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Hellraiser - Inferno/Bloodline
Hellraiser - Inferno/Bloodline
Actors: Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas, Doug Bradley, Craig Sheffer, Nicholas Turturro
Directors: Alan Smithee, Joe Chappelle, Kevin Yagher, Scott Derrickson
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
R     2002     3hr 4min

Hellraiser: Bloodline - DVD-Pinhead is back -- and this time, he's out for more blood -- in the fourth and most terrifying chapter of the wildly popular HELLRAISER series! Spanning three generations, this horrifying story ...  more »


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Actors: Bruce Ramsay, Valentina Vargas, Doug Bradley, Craig Sheffer, Nicholas Turturro
Directors: Alan Smithee, Joe Chappelle, Kevin Yagher, Scott Derrickson
Creators: Scott Derrickson, Clive Barker, Paul Harris Boardman, Peter Atkins
Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Drama, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: Dimension
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 07/02/2002
Original Release Date: 03/08/1996
Theatrical Release Date: 03/08/1996
Release Year: 2002
Run Time: 3hr 4min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Sylver | 09/15/2002
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Do not make the mistake that this package is a special edition of any kind - it is not, just the 2 seperate films shrinkwrapped together but at a very reasonable price. BLOODLINES watched first reminds any fan just how bad the series can be and not just due to editing (or butchering depending on your point of view!). That this film in a way ends the Hellraiser mythos you would at least hope they could go out in style. You'd be wrong - a dull rushed ending ruins what should and could have been an epic confrontation and what we're left with is a feeling of seen it all before (Aliens anyone?). The final scene for one major character is totally pathetic but to reveal more would ruin it for those of you who HAVE to see this just because you love Hellraiser. To sum up a film strangely lacking in gore with a plot that reeks of made for television. In fact I cannot think of a film I'd rather not see at the cinema. You may be wondering why I gave this package 3 stars but thats mainly down to INFERNO - a superb movie and even more so when compared to the film its twinned with. Craig Sheffer plays the anti hero to perfection and even with so many dark traits is still a character you can't help but like. Many have complained that this movie has little to do with Hellraiser and yes, Pinhead isn't in it much but to be honest it is a better movie for that fact. Hellraiser 2 and 3 were ruined by overusing the character and a step back was needed otherwise we'd have another comedy villian on our hands a la krueger, Myers etc. This film is easily the best since the first if not better in some ways and unlike the other movies this one does not end happily or leave itself open to a sequel. And yet the poetic finale is beautifully done and I couldn't shake the feeling that for once a Hellraiser sequel could be consistently good throughout the course of the movie. So one very bad movie and one exceptionally good one - lets just hope they hit the ground running with HELLRAISER - HELLSEEKER and try for another INFERNO not another BLOODLINES."
Jeffrey Leach | Omaha, NE USA | 06/20/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The Hellraiser franchise holds a special place in my heart. I will never forget the first time I saw the opening chapter in the series of films inspired by Clive Barker's nightmarish visions. Watching the original "Hellraiser" now is a mixed bag-some of those special effects look a bit hokey, but others still come across as chillingly effective. Who can forget the glistening visage of Uncle Frank? The lascivious Julia? Or the first appearance of the ominous and verbose Pinhead? The second installment improved on the first, as the film whisked the viewer away to the abode of Pinhead and the Cenobites. A gruesome, perverse picture, "Hellbound: Hellraiser 2" raised the expectations about future entries to a fever pitch. Up next came "Hellraiser 3," a personal favorite of mine even though legions of fans have subsequently disowned it. The series moved into the latter stages of its life from this point forward, taking bold steps in an attempt to expand far beyond what viewers had come to expect. The series continues today with at least two further sequels in the works. Will they find an audience or will the new arrivals fall flat on their faces? Fans will probably grumble even as they queue up to watch."Hellraiser: Bloodline" took the risky step of moving the storyline into space, a cringe inducing idea at