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Lions Gate Too Smooth [dvd]
Lions Gate Too Smooth
Genres: Comedy

Fast talking screenwriter dannys mouth has always been his biggest asset but not its his biggest liability. After meeting corey the girl of his dreams he still cant shake his penchant for lying. When ex-girlfriend renee be...  more »


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Genres: Comedy
Sub-Genres: Comedy
Studio: Lions Gate
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English
Subtitles: Spanish

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Movie Reviews

Too Smooth... More Like Too Choppy
Valjean | 01/15/2002
(2 out of 5 stars)

"With a good cast and quirky characters, this movie lacked something in the substance. The characters were a little over done (a.k.a. Disney film) and the story line lacked any substance. It was pretty predictable and I think Ms. Campbell's talents were wasted on this character. If you want to watch a movie just to while away an hour and a half - go rent it at the video store. Definitely not an addition to anyone's collection of "I bought this movie because I want to see it again and again.""
Yeah, The Aunt Edna's Dead Line always Bags'em
Valjean | Salem, Ma United States | 07/31/2004
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Too Smooth is a story about some pathetic loser writer-actor wannabe, Danny who has a reputation for using chicks; but genuinely falls deeply in love (at first sight of course!) with a beautiful aspiring actress (how original). Several people in the movie, including Danny's highschool ex-girlfriend (Neve), and the actress's male best-friend, are poised to dissuade the actress from pursuing a relationship with Danny.

Call me old-fashioned, but while I normally like romantic comedies, I think that they should have at least a likeable protagonist. None of the characters in Too Smooth are likeable at all, in fact, they're almost all downright detestable. For example, in order to coax the new love of his life into sleeping with him, Danny (our protagonist) conjures up a story about his dying Aunt Edna (...ummm...hey kiddies, try this approach with your works much better than honestly telling her you love her...hahaha!!!). Hey, he's just sooo smooth and clever to boot! Of course, to show her heartfelt sympathy and help Danny get over his time of mourning, our heroine sleeps with him (True romance at it's finest!).

Later, in order to exact revenge for getting dumped by Danny in highschool, Neve's character tells our heroine that Danny uses that story on a bunch of different people. I suppose then the viewer is supposed to feel sorry for the Noxema girl because she's comprimised her chastity and has been a helpless, naive victim of the treacherous "Aunt Edna Scam". Of course, if it were not for Danny's slick "dying Aunt Edna ploy", I suppose she wouldn't have consented to this. Poor girl!

But, when she confronts Danny about this, he says he's sorry and tries to win her back. How? Does he serenade her or send her roses, you ask? Does he show up in disguise everywhere she goes like Nicholas Cage a la Valley Girl? How does Mr. Too Smooth handle the situation? Well, check this out: he calls her about 25 times a day to win her back. How thoughtful and creative of the screenwriters!!!

But, does, Danny have any redeeming qualities? Further subplots reveal that this character is untalented as an actor and is relegated to minor roles. He is unmotivated as a script-writer, relying on others to do his work for him. He is an insensitive friend who gets his own friends fired from thier jobs. And finally, the buffoon is so self-centered that he doesn't even realize that his best pal (Peter) is showing suicidal tendencies.

Any other redeeming traits?, you ask. Is he even handsome? Well, on a scale of 1-10, with Chris Farley's rotting corpse being a "0" and Ewan MacGregor being a "10", the guy is about a "2". Whoever wrote this script must have the artistic creativity of a 4th grader. Of course, Danny gets the girl in the end because he says he's sorry. This will not make you like his character any more, but probably make you have even less respect from the female lead. Too smooth, no, too stupid!

I feel sorry for Rebecca Gayheart taking this script, as she is quite talented when given a good role. Shame on her agent.
A Hair Shirt by any other name still smells like crap...
Digital Hit Entertainment | Toronto, Canada | 04/15/2001
(1 out of 5 stars)

"We covered the premiere of Too Smooth (then called Hair Shirt) when it premiered at the 1998 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was almost unwatchable then and age has just made it more moldy. It's easy to see why it took three years and a name change to get a distributor...for a straight to video release. As we said three years ago:You would think that Neve would use a small role in a self-produced flick to try new things. Only Neve doesn't have new things. The film only goes to show that right now Neve has a pretty limited acting range. That annoying squint and giggle thing that she seems to do in all of her films. There's a million other more deserving flicks to buy on Amazon."
A Tad Dissapointed
Matthew C. Russoniello | Spokane, WA United States | 03/08/2001
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I am a huge Neve Campbell fan and had been waiting for a new movie to come out with her as a star. This title may not seem familiar to any one (including Neve Campbell fans) because it was formerly titled HAIRSHIRT. I had been waiting to see this for over a year. That said, I saw it in the video store and immediately grabbed it. Neve Campbell was the first name on the case so I assumed, naturally, she would star. Unfortunetly that is not true. She has a rather small part, but she looks damn good through it. The movie itself, is about this guy, who is used to lying, cheating, basically doing whatever he needs to to get laid. He moves to LA, and becomes roomates with a freaky deaky roomate guy who just happens to be best friends with, like, the most beautiful girl ever! He falls head over heels in love with her, but because he is so used to scamming, the relashionship starts out on a lie. This is a pretty funny movie that, even if it doesn't make you laugh out loud the entire time, it will make you feel good. Neve Campbell is especially great (even though she is in too small a role) as an ex "victim" of his, turned super Hollywood star (her laugh alone makes this a funny movie). So, if you are looking for a funny, light hearted movie, pick this up. But dont be expecting too much Neve or it wont be as good."