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Series 7 - The Contenders
Series 7 - The Contenders
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Simply put, Series 7: The Contenders totally freaking rules. It takes vicious swipes at both reality television and American culture in general, managing to be both incredibly violent and very, very funny along the way. Th...  more »


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Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery & Suspense
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Movie Reviews

Pieces of Reality
Alysson Oliveira | Sao Paulo-- Brazil | 12/04/2001
(5 out of 5 stars)

"" Series 7: The Contenders " is a very contemporary film. It seems that the so-called reality shows have caught on world wide. Every country has its own show and also an imported one . Here in Brazil, some main TV channels are fighting for the rights of one show like this. Besides it's on the third version of one of them. I cannot understand how people can spend such a long time in front of a tv set watching such thigs. I myself prefer spend my time reading a good book or watching an interesting movie, like "Series 7..."."Series 7" is a versitile sell. It can be watched as a drama - very effective, because tacles real life- , as a thriller - nail bitting, once you wonder who's going to be next to die and kill-, and as a comedy - it mocks with a international mania (or would it be hysteria?). Not only is the film extremelly violent, but it also is very inteligent. The writer/director was very fortunate with his idea. In a nutshell: in a society where killing sounds ordinary, six 'conterders' are select at random to play a reality show. The prize? Life itself. Everyone is supposed to have guns and to protect him or herself. The players are very interesting: a woman about to give birth, an unemployed drug-addicted man, a nurse, a man dying of cancer, a teenager and an old man who we barely know about. If they weren't in this film, each life would give enough material for a film.The cast director was wise casting actors who looks like people we see on the street and I even thought that everyone was a newcomer- but I checked later and all of them have already worked either on Cinema and TV. By the way, the pregnant girl is nothing but superb. It is impossible not to start rooting for any of the contenders. As they are introduced the audiences take to the one they like most. But surely not everybody will like the same player. There are conternders for any taste. I chose the pregnant girl. And I hated the teenager and her parents. They were so stupid! The nurse made my flesh creep. The addicted man was to stupid for me even care about him. The sick man says to want to die, so I "desquilified" him,- and the old man is not showed vey much. You can notice after few minutes that the star of the show - actualy the film - is the pregnant woman.The editing is very smart as well. Short cuts, lots of narration - that never gets boring-, grafics and fast camera work keep the audience 'dying' - pun intended - to know what comes next. The final comfrontation in funny and impreviseable. This twist leads the film to a new level. And in the final sequence another twist shocks everyone. Although I saw it on a movies theatre, I think it fits the small screen just because it really looks like a televion program.Sensiteve people should avoid this film, because some images really shock and blood is sometimes everywhere. Not only the conterders, but also all people around react very well to the deaths. They seem to be very used to it. Does the film take place in a future time when people are no longer shocked with killing? It loosely reminded me of Orwell's '1984', where everybody is watched by The Big Brother. Let's hope that this good film is not a profetic one. I mean I hope reality shows on tv don't go this further. If they do, we will be living on a time when life means nothing. Creepy!"
It's All Your Fault
Embittered Old Cyril | Brisbane, Australia | 06/07/2001
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Unless you're a hardened cynic with a dark sense of humour who hates the media and loves cultural subversion, you won't get this movie. Which is a shame, because the message of Series 7: The Contenders really ought to be targeted at ordinary people. Suburbanites. Pap-watchers. Zombies. You know the type.The best thing about Series 7 is that it doesn't pull any punches. It doesn't pander to the audience. In fact, it points the finger at them. This is happening, it says, and you're enjoying it. You know this is manipulation, yet you're allowing yourself to be manipulated. You think this is horrible, but you're watching it. This is your fault, audience, all your fault. By never moving outside the codes of television that it knows we all watch, Series 7 smacks the audience in the face with accusation after horrible accusation, and we know full well that we are guilty as charged.Series 7 also does a powerful job of highlighting just how sneaky television is. Television can create conflict and horror, but always manages to escape the blame. It never allows us - not even for a moment - to consider the possibility that television might be in the wrong. Television makes its heroes out of the very people it shoots down. Disturbing. Unsettling.Of course, Series 7 is also a perfect parody, scripted brilliantly and performed by an immensely talented cast. This is satire at its grisly best. Series 7 is a seriously funny movie.Horribly plausible and thought-provoking, Series 7 is best watched in a group, because you'll all want somebody to talk about it with afterwards. Well done to all people concerned. Easily the best movie I've enjoyed in a long time.(Incidentally, I have a sneaking suspicion that the Australian version - which I saw - might be a tiny bit different from the American version, so keep that in mind. I'm not sure though.)"
?The Running Man? isn't far behind
John | San Antonio, Tx | 02/20/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

""The Running Man" isn't far behindThis is the kind of movie you wish you could sneak into the primetime lineup on a major network and laugh yourself silly at the utter chaos it would cause. I won't waste your time by describing the content of Series 7 The Contenders; there are plenty of reviews here for you to pick up what the story is all about. Instead I'll try and explain what the film is all about in its meaning and message. This movie was made right before the reality TV stupidity took over the airwaves. How brilliantly insightful of Daniel Minahan to stab at the heart of the genre before it was even born; think of this movie as the failed abortion of Survi... Anyway, many people don't seem to get what the film is doing in that they expect a nice neat packaged theatrical drama. That is most certainly not what you will get from Series 7. This movie makes fun of the audience for being so dumb as to sit through it. Seriously, the movie bogs down intentionally in the middle, and bad. This is the same tried and true tactic used on current network fodder; see how long you can possibly draw out the moment (the cheesy music is maddening) and prolong decision-making and action. The audience (YOU) hates the stagnation but yet don't turn away because you're afraid you might miss something "important." Well guess what? The joke is on you; the point gets rubbed in with salt when you count number of "commercial breaks" you sat through before something exciting happens. Now for the scary part: Some people I've shown this movie to thought it was REAL! It's done that convincingly. If you want a good laugh show this movie to someone gullible; a reality TV fan is of course, perfect. Tell them you looked on the Internet and your city is next in the lottery; if you can keep a straight face it turns into an epic joke. Well as per my title I think this film fits right in the middle between current television programming and the Post Apocalyptic game shows like The Running Man and Smash TV. Could this happen for real? To tell the truth, I honestly wouldn't be surprised. A few years ago I certainly wouldn't of believed you if you told me the whole world would actually tune in to watch a bunch of nobodies doing lame stunts and eating worms. Masked strangers putting guns in your hand really don't seem that far fetched in comparison."
Watch this movie...
Mr Bungle | San Diego, CA United States | 11/16/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Just a straight-up hilarious movie, satirizing the whole "Survivor-Real World" mentality that seems to have gripped the American public. This movie was conceived years ago, foretelling what would happen with American TV; unfortunately it was not released until just recently.This movie is violent, make no mistake about it. But it essentially just extrapolates on the whole "reality TV" genre that people just seem to love.Of curious note: On the DVD, check out the Special Features section, under the "Sundance Directors Lab" selection. There is a "re-enactment" which features the actor who plays Artie Bucco from the "Sopranos". Also, the main actress from "Series 7" had the role in "Silence of the Lambs" of Catherine Martin ("It puts the lotion on!", you know, the woman in the well).Watch this movie, it's certainly worth your time. And please, stop watching "The Bachelor/Fear Factor/Survivor/Real World", you're just making yourself dumber by the minute."