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Goose Boxer / Tiger Over Wall
Goose Boxer / Tiger Over Wall
Actors: Charles Heung, Phillip Kao, Hwang Jang Lee, Man Suet Yi
Director: Tai See Fu;Lo Chun Gok
Genres: Action & Adventure, Indie & Art House
UR     2001     2hr 27min

Goose Boxer — Mortal combat erupts when two martial arts masters are killed by a gray haired master of Crane Style. The deadly battle has a profound effect on a young student of Crane Style, whose stall was destroyed in the...  more »


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Actors: Charles Heung, Phillip Kao, Hwang Jang Lee, Man Suet Yi
Director: Tai See Fu;Lo Chun Gok
Genres: Action & Adventure, Indie & Art House
Sub-Genres: Martial Arts, Indie & Art House
Studio: Ground Zero
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 11/27/2001
Release Year: 2001
Run Time: 2hr 27min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Liked tiger over wall slightly better
morgoth | omaha, NE | 05/22/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"First off, picture quality is fine, widescreened, not all the way, but about 1000 times better than a pan and scan job. The picture quality is average, faded, btu no real prblems like distortion and only all teh fight scenes look excellent. Both movies quality looks the same.

GOOSE BOXER-4/5-Now this one took me by surprise casue I have only seen a couple reviews for it and people seem to hate it, especially compared to the other movie on this disc. But it is a TIGHTLY choreographed movie that has some of the better cantonese comedy that I can rememeber in a kung fu movie. it starts with a local butcher(charles heung) and gets the comedy started right off the bat. After a couple minutes he needs to beat down some thugs and we get to see his goose style. I wasn't expecting much, but man can this guy fight. Charles Heung didn't have a big acting career or nothing but has been an exexcutive producer on huge productions like johny to's "Throwdown", tsiu hark's "legend of zu warriors", jet li's "black mask" and "contact killer", and even a "a chinese ghost story". He has been THE producer on this, "goose boxer", "dr. wai", and the "god of gamblers" movies. I would compare him to derek yee, except he's not a director. Great fighter though, and a GREAT actor. He is so perfect for this role. The comedy is some of the best I have seen. Nto woo ping type stuff but way better than that. If you don't watch close, you won't see it, but for a movie that is only 78 minutes, it is really hard not to find those 10-15 WONDERFUL moments. And the fights are absolutely off the chain. Reason for that: Tommy Lee is the DIRECTOR!!!!!!!!! Hoi san lee is the bad guy. Holy ship!!!!!! I have never seen him in a better performance. Most people who don't know these movies will shrug that comment off, but this guy has fought like a hundred different people on screen. Quick bio-----Shaw brothers star who was of course contracted but EVERYONE sought this guy out cause not only was he a really good screen fighter, he knew how to not hurt people. Unlike some guys(Hwang Jang Lee, benny the jet, etc).He is the senior monk that sort of opposes san te in 36th chamber, and also had a fight with gordon in shaolin vs. wudang, and baddie in bad movies like descendent of wing chin and my 12 kung fu kicks. he always looks good, but he shines through everybody save phillip ko in this.

So the butcher gets talked into becoming a martial arts instrucotr for a school who sorely needs him. Well after phillip ko's brother is murderd, Ko he does some investigative work. Next Lee hoi-sang shows up to the goose boxer's school and kidnaps him. And that certainly got the Wtf award for this movie. And with a midget and then goose and sex kung fu styles, it is a tough award to get. So we find out that he is kidnapped cause... You have to go find out. But I will tell you that phillip ko has 2 SPECTACULAR FIGHTS. And like I said, the great lee Hoi sang is brilliant with his crane style. For a big, scary man, he pulls if off good. And when I say big, just check out his neck, eek. Ending gets a little silly but with tommy lee at the helm, 2 of the best screen fighters in the genre, a new young star who cetainly could have been huge if that was what he wanted, a couple of good comic relief characters, and a midget. And you get one of the best of the genre. Also, movie seems to be cut on a few scenes, so if abybody know of a an uncut version, please let me know.

