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South Park - The Complete Sixth Season
South Park - The Complete Sixth Season
Actors: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes, Eliza Schneider, Mona Marshall
Directors: Trey Parker, Eric Stough, Toni Wurts
Genres: Television, Animation
UR     2005     6hr 14min

Sit back and enjoy all 17 episodes of the sixth season of the show that makes you laugh your @$$ off, now available for the first time in this exclusive 3-disc collector?s edition. This season tackles such issues as child ...  more »

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Actors: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes, Eliza Schneider, Mona Marshall
Directors: Trey Parker, Eric Stough, Toni Wurts
Creators: Brian Graden, Daisy Gardner, David R. Goodman, Erica Rivinoja, Glasgow Phillips
Genres: Television, Animation
Sub-Genres: Television, Animation
Studio: Comedy Central
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Animated,Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 10/11/2005
Original Release Date: 08/13/1997
Theatrical Release Date: 08/13/1997
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 6hr 14min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 4
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

Funny episodes included in the Season 6 DVD set
Stephan Anderson | Grapevine, Texas USA | 08/08/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Included in the Season 6 DVD set is "The Return of Lord of the Rings to the Two Towers" episode, one of the funniest South Park episodes ever! In that episode, a parody of the LOTR movie, the 6th graders are attracted to the power of an adult DVD, unknown to the main characters Kyle, Stan and Cartman, who surmise that the DVD's powers are great and must be destroyed. On their journey to destroy the DVD, they encounter many funny obstacles along the way.

Other episodes included in the DVD set are:

* The Biggest Douche in the Universe (very funny parody of the John Edwards show)
* Professor Chaos (funny episode on Butters)
* Asspen
* Freak Strike
* Jared Has Aides
* The Terrance & Phillip Movie
* Fun With Veal
* Simpsons Already Did It
* Red Hot Catholic Love
* Free Hat
* Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society
* Child Abduction is Not Funny
* A Ladder to Heaven
* The Death Camp of Tolerance
* My Future Self n' Me
* Red Sleigh Down"
"Simpsons did it, Simpsons did it!!!"
N. Durham | Philadelphia, PA | 08/27/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The sixth season of South Park saw creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone using the animated Comedy Central cash cow to poke fun at anyone (Jared from the Subway commercials for one), everyone, and really, anything that pops into their heads. Beginning with Stan, Kyle, and Cartman deciding to make Butters their fourth friend (replacing the late Kenny, who actually stayed dead, for a while anyway), and the later after he gets fired, he becomes the villainous (or so he thinks) Professor Chaos; bent on world destruction, even though everything he thinks of has already been done on the Simpsons (the instant classic "Simpsons Already Did It"). Also during this season, the kids and their parents take a trip to Aspen, the kids have to watch Russell Crowe's reality series so they can see the trailer for the new Terrence & Philip movie, the boys visit a farm and decide to hide the baby animals, the boys meet psychic John Edwards, and a China-esque wall gets built around the town. The bawdy, irreverent lunacy of past seasons is maintained here to full effect, and this is animated cable TV comedy at its very best. The only downside of season six of South Park is that after this season, the writing took a bit of a downward slide for a bit, but make no mistake, South Park still remains the reigning king of original animated cable comedy. Definitely a must own for longtime fans of the show."
Another great season.
J. Shifferd | USA | 08/27/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"After five seasons of non-stop laughs and political incite, South Park began 2002 with a bang in its sixth season. This season was a season for experimenting with new ideas that would take the show in a whole new direction. For starters, Kenny McCormick, who had previously served as one of the main characters (the one who would die in almost every episode) was dead and burried. Replacing him for the first five episodes of this season was Leopold "Butters" Stotch. He was then fired and replaced by Tweek. Also in this season, the kids' fourth grade teacher, Ms. Choksondik, is killed and replaced by the old third grade teacher, Mr. Garrison, who instead of toting around Mr. Hat is now shoving small animals up the ass of his new teacher's assistant and boyfriend, Mr. Slave.

The following 17 episodes are included in this boxed set:

Jarred Has Aides - A great start to a great season. This episode rips on Jarred, the man who became famous for losing weight while eating at Subway. Butters quickly steps forward as one of the main characters by becoming fat, then having liposuction surgery in a plot to say that he lost weight eating at City Wok.

Asspen - Another classic episode. In this one, the boys visit Aspen, Colorado, where Stan takes on skiing to save a youth center.

Freak Strike - A fairly average episode. In this one, Butters goes on the Maury Povich show with balls on his chin, then Cartman goes on as an out-of-control child.

Fun With Veal - The boys become eco-terrorists as part of a plot to save baby calves from the veal factory, but then Stan grows sick with vaginitus.

