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TNA Wrestling: The Best of Raven - Nevermore
TNA Wrestling The Best of Raven - Nevermore
Actor: Raven
Genres: Television, Sports
NR     2005     4hr 0min

The famous Edgar Allen Poe quote has served as Raven s trademark for many years. Ironically Raven s legacy in TNA Wrestling may mirror that of the writer as he spirals into madness in his quest to achieve his self-describe...  more »


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Actor: Raven
Genres: Television, Sports
Sub-Genres: Television, Wrestling
Studio: BCI
Format: DVD - Color - Best of,Closed-captioned
DVD Release Date: 10/04/2005
Original Release Date: 01/01/2005
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 4hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 2
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

One Of The Best TNA DVD's
D.P. | California | 12/30/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This DVD is set up from the early days of TNA (Nashville with the regular ring) to just right after they got the six sided ring before the move to Orlando. This is a good DVD for TNA fans but the only complaint I have here are that they have matches that would look good on paper but were just kinda "bleh" when they actually happened in the ring. But this DVD in the end gives you a nice mix of hardcore brawls & wrestling.

Raven's TNA debut - Just shows Raven attacking Jeff Jarrett after being released by WWE.

vs. Sandman (Clockwork Orange House Of Fun Match w/special referee Kevin Sullivan) - Tons of weapons were hanging around the ring and the way to win was the knock your opponett off the balcony through some tables. This match looks good on paper but wasn't anything special since they've had tons of better matches in ECW & even WCW. Just your typical hitting each other with weapons & fighting through the crowd before the eventual finish happens. Raven bleeds buckets.

vs. AJ Styles (Ladder Match) - It was more like a hardcore match involving a ladder than the type of ladder matches you would see in WWE. Also AJ wasn't doing his "high spots" stuff during this match so it was interesting. Better than the Sandman match.

vs. Jeff Jarrett (NWA title match) - This is one of the best matches on this disc. Great mix of wrestling, brawling, tons of outside interfearence. 5 star match for me.

vs. Shane Douglas (Hair vs. Hair) - Typical brawl, nothing really special during the match except for when Douglas vomits during the match. After the match though, Raven gets SCALPED by James Mitchell (who was holding the clippers the wrong way) to the point to where his head was bleeding & you can see the pain on Raven's face.

vs. Vampiro (Gallows of Retribution Match) - This was a match to where you had a dog collar in each corner & you had to hook them all on your opponents neck & beat them down. Again, looks good on paper but the match wasn't anything special.

vs. Father James Mitchell (Last Man Standing) - Basically a squash match only put on here to follow his fued against The New Church group.

vs. Abyss - Average match but enjoyable.

vs. Ron Killings vs. AJ Styles vs. Abyss (Sting is the special outside enforcer) - Nice four way brawl with Sting even getting involved in some of the action.

vs. Chris Harris vs. Ron Killings vs. AJ Styles (NWA title match/Deadly Draw Match) - If a decision isn't made after 5 mins., a new contender comes into the match. Another good four way dance match.

vs. Sonjay Dutt - Another squash match only to follow the fued between him & Sabu.

vs. Sabu - They went back to the ECW days with this hardcore match. Alongside with the Jarrett match, this was another one of the best matches on this DVD. Another 5 star match for me.

Bonus Section: Both of these matches have commentary by Raven & Terry Taylor. The commentary was real good since you hear him talk about his storytelling during each match along with his DEEP knowledge of the wrestling business.

vs. Chris Harris - Good wrestling match.

vs. AJ Styles - Good clash of styles and is another good match. The commentary is really interesting on this match.

Overall, the DVD has a good mix of hardcore matches, brawls & actual wrestling...aside from the squash matches. When you thinking about getting a TNA DVD, this should be one of the ones at the top of the list."
Raven "Nevermore". Lets Hope Not!
doggiedogma | Mob Town USA | 10/19/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is a 2 disc set of matches for Scott Levy (Raven) from his stint with NWA/TNA wrestling. The compilation is hosted by TNA's Don West and Mike Tenay. They give a short introduction at the beginning of each disc about the upcoming matches.
The following are my ratings of the matches based out of 5 *****:

Disc One:
1) Raven's TNA Debut - The immediate ending of the Jeff Jarrett/Chris Daniels match is shown as Jeff is celebrating his victory over Daniels in the ring with the other TNA wrestlers. Raven storms into the ring, attacks Jarrett and takes his Championship belt from him setting the stage for Raven's quest for the NWA Championship.

2) vs. Sandman - A "Clockwork Orange, House Of Fun Match" with Kevin Sullivan as "Special Enforcer". The ring is surrounded with steel chains, chairs, a steel gate, trashcans and assorted weapons. The winner is the first one to toss the other off of the "Raven's Nest" onto three stacked tables below. Needless to say, this match is bloody and violent. Both men take multiple heavy hits and bleed alot. At the end of the match, Raven calls out Jeff Jarrett, who runs into the ring and attacks a bloody/weak Raven. Check the ending. Rating - ****1/2 (for the beeting and bumps Sandman takes) (8 1/2min)

3) vs. AJ Styles - Ladder Match. The first one to get the suspended Championship Match contract wins. Raven bleeds rivers. AJ top-rope leg drops Raven through a table! Raven staple guns AJ's head! Disco Inferno interferes and power slams AJ over the top rope and through a table! Was it enough for Raven?
Rating - ***** (11 1/2min)

