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Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Sixth Season
Tales from the Crypt The Complete Sixth Season
Actors: John Kassir, Catherine O'Hara, Peter MacNicol, Joseph Maher, Wesley Mann
Directors: Elliot Silverstein, John Harrison, John Herzfeld, Jonas McCord, Larry Wilson
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television, Mystery & Suspense
NR     2007     6hr 10min

It's that time of fear again! So if you've been missing the Crypt Keeper, here's a chance to improve your aim. But be warned: It'll be a fright to the finish. The cadaverous cut-up is your host for a 15-episode die-gest ba...  more »


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Actors: John Kassir, Catherine O'Hara, Peter MacNicol, Joseph Maher, Wesley Mann
Directors: Elliot Silverstein, John Harrison, John Herzfeld, Jonas McCord, Larry Wilson
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Television, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy, Science Fiction, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: Home Box Office (HBO)
Format: DVD - Color - Closed-captioned,Subtitled
DVD Release Date: 07/24/2007
Original Release Date: 06/10/1989
Theatrical Release Date: 06/10/1989
Release Year: 2007
Run Time: 6hr 10min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 3
SwapaDVD Credits: 3
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 5
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish

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Movie Reviews

Not as superb as previous seasons, but great regardless
N. Durham | Philadelphia, PA | 04/26/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The sixth season of HBO's smashing horror anthology Tales From the Crypt marked a slight decline in terms of both horror and fun for the show, but it's still great regardless. Surprisingly, some of the best episodes of this season feature less horror elements than one would expect, including "Only Skin Deep", which features a control freak (Stephen Liska) who gets a big Halloween surprise after a one night stand with a mask wearing stranger (Sherrie Rose), as well as "The Bribe", in which a fire marshal (Terry O'Quinn) goes to extreme measures to ensure his daughter (Kimberly Williams) stays out of a sleazy club run by Esai Morales and a pre-Oscar winning Benicio Del Toro. "Staired in Horror" features D.B. Sweeney as a con on the run who holds up the house of an elderly woman for the night, and gets a big surprise. "Doctor of Horror" is a great episode featuring Hank Azaria and Travis Tritt as two night guards trying to make a quick buck from a doctor (Austin Pendleton) who thinks he can discover and harvest the human soul, while "Comes the Dawn" features Michael Ironside and Bruce Payne as two poachers in Alaska who come across demonic vampires (this episode pre-dates Steve Niles' comic book and upcoming film adaptation 30 Days of Night in terms of it's central idea). The standout episode however comes from executive producer and director Robert Zemeckis, hot off the success of Forest Gump. Using the computer imagery technology he used in stock footage in that film, he re-creates the face and voice of legendary actor Humphrey Bogart in the ultra campy, and enjoyable, "You, Murderer"; which also features John Lithgow and Isabella Rossellini. However, this season also has it's share of misses, including "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime" with Catherine O'Hara as a big city lawyer in some small town, big time trouble, "The Pit" which is lacking in terms of everything except for Wayne Newton screen time, and "The Assassin", which has an outcome you'll see coming a mile away. All in all, while the sixth season of Tales From the Crypt may not be as excellent as any of the previous seasons before it, it's great regardless, and definitely worth picking up."
The penultimate season
wolfgang731 | 06/26/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Though I would agree that the sixth season marked the beginning of the end (both literally and artistically/creatively) for the TFTC franchise, there is still much to enjoy here. The low point episode here would definitely have to be "The Pit" which is about as frightening or funny or clever as a Partridge Family re-run. Without question, my least favorite episode of the first six seasons. The 7th season is in a separate category as the series' journey across the pond rendered it a mind-numbing exercise in boredom and desperation, with only a couple of good episodes eking their way out of that uninspired bog.

Incidentally, a couple of reviewers reference Stephen Liska as the control freak on the losing side of a one night stand in "Only Skin Deep." That's incorrect, that role was played by Peter Onorati. No big whoop, I know, but just wanted to give credit where credit's due.