The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer - One of the funniest episodes of the season. The boys travel from house to house to watch the Russel Crowe: Fightin' 'Round the World show so that they can see the trailer for the new Terrance and Phillip movie, Asses of Fire 2.

Professor Chaos - In this landmark episode, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman fire Butters and hold auditions for a new fourth friend. A vengeful Butters then vows to bring terror and chaos to the world as he becomes Professor Chaos.

Simpsons Already Did It - This episode kicks off Tweek's reign as the fourth friend. Ms. Choksondik dies, Cartman creates a sea-ciety, and Butters comes up with diabolical scheme after diaboloical scheme only to find out that "Simpsons did it!"

Red Hot Catholic Love - With all the priest molestation cases taking place, the boys' parents decide to become atheists. Cartman bets Kyle $20 that if you eat with your butt, you'll crap out your mouth... and wins. Meanwhile, Father Maxi journeys to the Vatican to put a stop to the priest molestation and save Catholicism.

Free Hat - Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Tweek journey to George Lucas's house to save Raiders of the Lost Ark from being another victim to movies remade and ruined by their directors.

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society - This is the only episode of the season that I don't like. Bebe develops boobs, the boys start acting like apes, and a horribly out-of-character Wendy gets breast implants.

Child Abduction is Not Funny - But this episode sure is. Tweek is abducted and the parents order Lu Kim, owner of City Wok, to build a city wall around South Park. With all the media reports of increased child abductions, the parents send their children off to live on their own and they become Mongolians.

A Ladder to Heaven - Tweek appears to have been fired as the fourth friend. In this, quite possibly the best episode of the season, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman build a ladder to heaven in an attempt to get their winning ticket stub back from Kenny so that they can go on a candy shopping spree. Cartman consumes Kenny's ashes and his soul starts living on inside of Cartman's body. The president is informed that Saddam Hussein is building weapons of mass destruction in heaven and decides he needs to bomb heaven.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers - A hilarious spoof of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Stan's parents accidentally mix up their porno with the Lord of the Rings and Butters becomes obsessed with the porno.

The Death Camp of Tolerance - Mr. Garrison is hired back as the new fourth grade teacher in place of the late Ms. Choksondik. He gets a new teacher's assistant, Mr. Slave, and shoves the classroom gerbil Lemmiwinks up his ass. Lemmiwinks goes on a Hobbit-like journey to escape from the gay man's ass while the boys are sent to tolerance camp for not tolerating their teachers' homosexual behavior.

The Biggest Douche in the Universe - Cartman is running out of time. Chef takes the boys to see John Edward so that he can communicate with Kenny's soul. Realizing that John Edward is a douche, Chef and Ms. Cartman take Cartman to Scotland so that Chef's parents can perform an exorcism on Cartman. Kyle is convinced that his deceased grandmother wants him to attend Jewleeard and so Stan tries to prove to the world that John Edward can't talk to the dead and is nothing but a douche.

My Future Self n' Me - Stan's future self comes back to the present and he's a total slob. Stan then discovers that Butters also has a future self. After some sleuthing, they find out it's all a plot by their parents to keep them off of drugs and away from alcohol. With a little help from Cartman, they plot their revenge.

Red Sleigh Down - Upon discovering that he's getting nothing but coal for Christmas, Cartman decides to bring Christmas joy to Iraq. Instead, Santa's sleigh gets shot down and he is kidnapped by the Iraqis. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Mr. Hankey, and Jesus have to journey to Iraq to save Santa and bring Christmas joy to the people. Santa is saved, but Jesus is killed. Kenny returns at the end of the episode. Jimmy sings The 12 Days of Christmas.

This is a great season and will make an excellent addition to anyone's DVD collection. Also be sure to check out the first five seasons of South Park!"
Best season of South Park
Ryan O'Reilly | Las Vegas, NV | 08/15/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"DEFINITE recommended buy, especially for the occasional South Park viewer. Normally, someone would tell you to buy Season Two for the fact that it contains 'definitive' episodes that describe the show. But, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker get good, it's usually later, as in the case of South Park: Season Six. Maybe a small sampler of early episodes on Comedy Central (runs all the time and they love to run the early ones), just to introduce yourselves to the characters, and just tell to yourself "Kenny's really dead, like, for good", and this season is awaiting.

Here's a rundown of the episodes:

Freak Strike: With Butters as the new "friend", they get him to appear on the Maury Povich show as a freak ("ball chin boy" is his nickname), but runs into trouble when the freak union goes on strike and wants him as one of its mascots. Great episode solely for Cartman dressing up and acting like a trashy 16-year old whore.

