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Kill Switch (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo)
Kill Switch
Blu-Ray & DVD Combo
Actors: Steven Seagal, Jerry Rector, Isaac Hayes, Mark Collie, Chris Thomas King
Director: Robert Rundle;Jeff F. King
Genres: Action & Adventure
R     2010     1hr 36min

Detective Jacob King (Steven Seagal) is one of the most celebrated homicide detectives in the country. His brutal delivery of street justice is legendary among the men and women of law enforcement. But on this latest case,...  more »


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Actors: Steven Seagal, Jerry Rector, Isaac Hayes, Mark Collie, Chris Thomas King
Director: Robert Rundle;Jeff F. King
Genres: Action & Adventure
Sub-Genres: Crime, Steven Seagal
Studio: First Look Pictures
Format: Blu-ray - Color - Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 06/29/2010
Original Release Date: 01/01/2008
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2008
Release Year: 2010
Run Time: 1hr 36min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 4
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Collector's Edition
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English
Subtitles: Spanish
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Member Movie Reviews

Reviewed on 9/30/2020...
Really unique fight and action scenes by Steven Segal that takes you back to what makes him great. The rest of the movie deserved a 120X fast forward but don't miss any of the hillbilly fight scenes.

Movie Reviews

If high cholesterol can't stop Seagal, 2 serial killers don'
Sid the Elf | North Pole | 10/24/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"We believe October is the time to get in as many horror films as possible. As the weather cools down and jack-o-laterns burn on peoples doorsteps there really is no better way to go. However there are times when you must make an exception, especially when you see an increasingly obese Seagal starring in a new realease. It's just a no brainer. In fact we were just having a discusion in hopes Seagal would come out with a new flick and within a week Kill Switch appeared. Judging by the 5 stars you may think "Has Seagal finally turned his career back on track?" Well the answer is no. He's still pumping out horrible films, but this one was so hilarious it could't recieve anything thing less then 5. The lines were tougher then ever, the dialogue more confusing then ever, and Seagal was fatter then ever. This is the only way we would break up the October horror fest for an action feature.

This one starts with a flashback of two twins playing hide and seek at a brithday party while some freak hiding out in the woods watches. This guys looks like he stepped off the set of To Catch a Predator and is on the run from Chris Hansen and the cop dressed up like swamp thing. He eventually catches one of the twins and kills him while the other one watches. Now fast forward to current day where you learn the living twin is Seagal who still struggles with the murder by drowning himself in Jim Beam. He plays nation feared homocide detective Jacob Stillwell who is well known for his strong arm tactics, even if all his fights scenes are done by a stunt double. The first taste we get of his toughness is when he's called into a situation where killer Billy Joel Hill has stiched a bomb to a womans chest with about 2 minutes remaining before she explodes. Stillwell evaluates the issue and decides he must difuse the bomb by beating the tar out of Billy until he tells which wire to cut. He bursts into a hotel room where Billy awaits and they start to rumble. This fight scene is so funny. Seagal is throwing this guy into every wall of the room and then allows his stunt double to do all the intense brawling. Never before has a double been so obvious in a film. As stillwell rains down blows upon him he finally gets Billy to tell him which wire. Once the wire is clipped there is only 1 second left despite the fight scene lasted for about 5 minutes. To seal the scene Stillwell kicks the killer out of a four story window where he lands on his face, yet survives. Hey it's a Seagal film so anything can happen.

After a long day Stillwell heads home where his cop partner/love interest awaits looking to get it on only to get shut down (Yeah thats realistic). He needs to continue his work to find a killer known as Lazereus and heds down to the morgue to meet up with his coroner buddy Issac Hayes. We can only hope this wasn't Issacs last performance. Once at the morgue another body turns up appearing to be a victim of Lazereus. As Stillwell and Issac Hayes try to crack the case we noticed a microphone hanging down in plain view. One of the best moments in the movie. It was in 2 shots then disappeared in the third so we knew it was a complete mistake. Big star for the editor on this one. As Stilwell and his partner continue on they get hot on the trail of Lazereus but he continues to get away and the bodies continue to pile up. While he gathers clues to stop the next murder he finds out Billy got released which bring him one step closer to his massive heart attack. Finally he cathces Lazereus in a bar and gives him the beat down of a life time sending him to prison. Once he heads home he sees his lover dead from stab wounds by the hands of Billy. As he turns to hit the door Billy jumps at him for round 2. But it's a Seagal flick so you know what happens. He rips the guy to shreds then kills him leaving a note behind saying he was done. Seems he made peace with his inner demons and will retire to only get even bigger.

Kill Switch has recieved awful reviews but we just loved it. It wasn't good by any normal movie sense but from a b standpoint it was pure genius. The fight scenes were the funniest we've seen from Seagal in a while. It seems like the stunt double is in the film as much as he is. For anyone who wants to sit back with some friends, a couple pizzas, a gang of brews, and laugh all night then this one's your vehicle baby. It'll take you anywhere you want to go."
Mark Turner | 10/15/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"The career of action film star Steven Seagal has had enough ups and downs to appear like a rollercoaster ride in one of any hundred theme parks across the country. Beginning in 1988 with ABOVE THE LAW, Seagal burst upon the scene as a martial arts master in a film that featured plot, good acting and enough action that involved non-hand to hand combat to keep audiences screaming for more.

