "friends" they embark on jouney after countless journey and the only ways to get Gokudo to do anything good is to either have a great treasure or hot babes, or something wrong with him that can only be cured with completting a quest. I recomend this to anyone looking for a good laugh and a side step to your basically averge animes that always have basicaly the same main character."