Jared Has Aides: If you remember into the past enough (South Park is extremely current, this tradition continues onto today's episodes), you'll remember a certain guy named Jared who lost 200 lbs by eating Subway. Well, he comes to South Park and the boys find out his dirty secret: he has aides. No, no, no! Not the disease, but actual aides who helped him lose weight. Feeling guilty, he shares his secret upon the world...but only verbally...and without explaination. What follows his a hysterical "Three's Company"-esque episode that Jared is totally oblivious of. It has not reran outside its premiere date (well, very rarely) on Comedy Central due to the last scene, which you'll have to see for yourself, as it's very offensive to some.

Asspen: A parody of old '80's ski resort flicks, the parents want to go on vacation, so they arrange to go to Aspen at a time-share hotel with the boys. Expecting only a 30-minute time share meeting, the parents are scammed into spending every single second there. Meanwhile, Stan is taken on by a jock who seems to be surrounded by a different world, for which Stan is somehow now a part of. Focuses mostly on Stan (though there is a great bit with Cartman and Butters about a prank called a "Hitler") and the parents, but it features the first incarnation of the Montage song, later to be heard in Team America.

The New Terrance & Phillip Movie Trailer: An unique episode that really does take exactly thirty minutes, the boys are uber-excited about a trailer for the new Terrance & Phillip movie, a sequel to the film that spawned a war in the SP movie. But, they must stick through most of the strange show "Russel Crowe Fightin' 'Round the World", which is pretty much what the title implies. Unfortunately for them, living rooms in South Park are increasingly being filled, and the boys wind up running from one television console to the next, trying to make it just in time for the commercial breaks. This is the only episode of SP, or any tv show on DVD perhaps where it will be sort of a downside to not having commercial breaks, as the episode's entire structure comes from this. Whenever Stan says "oh boy, the next commercial break!"...we go to black for 2 seconds, and then back. A bunch of flow is ruined there, but besides that, it is a fantastic episode and the Russel Crowe show is major fun to watch, just for his great one-liners.

Fun with Veal: The boys visit a farm, where they see baby cows waiting to be turned into veal. Stan is shocked, seeing how cute they are, and decides to become a vegetarian. Soon, he puts it even further by suckering the other boys into taking the same baby cows and hiding them into Stan's room. It's a matter of time before the media and their parents find out, and the boys stake out for days. The conclusion is bizarre, but shockingly funny. Not one of the best, but the ending with be stuck with you for quite a bit.

Professor Chaos: The boys have a tough decision to make...they have to fire Butters. He isn't good enough as Kenny, and he's not working out. His heart destroyed, Butters vows to make sure nobody experiences happiness again, and becomes Professor Chaos, bringer of no-good. He tries out many evil plans along with a new sidekick, all of which don't work. Meanwhile, the boys begin a search for a fourth friend involving their classmates in a Bachelor parody. This one is a classic, and the reality show b-plot is just icing on the cake.

Simpsons Already Did It: The previous episode abruptly ties things up by telling us three things: Butters' plans did not work, Tweek is the fourth friend and Mrs. Choksondick, the teacher, is dead. Cartman buys sea monkeys, believing that they will bring him to nirvana. Except, the sea monkeys turn out to suck, so they stick them in their teacher's coffee before she dies. Through a set of bizarre coindindences, the boys believe that the sea monkeys killed their teacher, and set off to remove the evidence. Meanwhile, Butters' continues with being Professor Chaos, coming up with now great plans with just one snafu: they all were already done on "The Simpsons". A great tribute to the long-lasting animated series (that paved the way for South Park) , but the Cartman/sea monkeys plot is equally hilarious. Wonderful sequel to the previous episode.

Red Hot Catholic Love: The parents feel too unsafe with the church, with the recent news of priests molesting children. They become atheists after consulting their children on what happens during Sunday School, which get them confused, especially one question: if you eat through your anus, will crap come out your mouth? Meanwhile, Priest Maxi is shocked to find he is the only priest on Earth who does not have sex with children, and sets off to the Vatican to set things straight. Watch pretty much only for the Love Boat parody and the excerpt with Martha Stewart, the rest is pretty much throwaway, one of season six's weakenesses.

Free Hat: Oh, this is a good one. This is an episode that prevented a theatrical release. The boys are sick of going to theaters and seeing chopped-up, digitized re-releases of their favorite movies, so they set a campaign to rid the box office of this filth. Cartman advises a free gift, so they add "Free Hat", for which everybody thinks that the boys want to free a certain baby murderer from prision. So now its up to the boys on their own to confront George Lucas before he unleashes another special edition unto the world. This episode is so funny and true that it scared Lucas from touching up and re-releasing "Raiders of the Lost Ark". A must-watch episode.