4) vs Jeff Jarrett(C) - NWA Championship Match. Raven has Julio and Alexis (The Gathering) outside the ring. Raven bleeds a ton. This was a pure brawl with old-school wrestling. Jarrett
top-rope elbow-drops Raven through a table! There was alot of outside interfence from the Gathering and other wrestlers. Jarrett takes a real pounding! Got to give it to Jeff on this one. Rating - ****1/2 (17min)

5) vs Shane Douglas - Hair vs Hair match. The loser gets his head shaved. Raven gets the audience directly involved in the match as he and Shane battle outside the ring. Raven has a couple of audience members hold chairs for him as he slams Shane's head into the chairs. Shane vomits a couple of times during the match! Shane is noticeably injured as he holds his limp right forearm. Both men bleed alot. Raven top-rope DDTs Shane through a table! There is outside interference in this match also, as "The Deciples Of The New Church" and "The Gathering" brawl. Check the ending. Rating - **** (for the fortitude and endurance Shane displays) (14min)

6) vs Vampiro w/James Mitchell - Four Corners Dog Collar Match. The first one to get hung and submits loses. Once again, both wrestlers bleed big time. Raven lands a top-rope inverted DDT through a table on Vampiro! This match is very brutal. A pure brawl. Rating - **** (12min)

7) vs James Mitchell - This is James' first wrestling match and it is a total squash! James bleeds alot (watch Raven help James "color" himself). Don't know why this is on here. Rating - ** (5min)

8) vs Abyss - Abyss lands a torture rack/drop down on Raven. See Abyss fumble around with a table in the ring as he tries to set it up in a corner. Raven has to set it up for him, and then he gets speared through it! Check the ending as outside interference again disrupts the match. Rating - *** (11min)

Disc Two:
1) vs AJ Styles vs Ron Killings vs Abyss - A fourway brawl with Sting as "Special Enforcer". This match has alot of aerial moves. Watch AJ and Ron land a double over the top-rope flip-dive onto Raven and Abyss! See Killings land a top-rope ax-kick onto AJ's head while AJ has a chair laid on his head! This match is non-stop action! A bit too short! Rating - ***1/2
(11min 15sec)

2) vs AJ Styles(C) vs Ron Killings vs Chris Harris - NWA Deadly Draw Championship Match. AJ has to take on 3 wrestlers spaced 5 minutes apart. After 5 minutes if there is no pin or submission, the next wrestler enters the ring. If a pinfall or submission occurs within the 5 minutes, a new champion is crowned, the loser leaves and the next wrestler comes in and wrestles the new champion. AJ fist takes on Chris Harris. This is my favorite match on the disc. Non-stop action! AJ puts on a real show! AWSOME BABY! This is stuff WWE WISHES they could come up with! Rating - ***** (22min)

3) vs Sonjay Dutt - No DQ match. A pure squash. Ravens is trying to get to Sabu and he has to go through Sonjay to get to him. Raven turns heel. Rating - *1/2 (for Sabu sighting) (5min)

4) vs Sabu - Their first ever match against each other! Raven once again has to bleed like a stuck pig. This match has everything you expect from Sabu - tables, chairs, aerial moves and pure insanity! This match was a decade + in the making, but it needed to be alot longer! Short but too the point! Rating - ****1/2 (12min)
With commentary by Raven and Terry Taylor
1) vs Chris Harris - Their first solo match together. A fantastic match. Raven thinks it's Chris Harris' best match. It very well might be! Great match! Rating - ***** (20min)

2) vs AJ Styles - My 2nd favorite match on the disc. A great wretsling match with submission holds, counter moves and acrobatics galore! I think it's Raven's best wrestling match ever. Rating - ***** (16min)

The only drawbacks with this DVD is that there are no dates for the matches! Come on TNA, what's up with that? Also, there is no biography of Raven and there are no interviews or match thoughts with Raven. You get the matches with some pre-match info. but not a whole lot of background on Raven. It would have been better if Raven gave some insight on his career and the matches.
Overall,it's worth the money.
Vince Fears Raven
Kyle XY | PA USA | 08/29/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Raven has been my favorite wrestlers for years. I have been watching TNA for almost a year. Raven is truly one of the best in wresling. WWE doesnt know how to use true talent. October 1st Spike tv 11 pm watch it and then tell me that TNA sucks...though i will say the last good wwe ppv was NOT even in 2005...cena sucks....o back to Raven. This is a great collection of his greatest TNA moments up until '05. He just won the title, so expect Volume Two in a year or less!"
One of the Kings of Hardcore in some of his best matches
J. J Woehr | Lindenhurst, NY United States | 01/26/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Raven was yet another wasted WWE wrestler and in TNA he's a big star and here's some of his best matches. In the WWE they could've made him the next Mick Foley. He's hardcore and he can actually wrestle, you can't really say that much about Foley. I mean when was the last time you saw Foley do the ankle lock ? In the WWE, they probably wouldn't even have been able to release a best of Raven dvd because he was used poorly.

This dvd is full of some of his best matches in TNA. He takes on The Sandman, A.J. Styles, Vampiro "which could've been a better feud than it was" Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Sabu to name a few. They need another Raven dvd though because he had a lot other really good matches after the dvd was released. He had a good cage match with Jeff Hardy, a Raven's rules match with Sean Waltman, his World title win, his successful defenses over Abyss and Rhyno and his title loss to Jeff Jarrett in Canada. He also has had recent matches with Justin Credible and Chris Kanyon, although they went under different names in those matches. Those matches weren't really his best though. Raven lost a career ending match at the last ppv though because Larry Z. has something against him...I have no idea what. I just hope Raven is brought back soon and that he kicks Larry's ass though in some sort of violent match lol."