TIGER OVER WALL-what the heck that title means, I still can't figure it out. I have to say that this is easily one of the best directing jobs I have ever seen in a kung fu movie. If the story could match the great dialogue and acting, this would EASILY get a 5, and I would be able to confidently rate the disc a 5. Unfortunately the story is about a foreigner's dog being stolen. And the police are being pressured by the "foreigners" to get somebody to take the fall. Yeah, I need a story better than that. But like I said, the director does an AMAZIGN job. He is the director from GREAT movies like "Secret service of the Imperial Court", "Bastard Swordsman", and the return, "hellz windstaff", and 3 evil masters. His name is Chun-Ku Lo, a.k.a.- Tommy Loo. You will certainly notice an obvious difference in tone with most of his movies. Discounting hell'z windstaff, that wasn't a psychologically thrilling movie or nothing:) One of the corrupt cops is a famous shaw brothers star who fights gordon second one to last to johnny wang in return to the 36th chamber. The fights take a LONG time to get started, but man when they do you will wish that you were paying more attention. Phillip Ko gets pretty pissed after all of his people are getting taken down by the cops. And they don't just throw them in jail they take old or retarded guys who are just susceptible to say a corrutp police official who needs to get results. Lee tso-nan(director of great movies like "shaolin vs. lama", "phantom kung fu", and "challenge of death") plays a caring doctor character who is also the master of Ko's school and has to keep signign things fo rthe ploice to say that like prisoners are being treated good and some other things. Of course by the end he changes and stands up for himself. He is just a great director who is a really good actor also. So a very well told if not a good story keeps you interested until the fights happen. Ko fights the guy who I always mix up with lo lieh(please post his name, cuase I know someone knows it). Ko's bro then goes at with the other cop, I think he is like a decective, but still a bad guy all the way. This is actually my favorite fight of the movie, well maybe the final fight beats it out. And action was choreographed by tak tseung??. I didn't get the first name but those are the 2 that follow it. When the end credits role it says wong chen-li was assistant martial arts director. All in all, one of the better final fights I have ever sen. Not the greatest pole fight. If
you have heard of but have never sene Hwang Jang Lee, then this is a PERFECT MOVIE TO GET STARTED WITH. His kicks are on full display. I would have liked multiple opponents for his patented triple kicks, but he does good enough on one person:)"
Buy this one!!
Matthew K. Moore | Warner Robins, GA United States | 09/22/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I bought the Goose Boxer/Tiger over Wall DVD because it was...and in the store. I was amazed to discover how great these two movies are (especially for the price)!! Goose Boxer is more of a comedy but it has many superb crane style fights. Tiger Over Wall, though, is definately the better of the two! The plot, though seeming flaccid at first, takes unexpected turns and the characters are well crafted to believability making the movie as a whole more and more intriguing. Every fight is amazing and paced well through out the movie so that the action and storyline do not overwhelm each other. The final fight between Lee and Koa is absolutely mesmerizing! Lee plays such an awesome villian you WANT to see him get his ... kicked, but he's too damn good to get beat down easily, making the fight that much more intense!
This is one of the best old school kung fu flicks I've seen in a while! The fact that I've heard so little of it before is a shame! Go out of your way to see this one if you have to."
One for the giggles, one for the fights
Mantis Lake | Detroit, MI USA | 07/22/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"This inexpensive 2-for-1 DVD from Ground Zero's Brooklyn Zoo collection is cheap enough to justify for "Tiger Over Wall". Anything else, at that point, is gravy. The picture quality is fairly decent in both, though it's obvious they were taken from old VHS copies. Unfortunately, "Tiger Over Wall" is fullscreened.

Charles Heung Wah Keung stars as a young man who cooks and sells geese. He witnesses a Crane stylist (Hoi San Lee) murdering a couple of dudes in the forest and is able to mimic some of the man's moves to add to his own style-in-progress. He is later kidnapped by the murderer and forced to learn and teach Crane to lure out the killer's enemies. Of course it's only a matter of time before he's no longer needed and will be disposed of.

I wouldn't recommend this as a kung fu movie but I did enjoy it. There are some gross and funny moments involving geese, a midget, and a sex manual believed to be a book of fighting techniques. There is one good fight and a couple of okay ones. Lee Hoi San's Crane style is impressive and his fights are easily the best. 2.5/5.

1978. aka: Shaolin's Tough Kid.

The great Hwang Jang Lee plays the crooked constable of a small village who caters to the rich, petty foreigners. When one of their dogs go missing and can't be found, someone has to take the fall. A man who makes umbrellas (ellas ellas) is talked into being the scapegoat for the cops under the promise of money. It's a lie of course, and the man's son-in-law (Phillip Ko Fei) must try and get him out of jail before it's too late.

Far from a great film, it's still pretty sweet. There aren't a ton of fights but they are all good, leading up to a 10-minute, one-on-one finale that will not disappoint. As dumb as this movie is, something must be right, cuz you will really hate the cops, and cheer as they receive their comeuppance. 3.5/5

Phillip Ko is at it again
overone98 | Chapel Hill, NC USA | 12/07/2001
(5 out of 5 stars)

""Tiger over wall" is one of the most underrated Kung-fu movies of its' era Phillip Ko is the star of this flik and man he gets down using Mantis fist, tiger and eventually Eagles claw he gets into many fights thoughout this movie and if you are a fan of Ko's screen work you will not be disapointed after "Dragon on fire" AKA "The Dragon the hero" this is his best as the lead player. Huang jang lee (Silver Fox) is awesome as well. The fight at the end is one of the best hand to fist combat scenes I have ever witnessed. Take a look tell me what you think."