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New York Minute (Mini-DVD)
New York Minute
Actors: Conrad Bergschneider, Dominic Cuzzocrea, Mary Bond Davis, Kathleen Laskey, Andrea Martin
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Kids & Family
PG     2005     1hr 31min

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Actors: Conrad Bergschneider, Dominic Cuzzocrea, Mary Bond Davis, Kathleen Laskey, Andrea Martin
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Kids & Family
Sub-Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, All Titles, Feature Movies
Studio: Warner Home Video
Format: DVD - Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 04/26/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 1hr 31min
Screens: Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Languages: English
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Movie Reviews

This one's for the fans....
MollyRK | Chicago | 07/06/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you are not a true, long-time fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, you really don't have any reason to watch this movie. "New York Minute" is for those who have grown up alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley and will enjoy seeing them in a movie that, yes, illustrates how much they have grown over the years. Anyone else will laugh, sneer, and tear it to shreds, but fans will respect it for what it is: a fun, lighthearted comedy. Personally, I went to see it the day it was released, and I loved it. I think a lot of people just looked at how highly publicized this film was and expected it to be something off the charts--the Olsen twins' explosion into theatrical production and adulthood. I'll admit that when I saw how much it was being promoted and how much time and work the Olsens were putting into it, I thought it was going to be a very successful film with a high public response. While it wasn't anything like that, it certainly showed a nice amount of improvements from the girls; it was a good plot, impressive acting, and highly entertaining. Compare this with some of their home videos like "Getting There" and "When In Rome," and you just might appreciate this movie a little more. I think Mary-Kate and Ashley did a great job; they showed their potential for comedy and proved that once they take the spotlight off them a little bit and focus more on the other aspects of the story, their film is greatly strengthened. It's a real shame that "New York Minutes" fared so poorly at the box office; I imagine it was a real blow for the girls, but they'll get through it. They'll move on. Their 1995 feature film "It Takes Two" didn't do so hot either (only pulled in about $20 million), but the VHS and DVD releases sold very well; I have a feeling that the same thing will happen once this film comes to DVD in August. It is exactly the kind of film in which only the real fan can witness the evolution and the maturity in these girls. Yes, they have grown up a lot and have great things ahead of them, but for someone who despises them you're best off staying away from this movie...we all know what you think. Let the loyal followers of Mary-Kate and Ashley watch the movie and give their opinion; they're the best ones to comment because they'll give the twins the fairest shake for their efforts and everything they put into this movie.Again, I liked it a lot...I thought it was funny and enjoyable, with a far better plot and acting job from the Olsens than I have ever seen before from them. Look for these things instead of the Oscar-worthy material that the girls weren't even going for in the first place, and you just might be surprised."
John Wiley | not so far away | 05/09/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"New York Minute marks the return of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to the big screen after many years of absence. I was a little hesitant to see this movie. While most of their videos in their straight to DVD series have been entertaining they haven't been that great. But I do enjoy the girls, and I was curious so I went. Well folks, I was very very surprised at how funny this movie was. The basic plot revolves around Roxy and Jane Ryan - twin sisters that have grown apart since the death of their mother. Through a series of often funny events they are forced to spend the day together. We join them on a journey to get Roxy to a Simple Plan video shoot and Jane to her speech for college at Oxford. Through the day they meet Chinese "mobsters" (Andy Richter - so funny), a man they insist on terrorizing, a dog that eats a chip, and of course the cute boys.The dialogue is funny and fast paced, keeping the movie moving forward and not giving the audience a chance to get bored. Adding to the enjoyablity of the movie is the fact that the girls are becoming very talented actresses - they deliver the lines perfectly. There is a scene where the girls confront each other about their issues with each other. In my opinion, they are great in this scene. I believed they didn't like each other much at that moment (...maybe they were fighting that day and they weren't acting =0) - we'll just forget that the scene felt a little forced to make the movie more than just a silly comedy and to give it another dimension.I also have to mention the direction. It was fun and fast paced. It worked very well for the movie. I went into this movie expecting to chuckle a couple of times. Instead, I found myself laughing out loud for nearly the entire thing. It is seriously one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. This is one movie I would urge you to see. I know I'll be buying it when it comes out on video."
I could not help myself from enjoying this movie - a total s
Darren Harrison | Washington D.C. | 05/21/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Something must have appealed to me about NEW YORK MINUTE for me to add it to my TiVo list. As someone who managed to miss all of the previous efforts by the twins it wasn't an attempt to capture any nostaligic feeling. It wasn't also based on anything related to the story - teens get mixed up in series of mishaps in big city has been done many times before, such as Elizabeth Shue's ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING. You know what I think it was, most possibly a clip of two totally hot looking blonde actresses (let's face it they are) and the chemistry and comic timing they seem to have together.
No, high-class art NEW YORK MINUTE is not. It's not the funniest movie out either. But what is lacks in what some perceive as it flaws it makes up for with good natured fun. Yes, this is a fun movie. It's fun to see the two go from one misadventure to another initially with a mutual contempt that becomes a realization on the importance of family and family ties.
The movie features Jane Ryan (Ashley Olsen), a straight-A uptight Long island high school student who organizes her entire life around her day planner. She's driven and ambitious and determined to win a scholarship to go study at Oxford in England. She has her speech/pitch ready to be delivered in New York and seems as preapred as anyone could be. But fate has a cruel twist in store for her. Enter her sister Roxy (played by Mary-Kate Olsen), she's about as different from Jane as possible. Roxy is with a rock-band and acts with spontaneity that Jane would find scary. She also has made a habit of playing truant, something that has brought her to the attantion of Nassau Co. truancy officer Max Lomax (played by comic genius Eugene Levy.)
Roxy is tasked with getting her sister to the train station, but she has her own plans for the big city, determined to deliver some demo tapes to record producers on hand for the videotaping of a new rock video. So, the two head for the big city with the bumbling Lomax in hot pursuit. Through some crazy machinations they become entangled up with some music and video pirates (including the hilarious Andy Richter as a goon who thinks he is Chinese) and the son of a U.S. Senator (and her dog) and are soon running through the streets of New York City in little more than bath towels.
I've read a lot of reviewers on her dissing the acting of Ashley and Mary-Kate. Well, it's true that they are not going to be winning any Oscars for their roles here, but they deliver their performances with an infectious enthusiasm that had be lapping up every minute of the movie. I enjoyed it, I simply could not help myself.
This movie comes recommended, and I really didn't think it would be. I surprised myself by enjoying every zany moment of it. And those girls are too cute!"
I loved NYM!
Darren Harrison | 07/09/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I am a huge fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, so naturally I saw the movie at the first showing on the first day it came out. I think they did very well. Me, 12 yrs old, my two friends 13 yrs old, and my mom all loved it. It was humorous, and not too grown-up. We heard younger girls in the theatre leaving afterwards talking about how great it was. I think the plot was good and it was just fun to watch their unique personalities differ and then them become friends in the end. It was touching and inspires girls like me to connect with their family."