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The Ren & Stimpy Show - Season Five and Some More of Four
The Ren Stimpy Show - Season Five and Some More of Four
Actors: John Kricfalusi, Billy West, Judy Bohannon, Stephen DeStefano, Harris Peet
Directors: Bob Camp, Arthur Filloy, Bill Wray, Chris Reccardi, Craig Bartlett
Genres: Comedy, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television, Animation
2005     6hr 30min

Join Ren and Stimpy in their bizarre and gross world that features the oddly lovable duo in some outlandish situations coupled with hilarious jokes. THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW: SEASONS FIVE & SOME MORE OF FOUR consists of amu...  more »


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Actors: John Kricfalusi, Billy West, Judy Bohannon, Stephen DeStefano, Harris Peet
Directors: Bob Camp, Arthur Filloy, Bill Wray, Chris Reccardi, Craig Bartlett
Genres: Comedy, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television, Animation
Sub-Genres: Animation, Animation, Family Films, Animation, Comedy, Animation
Studio: VH1 Television
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Animated,Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 09/20/2005
Original Release Date: 08/11/1991
Theatrical Release Date: 08/11/1991
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 6hr 30min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

The Last DVD of a Great show !
Abdulrahman K. Abdulmohsin | Kuwait city Kuwait | 08/12/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is the 3rd DVD set and the last of The Ren & Stimpy Series. it's silly and controversy..But VERY funny ( most of it ) . this last DVD has some GREAT episodes , here is the list :

season 5
Ol' Blue Nose / Stupid Sidekick Union
Space Dogged / Feud for Sale
Hair of the Cat / City Hicks
Stimpy's Pet / Ren's Brain
Bellhops / Dog Tags
I Was a Teenage Stimpy / Who's Stupid Now?
School Mates / Dinner Party
Sammy and Me / Big Flakes
Terminal Stimpy / Pen Pals
The Last Temptation of Ren / Reverend Jack Cheese
A Scooter for Yaksmas

More season 4 :
Double Header / Scotsman in Space
Pixie King / Aloha Hoek
Insomaniac Ren / My Shiny Friend
Cheese Rush Days / Weiner Barons
Galoot Wranglers / Ren Needs Help!
Superstitious Stimpy / Travelogue

of ALL Nickelodeon shows that got adult Attintion ,This is the BEST show among Spongebob Squarepants And Rocko's modern life ."
The second Games DVD is almost here.
Norman | USA | 07/24/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Here, we have the final set of R&S that covers the second half of the fourth season and the entire fifth season. The show's plug was pulled in 1995 during the fourth season, and its final run didn't manage to air until towards the end of 1996.The show never managed to end on a good note, either.

Games' second half of R&S's history was pretty much non-desireable episodes made just to keep the Nick execs happy. Not only that, its popularity was already plummeted to a mininum so small that it felt like the cat and dog duo were already forgotten. Hardcore fans would rather enjoy those early days with creator John Kricfalusi at the helm, but to them the Games history was an awful chore to watch.

However, John K. would recieve a glorious offer in 2002 by SpikeTV to come back at the helm of Ren and Stimpy with no argument or censorship whatsoever. So in 2003, new episodes were aired especially for those adult fans of the show. In fact, the words Adult Party Cartoon were added at the title screen; the original show wasn't designed for kids in the first place, so why do they even bother?
Unfortunately, only three of the nine half-hour episodes aired; the last six were pushed back on a Summer 2004 date, but never aired due to complaints on extremely risque content in one of the episodes by advertising companies, and eventually the show vanished.
History had repeated itself during Spike's history, and John K. is already fed up with TV. Then, he looked at other shows's histories-most notably from Family Guy's history-into how they recieve fans on TV and a hell of a lot more fans just by selling seasonal/chronological DVD sets and is convinced that DVD has no disregard nor restriction whatsoever.

In conclusion, John K. is producing and releasing these Games DVDs so that not only will he be able to release the Spike episodes on DVD, but will also be able to make Direct-to-DVD episodes. Now when it comes to releasing a set of non-desireable episodes, there's only one thing that counts: extras. This set will include commentaries by John K. and not only his original Spumco crew, but also a couple Games artists as well. That's right-according to an online chat at, John K. has invited two of Games's background painters Scott Willis and Bill Wray (who also directed a few Games episodes at the time)to do commentaries and asks the two some serious questions on the episodes, as well as what it was like working at Games Animation. I don't know how many they will be doing for this set, but I hope it's a large number...

Buy this set while you can. If this and the other two R&S releases don't sell well, the cat & dog would probably be lost.

The Final Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!
Michael Kerner | Brooklyn, New York U.S.A. | 09/21/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I really sometimes enjoy a great classic when it comes to animated cartoons. For greats like Ren & Stimpy, they haven't gotten the real welcome mat treatment they could've received in the process. That has been with the past releases of the Ren & Stimpy previous DVD editions of their Seasons 1 & 2, and 3 & 4 DVD packages. While they have had some moderate showcases, they just haven't been uncut like most die hard Ren & Stimpy fans wanted. Yet, with their recent comeback on the Nicktoons channel, and their status from the Spike channel a couple of years ago. There just should be more.

