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Rambo (Animated Series), Volume 6 - Face of Freedom
Rambo Volume 6 - Face of Freedom
Animated Series
Actor: Neil Ross
Genres: Kids & Family, Television, Animation
NR     2005     5hr 0min

Face of Freedom ? 11 Episodes including Blind Luck, Blockbuster, Change of Face, Freedom Dancer, General Warhawk's Curse, Just Say No, Mind Control, Mirage, Quarterback Sneak, and Twin Within


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Actor: Neil Ross
Genres: Kids & Family, Television, Animation
Sub-Genres: Animation, Television, Animation
Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Animated
DVD Release Date: 12/13/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 5hr 0min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

When the world's in trouble there's only one man to call:Ram
David FERNANDEZ SABIO | Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid Spain | 12/29/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Rambo and the Force of Freedom fights against the S.A.V.A.G.E. evil forces led by General Warhawk and his hechmen who tries to impose their will and control different countries in the world.

The Pentagon has Colonel Samuel Trautman and the Force of Freedom in charge of dealing with all situations that compromizes the world's peace.

Expert mechanic Turbo,master of disguise Kat and ninja White Dragon helps Rambo on his tasks against Sgt. Havoc and an all sort of villanins and mercenaries.

I used to watch this when I was a kid and I like it.Graphic violence is show but noone is hurt(audiencies are 5 and up).

Overall a great entertainment.

"Give the man a Kewpie doll!"
iansomniak | USA, Planet Earth | 08/18/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"You've gotta hand it to Lions Gate; they may not be much for continuity, but they got all 65 action-filled episodes of this underappreciated classic series onto DVDs in a remarkably short time, and at a very affordable price. The final jumble includes episode numbers 55, 46, 64, 33, 9, 58, 38, 54, 60, 62, and 4 (the elusive `Raise the Yamato,' which was supposed to have been on Volume 1). This disc is jam-packed with ruthless biker thugs, sneaky black-suited ninjas, and unstoppable humanoid robots! They've even thrown in a flying tank for good measure!
The first story, `Blind Luck,' begins with a massive battle over the Mediterranean Sea between the entire Force of Freedom and the whole S.A.V.A.G.E. gang. Rambo dukes it out with Max the android while shouting, "I'm gonna turn you into toaster parts!" There's no toast to be had, though, as Rambo takes a blow to the head and loses his eyesight! He ends up hiding behind a couch at the School for the Blind while Mad Dog tosses grenades at him. "They'll be cleaning you up with a SPOON, man," warns the mohawk-headed miscreant. Of course, Rambo escapes with his life, as usual, and no spoons are required.
Episode 46 again features the ill-tempered Mad Dog and his motorcycling henchmen, and includes a surprise guest appearance by TD Jackson's grandparents. The first act goes something like this:

Mad Dog and four of his entourage race along a city highway on their black Strike Cycles...
MAD DOG: "Hey gang, there's a tollbooth ahead!"
ANIMAL (in singsong): "I ain't payin' no to-oll!"
MAD DOG: "Then GO for it, Animal!"
Animal speeds up and heads for the first toll booth.
TOLL COLLECTOR A: "Those bikers aren't slowin' down."
Animal crashes right through the booth's wooden stop arm!
MAD DOG: "You're my kinda guy, Animal!"
Mad Dog smashes through the next booth's stop arm.
TOLL COLLECTOR B (shaking his fist in the air): "What're you? CRAZY?!"
MAD DOG (waving goodbye): "See ya later, SUCKER!"
Two officers sitting in a nearby police car witness the commotion.
COP A: "Looks like our coffee break is over."
COP B: "Come on, let's get `em!"
ANIMAL (pointing over his shoulder with his thumb): "Here comes the fuzz, Mad Dog."
MAD DOG: "Ditch `em!"
The bikers turn a corner and head down an alley with no outlet.
COP A: "We got `em now. It's a dead end."
ANIMAL: "Whatta we do now, Mad Dog?"
MAD DOG: "We FLY! Follow me, boys!"
All five bikers, led by Mad Dog, zoom up a conveniently-placed wooden ramp and sail over a concrete wall.
COP B: "I see it but I don't believe it."
The police car swerves at the bottom of the ramp and topples over onto its side. The two officers open the driver's side door and emerge, apparently unscathed.
COP B: "Guess this isn't our day."
The next scene opens on a neighborhood street, littered with debris. Mad Dog's gang is holding an elderly couple at gunpoint.
UNNAMED GANGMEMBER: "Do what we say and nobody'll get hurt."
TD's GRANDMA: "What do you hoodlums want?"
ANIMAL: "That's for us to know, and for you to find out!"
A china cabinet is thrown out of a second-story window. It crashes noisily to the street below and countless shards of broken dishes scatter everywhere.
TD's GRANDMA: "Oh NO! All my lovely china!"
TD's GRANDPA (comforting his wife): "You bullies won't get away with this!"
MAD DOG: "This is just a taste of what'll happen if ya don't move out!"
TD's GRANDMA (burying her face in her hands): "But this is our home! We have nowhere else to go!"
MAD DOG (clutching a large whip): "Well that's YOUR problem, OLD BAG! Just be outta yer houses by tonight, or we'll BURN you out! And that would sure be fun! Heh haa haa haa haa!"

Is that great dialogue or what! It gets even better later on, when Rambo confronts Gripper as the claw-handed criminal is unloading a sack of soil from a tunnel dig. "It's hard to tell which one's the dirt bag," says Rambo. Gripper, as you might imagine, is not amused.
As Volume 6 progresses, you'll see the Force of Freedom's anti-drug public service announcement, `Just Say No.' In this very serious 58th installment of the series, Rambo's godson, Johnny, nearly dies from an overdose of crack. Our hero's quest to track down the drug pushers who got Johnny hooked leads him up a collapsing spiral staircase, and straight to--you guessed it--the ubiquitous General Warhawk. Like Rambo says, "Even for S.A.V.A.G.E., this is a NEW LOW." In episode 54, `Mirage,' you'll see Rambo utter a few words without even moving his lips! And as if that's not amazing enough, you'll see him scare off a man-eating tiger simply by telling it to "scat!" During `The Twin Within,' you'll notice that Mad Dog now only has one tooth! `Guess he forgot to pay his dental bill.
The disc closes with the long-awaited `Raise the Yamato,' which showcases a thrilling gunboat battle at sea reminiscent of the well-known XBOX game, Blood Wake. The whole thing ends with a depressing "TO BE CONTINUED" message. That's because `Raise the Yamato' is actually the fourth part of the original five-part adventure that introduced Rambo and the Force of Freedom to action-loving television audiences in the spring of 1986. If you want the other four segments, you'll have to buy the previous volumes in Lions Gate's Rambo collection--and you won't regret your purchase. These DVDs are certain to blow you right outta your socks!

In closing, here are Rambo's Words of Wisdom from Volume 6:
"I never count on miracles, General. I prefer to make my OWN luck."
"Sometimes ya gotta think with your heart"
"White horses don't have black roots on their tails."
"I believe in givin' the other guy a fighting chance."
"I know General Warhawk; he never operates without an escape route."
"ALL life is important."
"Nobody likes to blow the whistle on a friend, but sometimes ya gotta do it for their own good."
"Tell your friends they don't have to do drugs; they can just say NO."
"Bad men always [show their true colors] eventually."
"With teamwork we can do anything!""