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society: Because of their teacher's death, the kids were given a four-week reprieve (in which the previous two episodes took place)...but they're back, with one difference: Bebe's breasts have developed slightly, but just enough to where the boys cluelessly notice. The have no idea at first why they are all attracted to her, but the girls, especially Wendy, do. What follows is a subtle commentary on the treatment of women in the real world, but nonetheless a laugh riot, especially when Bebe's breasts start to communicate to one another.

Child Abduction is Not Funny: "Damn you Mongolians! Trying to break down my wall!" The parents are scared. Child abductions are all the rage on the news, and they are watching their kids like hawks. To prevent invaders, the city has Mr. Kim (owner of City Wok) build a huge China-esque wall around the city...but maybe that isn't even enough to protect the kids. If you ask anybody about this episode, they most likely will remember only Kim's one-liners, and that's about it. Good thing, since that is the best part of the episode. The rest is mostly filler compared to it, but a good episode anyways.

A Ladder to Heaven: The boys won a candy spree in a contest they entered six months ago and Kenny has the needed ticket stub. One problem, though: Kenny is dead. To find Kenny, the boys start to build a ladder to heaven out of materials from the city dump. Town citizens are inspired and huddle around the tower, crying, remarking on how sweet the boys' mission is, eventually turning into something only South Park could do...a parody of 9/11, and a damn tasteful one at that. And it turns out the boys may not need the ladder after all when Cartman accidentally eats Kenny's ashes and soul. Meanwhile, the US government monitors the boys ascent into the skies, convinced that Saddamn Hussein (who, thanks to Satan, lives in Heaven) is building bombs up there. Hysterical, and one of the most un-PC things I have ever seen, especially at that time.

The Death Camp of Tolerance: Mr. Garrison, the newly-out-of-the-closet teacher is being promoted from kindergarten to the fourth grade, placing him as once again the boys' teacher. The reason? New laws state that if Garrison would not be promoted or if were to be fired, because he's gay, he can sue for discrimination (and millions at that!). So, he decides to act super gay to be fired, but the school does not budge, yet the students are frightened. Especially once they meet Mr. Garrison's new assistant: Mr. Slave. A gut-busting episode featuring a spot-on parody of Schindler's List. Noteworthy to watch for the change between Mr. Hat and Mr. Slave, who is prominent in later seasons.

The Biggest Douche in the Universe: Cartman is unfortunate for having such an unlucky soul like Kenny to be trapped in his body...he almost dies on multiple occasions. Chef tells Liane that Cartman could be saved if they go to see John Edwards, so they all (including Kyle and Stan [Tweek mysteriously disappears in "Ladder to Heaven"]) fly to New York. Too bad John Edwards sucks, so Chef, Cartman and Liane go to Scotland to Chef's parents to perform an exorcism. Kyle and Stan have a plane to Colorado when Kyle takes belief into a tidbit that John Edwards gave him about his grandmother and attends a Jewish school in New York. Stan decides to head to John Edwards to help him convice Kyle to go back to South Park, but finds less than he expected. Relies on current humor, such as the Rob Schnedier film parodies, and is easily the most dated episode of the bunch, but still funny if you had a TV in 2002.

My Future Self 'N Me: Stan gets a shock when his future self appears and turns out to be a drug-addicted bum. But when Stan finds out that Butters also has a future self who is a drug-addicted bum (who likes the show Becker), something seems fishy. Meanwhile, Cartman sets up shop for a new buisness: exacting revenge on your parents by smearing crap all over the walls of your house. Smelly, but effective. A great episode with an overlay of commentary about anti-drug campaigns.

Red Sleigh Down: A treat for long-time viewers of South Park, and a shock to all those who believe in the term "Politcal Correctness". Cartman finds out he has to do the nicest thing ever to get a certain gift for Christmas, so he convinces the boys, with the help of Mr. Hankey, to head to the North Pole and try to bring Christmas to Iraq. Unfortunately, Santa is bombed and held hostage in Iraq, and the boys recruit Jesus to help them on their journey to the middle east to save Santa and Christmas as we know it. The season truly goes out with a bang, and the ending makes the season, as it totally abolishes everything that evolved in the show's structure that season with only a swift fifteen seconds. This is why you should watch this season in order if you haven't seen this one (or, in that case, seasons 7, 8 and 9) yet, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.

Well, that's South Park season six in a nutshell, and one hell of a season to own. Sure enough, there will be Matt and Trey's mini-commentaries, basically introducing the episode and saying if anything intresting happened while writing/making it in about five minutes time, but this isn't about the extras, this is about the definitive SP season to own...and this is it."