first until you actually watch the movie. Who can forget the nightmare that was "Leprechaun 4"? Fortunately, only certain segments take place on a spaceship. The majority of the film heads back to the past to explain the origins of the Lament Configuration, that dreaded box which hundreds of seekers have opened only to find the Cenobites waiting for them. Dr. Paul Merchant (Bruce Ramsey) locked himself away on the spaceship because he wants to destroy this infernal device once and for all. A group of marines arrives on the ship to take the "mad" doctor into custody. During his detainment he tells a dark story about his family's history, about how his ancestor Phillipe Merchant designed the box in the eighteenth century for a decadent French nobleman who wished to plumb the dark depths. The box does its job, horribly so, conjuring up a demon named Angelique (Valentina Vargas) who promptly carves up people left and right. Unfortunately for Merchant, the box somehow curses his bloodline. Every one of his descendants will suffer because of the Lament Configuration. Watch the hijinks unfold!"Inferno" is a cracking good tale about a cop, Detective Joseph Thorne (Craig Sheffer), and his descent into madness. While investigating a horrendous crime scene at the house of a man Thorne knew in high school, the cop discovers the Lament Configuration and wonders what it is. He also finds a finger left behind by someone called the Engineer. Then we learn more about Joseph. Although married to a beautiful woman who bore him a delightful child, Thorne spends most of his time away from the house shaking down criminals, using narcotics, and taking free favors from women of the night. His partner Tony Nenonen (Nicholas Turturro) has no idea what his partner is up to, which suits Thorne just fine. In fact, no one knows what this corrupt cop is doing except the people he leans on for personal gain when he should bring them up on charges. When Thorne heads to a local hotel with a woman who is not his wife, he inadvertently opens the box. What follows is at times confusing and gory, but it is easy to forget one simple thing in the unfolding madness: Thorne did open the Lament Configuration. Again, remember that Thorne DID open the Lament Configuration. Keeping this fact in the forefront of your memory will help you follow the story."Hellraiser: Bloodline" is an uneven film anyway you slice it. Director Kevin Yagher withdrew from the production after his studio heavily interfered in the project. Thus, the film carries the dreaded "Alan Smithee" label, a moniker all too familiar to moviegoers in the know. The result of this turmoil behind the scenes set the movie adrift, so someone decided to just slap the whole thing together and dump the final result in the video stores. That's a real shame as "Bloodlines" has at its center an interesting premise for fans of the series: how the box came about and how it was first used to conjure up evil. With "Inferno," certain fans continue to lament the decline of the series. Barker was long gone by the time "Inferno" hit video store shelves, but that doesn't mean we can't find something to like here. Sure, the movie confuses until you hear Pinhead wax on the morality of man as he shows Thorne just what his destiny has become. But the new Cenobites were appropriately grotesque, the special effects looked good, and even the acting is an improvement over many movies in the series. Can any viewer convince himself or herself for a second that most of the performances in the first two films were anything other than complete drivel? Heck no! I've seen better acting in a kindergarten play than I did in the first few films. Here, Sheffer does an acceptable turn as the corrupt Joseph, as does Turturro in the role of concerned partner Nenonen. Doug Bradley is as fantastic as ever as Pinhead even though the script dramatically reduced his role to a walk on part."Bloodline" and "Inferno" are good additions to your DVD collection. As for the extras on the discs, "Bloodline" contains a trailer for "Children of the Corn 666" and not much else. "Inferno" has more extras, including a short special effects video about the Lament Configuration and an interview with Doug Bradley. Ultimately, I thought "Inferno" vastly superior to its predecessor, but both films entertain adequately enough. Give 'em a chance."
Jeffrey Leach | 07/16/2002
(3 out of 5 stars)

"this is a great bargain if you need the two movies to complete your collection. there is only one bad point though, they only come shrinkwrapped together. shame they dont come in a slipcase or something. anyway, these are the two least popular of the Hellraiser movies, but even so, they are still well made and most entertainingthey are both my favourites :O)"