With each new film, Seagal developed more mystery about his personal life, played roles that were a little deeper and eventually was able to parlay his clout to make films that followed items dear to his heart. Unfortunately the more he did so, the smaller the crowds to his films.

In recent years Seagal's films have taken on that dreaded identity of direct to DVD features, movies that play in either no theater or limited run. This doesn't mean that the quality is lacking all the time, just that the studio behind it has less faith in the films than Seagal does. So he has kept making them knowing fans would show.

Fans support him enough that a book has recently been released, SEAGALOGY: A STUDY OF THE A** KICKING FILMS OF STEVEN SEAGAL by Vern, a contributing writer for the ain't it cool news web site. The book covers Seagal's films from beginning to end. But I'm not sure that it included the newest release, KILL SWITCH.

Seagal plays Jacob King, a detective working in Memphis, TN, and hot on the trail of a serial killer. The film opens on a case where a psycho has implanted C4 explosives in a young woman's chest with a timer set to go off in minutes. Confronting the killer, King beats a confession out of him in time to save the girl while inflicting enough damage to require medical support for said killer.

The scene moves to another serial killer on the lose, this one having wracked up 4 bodies to date with one on the way. Using astrological signs and leaving clues to what he is up to, including a coded cipher, King attempts to figure out his prey and take him off the street.

Due to his handling of the last killer though, King now has an FBI agent hot on his tail, Agent Frankie Miller (Holly Dignard). Suspicious of King, raw to the ways of the street, she finds herself at odds with him non-stop. While commanded to co-operate, King does his best to find the killer at the cost of relations with the FBI.

The clues mount up as does the body count. And when the first killer is released due to the coercive tactics of King, he ends up dealing with both killers before the films end.

The movie offers a decent plotline, written by Seagal himself. The action sequences fluctuate between dynamic and lame. Seagal is best when he does all of the work himself, including stunts. Fight sequences where an obvious stand in takes his place seem weak while the scenes with Seagal facing the camera and doing the moves he's made famous bring a reality to it. One has to wonder why this is. With the abilities there, why resort to unfit replicas?

One of the bad things involving the fight sequences is the use of what seems to be hiccup cutting of scenes. The same shots pushed back to immediate back, fast cuts of repeated blows and a close up shooting of intimate fight scenes that were my biggest complaint in the mega hit BOURNE films. Back off and let us see the action!

Seagal's acting has been worse and better. He coasts along easily as King, using a Cajun style twang to make him seem different than usual. And King's secret past leads one to suspect that perhaps he isn't who he seems.

The other actors range from an even keel to some of the worst one line roles seen. Unconvincing would be the nicest way to put it. But all in all this movie is not the terrible film that some seem to think. And if you're a Seagal fan, you should be pleased.

A hot time in Memphis with Stevie . . .
trebe | 11/11/2009
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Kill Switch (2008) is a gritty and edgy thriller set in Memphis, featuring Steven Seagal as Jacob King, a police detective on the trail of a pair of psychotic killers. Bille Joe Hill (Mark Collie) is a sadistic nutcase who enjoys using a knife. Lazereus (Michael Filipowich), is deeply into astrology, the occult, and heavy metal. Hidden in the shadows, driven to kill by inner demons, he is the serial killer known as 'the Grifter'. With FBI agent Frankie Miller (Holly Dignard) poking around, King has his hands full. In one of his last film appearances, the late Isaac Hayes adds some class and humor, as an overtaxed coroner.

Seagal's films are often the subject of harsh criticism, and while Jeff King directs, Seagal can be held to account more than usual, as he did write the screenplay. The film moves along pretty well, but there are some problems with the fight scenes. Some of the action sequences may produce dizziness or eye strain, due to the frequent use of a technique where the same event is shown several times. This repeat view technique, combined with the usual quick cutting, use of doubles, insertion of Seagal's face, and changing of speeds, leads to some disjointed looking scenes. One fight in a bar seems to go on forever. This is followed by an extended, poorly executed gunfight in the street. Things like this, detracts from the general enjoyment of the film.

Besides agent Miller, Seagal has written in a number of females for his character to interact with. Karyn Michelle Baltzer is Celine, a police officer whose role in King's life is not spelled out, though she is often in King's home wearing a robe. Daniella Evangelista is a lovely barmaid, who somehow winds up pinned to a door. Exotic Anna Mae Routledge, plays a librarian who crosses paths with Hill, and meets an unknown fate. And Andrea Stefancikova makes a brief but revealing appearance as King's better half.

Kill Switch has a dark and heavy atmosphere. Seagal's screenplay has a hard edge, with lots of brutality, including the hammering and breaking of bones, surging arterial flow, psychotic killers, and a number of women getting slashed. With King actually doing some half decent detective work, and a pretty good cast, this is probably one of Seagal's better direct to video projects."