Ren & Stimpy Seasons Five and Some More Of Four, is a look at their final days during their Nickelodeon era. The cartoons are very, very funny, and have been remastered brilliantly. There are just so many great cartoons episodes like Superstitious Stimpy, where Ren tries getting over being jinxed over being placed under a cursed day, Space Dogged that spotlights what would ever happen if Ren & Stimpy were alive and going through a 1960's Soviet Union comsonaut program and space race, and Pen Pals showcasing Ren & Stimpy wanting to enter a maximum security prison to live in, after Ren's home is taken away by the law. While the episodes are funny and enjoyable, there really is one small disadvantage. Like the two previous DVD collections, there are some cuts to the original versions aired. Thankfully however, there aren't as many as there were in the previous editions, which is a real joy.

While it is still a shame people don't appreciate innovative animation as much as it was made years ago, Ren & Stimpy have had a cult following that has withstood the test of time. This is a must have for anybody who is new to Ren & Stimpy, and a casual favorite for die hard Ren & Stimpy fans. Oh, Joy!

Cover: B+

Price: B-

Mastering: C+

Episodes: B

Extras: C+

Overall: B 1/2-"
"Dear Moron, am having a swell time here at the insane asylu
iansomniak | USA, Planet Earth | 10/03/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Awaken, brothers of stupidity! For-tune smiles upon us! Now you can finally complete your `Ren and Stimpy Show' DVD collection and place it neatly between your collection of celebrity toupees and your collection of autographed glass coffee tables! Joy! Rapture! Sure, this set may not represent the best of the demented duo, and some of the shows might be too bizarre or too gruesome for your taste...or lack thereof...but buck up, buckaroo, `cause a bumper crop of hyjinks and hilarity can still be found growing in the fertile soil of this final extravaganza of guffaws and grotesquerie, and it's all wrapped up in a lime green box that's prettier than a jewel-encrusted Queen of England! John K, you're one of the good ones. Yes boys and girls, your innards will ache with glee as you witness Ren the Asthma Hound Chihuahua roasting fish gallstones over an open fire in `Aloha Hoek,' and hear Stimpson J. Cat reading Poe to his sleepless roommate in `Insomniac Ren.' You'll learn how to scrape pollen off of bee abdomens in `Pixie King,' and sail across a river of baked beans in a hollowed-out pig in `Weiner Barons.' `Ol' Blue Nose' will have you singing of fried eggs, stomach cramps and pocket handkerchiefs as the greatest vocalist of all time, Snotra, complains that his pasta is "not al dente enough." Then, you'll be "absotively" horrified when Stimpy uses Ren's Robert Goulet Party Wig as a coffee filter before going on strike with the `Stupid Sidekick Union,' only to be replaced, briefly, by Baboon...which prompts Ren to wonder aloud, "Who left this wildebeest carcass on my good sofa?" In `Superstitious Stimpy,' you'll come to understand why "barbequing indoors is TERRIBLE bad luck," especially on the unluckiest day of the year: Tuesday, Marge 17. `City Hicks' will have you in tears when our heroes' bountiful dust crop is ruined by rain...their dust mites drowned...their poor, poor farm choked with useless fruits and vegetables. Next, `Stimpy's Pet' will tug at your heartstrings, as that sentimental feline fool adopts an adorable abandoned circus clown..."He's all alone in the world," Stimpson cries, "with no one to shave floss his stroke his soft fur." In `Dog Tags,' Ren must prove, once and for all, that he really is a dog...rather than a mosquito or a rat-faced rodent. Pop in Disc 3, and your belly is sure to expel a benevolent call of satisfaction after you join the master of etiquette, Ren Hoek, and his loyal and repugnant houseboy, Stimpy, for a delicious feast of honey-glazed sheep livers with dusty wig stuffing. Guests at this regal `Dinner Party' include: Prince Mudskipper and his lovely wife, Gorgo; Sir Scotsman of Spain; Emperor Baboon; General Lummox; Ambassador Salesman; Sir Duke of Chicken; and the honorable Professor Fly and his lovely escort, Miss Rancid Meat. After watching `Terminal Stimpy,' you'll come to realize, as Stimpy does, that "Life is like a bowling alley: Oh, you make some strikes...if you're lucky a couple of spares...and nobody knows how to keep score...but in the end, ya gotta rent ill-fitting smelly shoes that squeak." Don't despair though, `cause Yaksmas Eve is right around the corner...the soot is falling, and the air is filled with the scent of roasted rubber band vendors. Soon, `Sammy and Me' will have you laughing your screw-on thorax off. You might even DIE laughing...but remember, "Death is life's great reward." So mount a lucky boar's head on your wall, splash on some YAK-WAVELVA, pour yourself a tall frosty glass of Dog Water, and curl up in front of your "shiny friend" for `The Ren & Stimpy Show: Season Five and Some More of Four.' `Cause classic cartoons and DVD's go together like mayonnaise and clams! Now be an imbecile and go light the furnace so I can take my bath. ...I call dibs on the shifferobe!"