Personal favorites from this season are, in no particular order, as follows:

* Only Skin Deep

* Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

* Staired in Horror

* Revenge is the Nuts

* Comes the Dawn

* Doctor of Horror

And I don't care what anybody says, I like "The Assassin" even if it is predictable. I love the whole Donna Reed/Susie Homemaker shtick that Shelley Hack serves up so straight-faced and the clever way everyone was "offed." Good fun. Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Sixth Season

Michael Butts | Martinsburg, WV USA | 07/31/2007
(3 out of 5 stars)

"By this sixth season, the series had fallen into a sense of redundancy and suffered from weaker scripts and performances; this penultimate season still manages to offer some choice bits, and for fans of the series, it should be entertaining enough. In a crypt shell:
LET THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME - Catherine O'Hara stars as an ambulance chasing attorney who finds herself on the other side of the law in a horribly strict small town. Peter MacNicol costars. ***
ONLY SKIN DEEP - Peter Onorati plays a sleazy man who picks up a girl at a masquerade party only to find she's not exactly what she seems. **
WHIRLPOOL - Confusing deja vu piece with weak performances from Rita Rudner and Richard Lewis. **
OPERATION FRIENDSHIP - Bizarre little tale about a man whose best friend is really an alterego. Good performances from Tate Donovan and Peter Dobson help. ***
REVENGE IS THE NUTS - Ludicrously silly tale of a doctor who abuses his mental patients. Overacting from Anthony Zerbe is a hoot. **
THE BRIBE - One of the better episodes finds Terry O'Quinn as an honest firechief who takes a bribe to finance his daughter's college tuition, only to have it end in tragedy. Nice twist. ****
THE PIT - Tongue in cheek humor and a role reversal elevates this one where two martial artists seek revenge on their possessive spouses. Mark Dacascos stars. ***
THE ASSASSIN - A predictable twist not withstanding, this wry little tale offers Shelley Hack as the victim of assassins who want to kill her husband. ***
STAIRED IN HORROR - Predictable gothic tale with DB Sweeney as a convict on the run who seeks shelter from a haggish Rachel Ticotin, who is a little different when she goes upstairs. ***
IN THE GROOVE - Dull tale of a shock jock whose on the air ratings soar with the help of a lovely new partner. Miguel Ferrer tries hard but can't save it. **
SURPRISE PARTY - Been there done this one hundreds of times with a murderous nephew trying to take claim of his inheritance. Mediocre acting from Adam Storke doesn't help. *
DOCTOR OF HORROR - Tongue in cheek with a message, this one's about a man out to claim souls and using living people to get them. Hank Azaria is good and Travis Tritt should stick to singing. **
COMES THE DAWN - Scenery chewing Michael Ironside and Bruce Payne steer this weird little tale of vampirism in Alaska of all places! **
99&44/100% PURE HORROR - A twist on Ivory soap finds a lovely design artist losing her job and her husband, and takes measures in her own hands, but stay out of the shower, girlie. ***
YOU MURDERER - Robert Zemeckis pulls another FOREST GUMP by using footage of Humphrey Bogart who plays the victim of his wife and best friend's scheme to murder him. Witty at times, it features good support from John Lithgow and Isabella Rossellini. ****"
Buy This One... Sixth
John C. Hyde | Seattle, WA United States | 01/18/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Here it is, creeps, the Sixth Season of Tales From the Crypt. This is when the series began to decline in quality, unfortunately. Let's take a look at each episode.


1. "Let The Punishment Fit The Crime" - Catherine O'Hara plays a big city lawyer who ends up in a backwater courthouse and insanity ensues. A good episode, but a bit surreal for TFTC. Kind of feels like the Twilight Zone, but ok. 3 stars out of 5.

2. "Only Skin Deep" - One of the more memorable episodes from this season. A man meets a masked woman at a Halloween party. Suddenly things become Jacob's Ladder. Interestingly, this is the only Halloween themed episode I can remember. 3 and a half stars.

