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Saturday Night Live - The Best of Tracy Morgan
Saturday Night Live - The Best of Tracy Morgan
Actor: Tracy Morgan
Genres: Comedy, Television
UR     2004

Born and raised in New York City Tracy Morgan epitomized the bold and defiant attitude essential to being an SNL star. Bringing a sense of fearlessness to the stage Tracy was sure to make hilarious moments come alive each...  more »

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Actor: Tracy Morgan
Genres: Comedy, Television
Sub-Genres: Comedy, Comedy
Studio: Lions Gate
Format: DVD - Color - Best of,Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 09/07/2004
Release Year: 2004
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 3
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Osama Bin Laden's an Uncle Tom!
criderman | 09/08/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"OK, I know what everyone really wants to know is the contents of the disc but before I do that, I just wanted to say that this is a near perfect overview of this comedian's work on SNL--there are only two weak or filler sketches included and there is only one edited sketch, which is suprising as whoever is compiling these DVD always seems to include some kind of quick edited run through of the featured comic's sketches (Will Ferrell, anyone?) when all you want to see is the complete, original versions and if you have to compile a Vol. 2, OK then do it! I said near-perfect as it doesn't have my favorite pick of the character's appearances (i.e.: Homeless Sewer Guy and Astronaut Jones), but the ones included are pretty close in laughs and quality--again, there are two kinda dead sketches that I feel could've been replaced with something else, but I think the compilier was looking for variety at that point--anyway, here is the contents in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:
-Brian Fellows (talking parrot and tarantula)
-Brian Fellows (porcupine and pot-bellied pig--guest Matt Damon)
-Astronaut Jones (guest Britney Spears)
-Hardball (plays Harry Belafonte--with guest Sen. John McClain)
-Homeless Sewer Guy (guest Kate Hudson--this is one of the ones where I thought another could've been picked, I believe the Britney Spears one was funnier, if my memory serves)
-Astronaut Jones (guests Nelly, Garrett Moris and Brittany Murphey--again, I would've preferred the one with cast member Maya Ruldolph, when he tells her he wants to get her pregnant!)
-Dissin' Chris Gaines (with guest Garth Brooks and producer Lorne Micheals)
-Chat With Rachel and Tracy (with guest Jon Stewart)
-Weekend Update (as "Lamont" Bond)
-Weekend Update (as Maya Angelou)
-Weekend Update (as Dominican Lou talking about Sammy Sosa)
-Weekend Update (as Colin Quinn's friend Larry Smith picking the Oscars)
-Pimp Chat (I forget the guest--Vince Vaughn?)
-Shaq's Dad
-King Kong Director's Cut (guest Salma Hayek)
-The View (as Star Jones--guest Claire Danes--this is the only one drastically edited)
-Wong and Owens, ex-porn stars (guest Alec Baldwin--this was one of the weak ones)
-Barflies (that's what I call it, featuring mainly him and Maya Rudolph as drunks at a bar with a musical number--this was the other weak one)

The extras are 2 Conan O'Brien spots (haven't watched yet), 1 audition spot (OK) and 1 cut sketch (again, just OK, with guest Queen Latifah)

Before I end, I would like to add my opinion to several other reviewers' concerning the SNL DVD releases that they should make ones for the previous cast members (Belushi, Ackroyd, Radner, etc.), as well as the most popular hosts (Baldwin, Goodman)... take off that costume so I can see those giant green space -------!"
Funny, But The Other Best - Of's Are Better
Anthony Nasti | Staten Island, New York United States | 03/26/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"For someone who was on "Saturday Night Live" for seven years, the producers of "Saturday Night Live - The Best Of Tracy Morgan" certainly did an average job at best compiling his best moments. It's funny and all, but it's nowhere near as comprehensive or funny as the best - of's for say, Will Ferrell or Dana Carvey.

The dvd focuses mostly on Tracy's most popular characters, but it's obvious that the producers just decided to toss on a random sketch featuring this character rather than watching the sketches again and listening to the audience reaction and then deciding which appearance was the best. This means that while the Brian Fellow and Astronaut Jones sketches (to name a few) are funny but not necessarilly their best sketches (thogh I did laugh a lot when the porcupine wanted to show Brian Fellow his weener).

The only real laugh - out - loud sketch on the dvd is the "Hardball" bit with Tracy as Harry Belafonte. There are also a lot of moments missing. For example, during his early years, he did a very funny Mike Tyson impression that I thought was hysterical. But it's not included. Also, in his last season, he often did an Al Sharpton bit on "Hardball" that was very funny. But again, it's been excluded. But the most glaring omission of all is what has been judged as Tracy's breakthrough sketch. How the heck could they leave off the "Behind The Music" sketch with Fat Albert". That's like leaving "Wayne's World" off "The Best Of Mike Myers"!

What's sad about this dvd is that Tracy is really a hilarious talent. I watched the Conan O'Brian interviews and he's very funny. Unfortunately, this dvd does not do him justice. I hope that they will release a volume 2 of his best work.

The Best of all The Best
Mr Good | Bremerton, WA | 12/05/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Tracy Morgans best of SNL is one of the best. I dont know what these other cornballs are talking about. PULL THE STICK OUT!!! My favorite sketch was with him and Shaq. The one where he play Bernards(Shaq) father, and tries spanking him and yell at him even though he's like 2 feet taller than his dad. Shaq being Shaq has a hard time keeping from cracking up. I like the sketch with him and Vince Vaughn, playing the pimps. Astronaut Jones, Woodrow- that was really funny, too! I like him and Jim Breuer, where they play two ex-porn stars trying to get an office job. Oh man, and the one with him and Queen Latifah, when she plays his girlfriend and those all his stuff out of the apartment window. She eventually start throwing embarrassing things out- even tapes AND TAPES of his porn collection! I hope they come out with another Best of Tracy Morgan soon!!!"
Grows On You With Repeated Viewings
Anthony Nasti | 02/06/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Despite being on the show for seven years, I was never really familliar with Tracy Morgan's work. Sure I saw "Brian Fellow's Safari Planet" from time to time, and he saw a few of his guest appearances from last season, but other than that, completely unfamilliar with his work. So I was surprised when my mom bought his best - off as a Christmas gift. I watched it that day, and at first I wasn't pleased. Then I watched it again about six weeks later, and it started to grow on me.

This skecth does feature some good bits. The "Brian Fellow" bits are hialrious, as are "Woodrow" (with Kate Hudson), both "Austronaut Jones" sketches, Maya Angelou, "Wong And Ownes - Ex Porn Stars", the one with Garth Brooks and Lorne Michaels, "Domican Lou" and the Harr Belafonte on "Hardball". Other sketches like the director's cut of "King Kong" are weaker but have their moments. However, there are some weak sketches, such as the one with Shaq, the "Mash Liquor" commercial (this one's actually pretty funny but I found it a little offensive and the 23 seconds of his Star Jones impersonation (they certainly could've included a whole sketch featuring him as her). Also, I noticed that a few of his best moments are missing. There's no appearances of his Mike Tyson impersonation, which I love or his Al Sharpton impression, which was also very funny.

Overall, a worthwhile disc. It's not excellent but it's very funny. I just wish they got rid of some of the weaker sketches and some of the sketches I mentioned."