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Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Third Season
Star Trek Voyager - The Complete Third Season
Actors: Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
NR     2004     19hr 46min

Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008


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Actors: Kate Mulgrew, Robert Beltran
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
Sub-Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television
Studio: Paramount
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Closed-captioned,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 07/06/2004
Original Release Date: 01/16/1995
Theatrical Release Date: 01/16/1995
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 19hr 46min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 7
SwapaDVD Credits: 7
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 11
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English

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Movie Reviews

Another great season !
Ted | Pennsylvania, USA | 04/15/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is the best season yet for Voyager and they keep getting better! Basics Part II
After Voyager is hijacked and the crew marooned on a desolate planet, the 2 remaining on board, Lon Suder and the holographic doctor, struggle to regain control of the ship. Meanwhile the stranded crew have to deal with primitive humanoids on the planet. Tom Paris is also in space helping to take back Voyager.Flashback
Tuvok reexperiences a memory which he tried to suppress about when he was a cadet on the USS Excelsior, commanded by Capt. Sulu.The Chute
Tom Paris and Harry Kim are thrown into an alien prison after a trumped up charge a terrorist bombing
Janeway realzes that the evidence against them is inaccurate and tries to get them released.The Swarm
After alien species warns Voyager not to enter their territory and the crew are unable to comply the holographic doctor's program goes on the fritz False Profits
The crew of Voyager encounter the 2 Ferengi who were lost in a wormhole 7 years earlier. They have fooled the native population of a nearby planet into believing that they are gods.Remember
While Voyager is transporting some people back their homeworld, B'Elanna Torres begins to have mysterois dreams and suspicions fall on Voyager's telepathic guests.Sacred Ground
After Kes enters a shrine and knocked into a coma by a burst of energy, the crew discover the only way to revive her is a ritual that may require one of her friends to sacrafice their life.Future's End Part I
A Federation ship from 500 years in the future fires on Voyager after claiming that Voyager is in danger of causing Earth's solar system to be destroyed. As Voyager fires back, both ships are swept back in time to Earth in the year 1996 They later discover their presence there may be a predestination paradox and at the same time struggle to get back to their own time.Future's End Part II
Voyager's crew continue to try getting back to their own time.Warlord
Kes' body is taken over by the ghost of a long dead dictator.The Q and the Grey
Q returns to the ship and asks Janeway to be the mother of his child, when a female Q comes aboard the ship, it is later revealed that their is a civil war happening in the Q contimuum and that the birth of a Q child may be the only way to end the war.Macrocosm
Voyager is infested with giant 3-foot bug like viruses.Fair Trade
When Voyager reaches the Nekrit expanse Neelix says that he will not be able to help as much because he has not been past that region of space. When Neelix tries to procure a map of the area ahead, he is offered one by a drug dealer in exchange for helping him sell drugs.Alter Ego
A holodeck charcter suddenly develops a very human personality and is seen outside the holodeck.Coda
Janeway and Chakotay are attacked by Viidians and crash land on an alien planet. When they both are killed and find themselves back on the shuttlecraft they suspect that they are caught in a time loop.Blood Fever
After a Vulcan crewmember enters pon farr the Vulcan equiveland of being in heat, he chooses Torres to be his mate.Unity
Voyager encounters a colony of former Borg drones living on a nearby planetDarkling
When the doctor starts adding the personalities of historical Earth figures to his program, problems arise and he starts becoming hostile.Rise
Voyager helps the inhabitants of a planet that is being hit by asteroids.Favorite Son
When encountering a humanoid alien race, Kim suspects that he may be a one of them. They say that he was conceived on their world and implanted in the womb of an Earth woman. Now they want him 'back'Before and After
Kes suddenly begins shifting backward and forward through time.Real Life
The doctor starts a holodeck program where he plays the role of a man with a wife and kids.Distant Origin
A reptilian humanoid scientist believes that his species ancestors were Earth dinosaurs and kidnaps Chakotay to find out if it may be true.Worst Case Scenario
A holonovel program about the former Maquis crewmembers staging a revolt on Voyager suddenly surfaces and the crew are trapped with the safties turned off.Displaced
Voyager's crewmembers are continualy being kidnapped and beamed to alien spacestation while at the same time aliens are being beamed aboard VoyagerScorpion part I
As the crew of Voyager enter Borg space they begin to notice than many birg ships are being destroyed by a powerful alien race which seem to be invincible. When Voyager discovers a weakness, she intends to give it to the borg in exchange for safe passage through their space.Season 3 was really good and had an excellent season finale cliffhanger.
Character development was well established by the end of season 3 and overall this is pretty good set to buy if you like Star Trek."
Note to Paramount: no sane person is going to pay more than
R. McAdams | CA, USA | 10/08/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Wake up Paramount! Take a cue from your sales on the STTNG sets. Now that you have finally come to your senses and dropped the prices on the sets to where they should have been in the FIRST PLACE, I would imagine that all of the hold-outs (like me) are now buying them.

See, it works like this, 30 minute shows on DVD, for a season, have earned a market fair price of $25-35. So, since Star Trek episodes are an hour long, that means a fair doubling of the price puts it into the $50-70 range. So, $60 is your sweet spot.

