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Rush Hour 3 [Blu-ray]
Rush Hour 3
Actors: Youki Kudoh, Yvan Attal, Zhang Jingchu, Jackie Chan, Tzi Ma
Director: Brett Ratner
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Mystery & Suspense
PG-13     2007     1hr 31min

When a Chinese criminal mastermind flees to Paris, there¹s only one culture-clashed, crime fighting duo for the job. Ready to raise hell in the city of lights, Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective Carter (Tucker) inst...  more »

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Actors: Youki Kudoh, Yvan Attal, Zhang Jingchu, Jackie Chan, Tzi Ma
Director: Brett Ratner
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Crime, Jackie Chan, Comedy, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: New Line
Format: Blu-ray - Color,Widescreen - Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 12/20/2007
Original Release Date: 01/01/2007
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2007
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 1hr 31min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 4
Total Copies: 5
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Languages: English
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It gets worse as the number goes up!

Movie Reviews

Reuben Roa | Murrieta, CA United States | 09/08/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have a question, why are people giving this movie bad reviews that state themselves they didnt even really like the other two movies to begin with? Im not gonna go write a review about harry potter or something I hate and trash talk it cuz my opinion is irrelevant. If you liked the other two movies then this one will not be disappointing. This movie was supposed to be a comedy with some martial arts action poured on top and thats exactly what it was. Chris Tucker was hilarious in it and if he annoys you then dont watch the movie. I was in a completley packed theater and every person was laughing so hard people were losing their breath. So obviously SOMEONE thinks Chris Tucker is funny. All the haters need to back off of this post."
No Need to Rush out and Buy it
Ravenskya | 01/04/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"I loved the first Rush Hour, and found the second to be amusing enough to purchase. This one however, just fell flat. The action scenes were not of the caliber, quality or ingenuity of the previous films, or of a standard Jackie Chan film. And as for the comedy, it really wasn't that funny. The movie felt as if large parts of the dialogue were unscripted in the hopes that Chris Tucker would "Say something funny" which never happened. Sure there were a few lines that made me smile, but nothing made me actually laugh. The plot would have been okay if it hadn't been used already in a previous Rush Hour (spoiler: bad guy is posing as a friend who sent you to get bad guy in first place) then you add in the tired old "It's his brother/sister/dad" part of the plot, which I hope was not supposed to be a twist, because I figured it out as soon as they introduced him.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it is a rehash of Rush Hour 1 without everything that made Rush Hour 1 so charming, which was watching the two of them get to know eachother. Chan takes the back seat in this picture to Tucker who, for some reason seems to be wandering blindly through the movie. The only good addition to the film was the French Cab Driver. Other than that, we just have a bunch of Tucker and Chan getting threatened, running away, getting caught, bursting into song, being attacked, chasing bad guys and bursting into song again. Which seems like the formula for most good action flicks (other than the bursting into song part) only this one just doesn't fit together as well and doesn't have the heart that the others did.

Is the movie overall terrible? No, it's okay for a Saturday afternoon on TV. I am just dissapointed by the overwhelming mediocreness of the whole film.

3 of 5 stars - It's Okay"
This partnership has finally run dry
A. Hutchinson | Bronx, USA | 08/30/2007
(2 out of 5 stars)

"This is officially the worst film out of the "Rush Hour" series, and I was sorely disappointed. I understand that these movies are not meant to be monumental in quality. That didn't stop me from enjoying "Rush Hour 1 and 2." But in this third installment, the jokes have all run dry. This sequel best showcases Chris Tucker's weaknesses as a comic actor. He is undoubtedly a very funny stand-up comic, but unfortunately even the funniest stand-up comics don't always make smooth transitions to film. The problem with putting stand-up comics in movies is they have the tendency to improvise whenever possible. The problem is that they have to improvise within the parameters of each scene. They don't possess the same freedom and imagination they have when using their material on stage. It doesn't help that a lot of Tucker's material was recycled from the previous two films. The film opens with Tucker dancing like Michael Jackson in the middle of a busy L.A. street. Why is he doing that? Because people thought it was funny when he did it in the previous two films. There's no valid reason for his character to be listening to his I-Pod, singing and dancing along, when he should be directing traffic.

Both Tucker and Jackie Chan seem to be going through the motions this time around. The chemistry is only barely there. Besides, the novelty has worn off by now. We get it. One's an Asian, by-the-numbers cop who doesn't speak much English and the other's a goofy LAPD detective who can't shut up. You can't expect to keep milking jokes out of that one premise.

There are some spectacular action sequences, but as a comedy the film doesn't quite click. The jokes in the other "Rush Hour" flicks were pretty cheap, but in this one it didn't even feel like the filmmakers and actors were trying. The plot involves the unlikely duo going to France, so naturally we're bombarded by every French stereotype imaginable. Stereotypes can definitely be funny. As I've said in previous reviews, political correctness is the enemy of comedy. But when you recycle the same tired old stereotypes we've seen billions upon billions of times, how am I supposed to laugh? When the characters get to France, they hop into a cab with a French cab driver who hates Americans....because he's French. With movies like these, why shouldn't the French hate us Americans? And of course, we're bombarded by more tired Asian stereotypes. In one incredibly lame scene, there's a Chinese character named "You" and another named "Me." Hahaha, how friggin' original! So we're treated to another tired rendition of the classic "Who's on the First" act, with Tucker asking the character, "Who are you?" "You." "What's your name?" "You." I don't think I need to go on. It was bad enough when Morris Day and Jerome tried to re-create it in "Purple Rain." We don't need to suffer through it again. I hope Abbott and Costello rise from the grave and punch Brett Ratner in the face.

On a happy note, the film did end with the song "War, What Is It Good For?" with Chan and Tucker dancing into the moonlight. That was one callback to the previous flicks that I can never get tired of.