You will be able to take in the obsessive fans with your initial insane pricing points, but everyone else looks at your current price tags, especially with the shoddy packaging that you are still foisting on us, and just laughs and waits for the inevitable price drop. So, do us all a favor and fire your marketing and sales people, drop the price to where it is supposed to be, and earn your sales. Nobody sane is going to pay more than $60 for a season of an hour long/episode TV show on DVD, period."
A Strong Season
George | Massachusetts | 07/23/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"For my money, season three is one of the very best of Voyager. It's clearly a transitional year, from what I feel was a very weak season two to a more action-oriented, meaty, and fun season four.

The most superb episode of the season, and one of the best of Trek, is Scorpion Part 1, which introduces Species 8472. I remember watching this when it was originally broadcast. Back then the idea of a species "more powerful than the Borg" was almost unimaginable. The introduction of this alien race really injected some life into Voyager villainy, which had been mired for two seasons in the tired and rehashed Kazon story arc. Just look at the foreheads of those guys and tell me that they're not just a cross between Cardassians and Klingons. And we never met a Kazon female!

The other standouts in the third year of Voyager are Future's End, though the first installment is much more interesting and tightly scripted than the second; the engaging Distant Origin, which very cleverly presented its first couple of acts from the perspective of the dinosaur aliens; and Before and After. Not many praise that episode, but it does showcase some of Jennifer Lien's best acting, especially when she's a very confused 9-yr.-old at the episode's beginning. The backwards plot movement makes us wonder what happens next--meaning what happened before--along with Kes. We get at least a glimpse of what Kes might have developed into over the seven-year run of the show, are introduced to the Krenem, and the episode moves along the Torres-Paris romance subplot. We even get a passing reference to Kes' one lung (she donated the other to Neelix in season one). What's not to like?

Solid episodes in season three are many: There's the strong Basics Part 2, which nicely wraps up the Kazon, Seska, and Suder story lines, and The Swarm, where we finally get to meet, sort of, the Doctor's creator. There's False Profits, which finds a clever way to bring the Ferengi into the Delta Quadrant, simply by pointing out that two have been there already for a few years. I like very much both Remember and Sacred Ground, though by the end of the season Janeway seems to forget the lesson in spirituality she learned in the latter episode. When in Scorpion Leonardo suggests that she pray, Janeway rejects the suggestion pretty much immediately. Also solid are The Q and the Grey, though this gets derailed by the end, and Macrocosm, with its famous, or infamous, scenes of Kate Mulgrew looking fantastic in her tank top. I also like Blood Fever very much, as well as Unity, Displaced, Worst Case Scenario, and Real Life. This last I long thought poorly of because the Klingon friends of the Doctor's holographic son struck me as a negative racial stereotype. But perhaps I was being oversensitive.

Weaker, but still good, episodes include Flashback, which could have been great, The Chute, Alter Ego, Coda, and Warlord, which could have been really silly if not for Lien's intense performance. I know a lot of people hate Favorite Son and Harry Kim episodes generally, but this episode does have that sense of campiness that made the original series so much fun. Demon women pounding big wooden sticks on the floor just really appeals to me, I guess.

Two episodes I would rate the season's worst. First, Rise, which tries to be pulse-pounding but ends up being just dumb, and second, Darkling, which even that superb thespian Robert Picardo can't save. I was also annoyed that this episode assumes that the romance of Neelix and Kes has already ended. The problem is that the "break up" between the two in Warlord occurs when Kes is being possessed by an alien. So did they ever really break up? Did they ever talk about it ro resolve the relationship? We're just left hanging on this score. The relationship between these two characters always felt weird, though, so it's good that it ended somehow, I suppose.

After basically suffering through rewatchings of many season two episodes, the season three DVD set provided a pretty exhilarating experience. The extra stuff is generally good, though the "Braving the Unknown" segment seems much shorter than for seasons 1 and 2, and the "Easter Egg" ostensible surprises are pretty lame. Three-fourths of most of them consist of clips from episodes that you could just watch yourself, interspersed with a few comments by one actor or another. Certainly these extras are better than nothing, but it would be great to see more interviews with well-known guest actors.

In sum: every Voyager fan must own this, and Star Trek and sci fi fans more generally should give it a try, starting perhaps with the last two discs."
Season Three is where Voyager went GOOD to GREAT STAR TREK!
George | 07/08/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The first two seasons of Voyager had some great episodes but the show didn't seem to be going anywhere and once season three began, the show started to become old and worn out like the 1960's Enterprise. After the Kazon left the show Voyager started to get better I believe. The series started going on weekly adventures and it was fun. Some of my favorite episodes came out of season three like "Flashback", "Q and the Grey", and "Unity." My most favorites have to be "Blood Fever" where things heat up between Paris and Torres and we learn more about the Vulcan's, also a great Borg episode called "Scorpion, part I" which is considered one of Voyager's greatest episodes. There isn't really any awful episodes in season three but there is a share of weak and very forgettable episodes like "False Profits", "Rise" and a few others. Other then just a few weak episodes, this season was a great season which was the start of a long streak of great Trek seasons. If you like good Sci-Fi get these DVD's!!!"