3. "Whirlpool" - I remember this episode. Harry Anderson goes crazy and his wife wears a dress that looks like a Wonder Bread package. No wait, this is about a different Tales From the Crypt artist. This time the artist is played by Rita Rudner. She goes a little crazy as well, but Richard Lewis is there to comfort her. 3 stars.

4. "Operation: Friendship" - Another Twilight Zone episode. This is when this season started to look low-buck. Nothing against Tales From the Darkside because I love that show, but this looks like TFTD, not TFTC. You are not going to be straining your brain looking for the twist in this one. It's alright... it's just not the level of quality we expect. 2 and a half stars.

5. "Revenge Is The Nuts" - This is the one where Isaac Hayes lives in a home for the blind and the headmaster is a psycho. The entire episode takes place in the dark as well. I felt blind watching it. 2 and a half stars.

6. "The Bribe" - This is, in my opinion, the worst episode in the series' run. Benicio Del Toro and Esai Morales play strip club owners. A Fire Inspector is upset because his daughter is working for them, blah blah blah, obvious twist ending. What was the point of this? They couldn't come up with a monster, a killer, a haunted house story that would have been better? Since when was Tales From the Crypt a family drama? I despise this episode. HALF A STAR! (For The Cryptkeeper intro and outro, of corpse!)

7. "The Pit" - A UFC-inspired mess starring Wayne Newton. Again, this isn't Tales From the Crypt. I mean, I know The Cryptkeeper introed the thing, but this isn't TFTC. All of the actors in this one seem like they're goofing off. Why are they goofing around when we are looking for scares? I'm reminded of the very worst martial arts b-movies. Oh and the twist to this one! Not intense at all, prepare to yawn. 1 star.

8. "The Assassin" - Hey, Corey Feldman's back. Also, the aptly named Shelly Hack and that guy from all the 80s films that always played a cop that looked like he was stoned out of his mind. This at least feels like TFTC. 2 and a half stars.

9. "Staired In Horror" - Personally I can't stand this episode but at least it's in the horror genre. D.B. Sweeney plays an escaped con on the run from, who else, R. Lee Ermey. He decides to hang out at Rachel Ticotin's place since she seems to have sorted all that stuff out on Mars with Quaid and Cohaagen. It's not a great episode. In fact, something about it is disturbing to look at, like an old Basket Case film. 2 stars.

10. "In The Groove" - TFTC mainstay Miguel Ferrer is back again to play another weasel. This time he's a really bad shock jock. But not bad-good like Robert Patrick in the classic episode, "The New Arrival". No, in this one Ferrer plays a sex-obsessed late-night host that does phoney radio where he has his hot producer talking dirty to the audience. Not scary, just another mediocre Season Six offering. 3 stars.

11. "Surprise Party" - Another episode that feels low-budget. This one is about an inherited house that appears to be haunted. Well, at least it's about a haunted house and not cage fighters or neglected fathers, right? Nothing memorable here. 2 and a half stars.

12. "Doctor of Horror" - What's this? An actual Tales From the Crypt episode? Finally, something that looks like it could have been on season 5. This is the classic Tales formula: mad scientists, zombies, immoral cretins. Not the greatest thing ever but one of the best episodes of this season. This one has a mad scientist looking for the human soul within dead bodies. It's a lot of fun. Starring Hank Azaria and Ben Stein. 4 stars.

13. "Comes The Dawn" - Vampires in Alaska, this is a premise that came up recently in 30 Days of Night. You have a similar situation here in an episode about poachers in Alaska that stumple upon vampires. It stars the great Michael Ironside and I think it's another one of the best episodes of the season. 4 stars.

14. "99 & 44/100% Pure Horror" - First of all, I dispute that percentage, there is no way this episode contains that much horror. Some hot chick makes soap. Unfortunately for her, she lives in the Tales From the Crypt universe, so her soap will only cause everyone a lot of grief. They could have made another episode with a monster, or a killer, or something. But they chose soap. Ok, whatever, 2 stars.

15. "You, Murderer" - An experimental piece starring John Lithgow and "Humphrey Bogart", among others. Kind of a film-noir, suspense thriller installment. Not gonna scare anyone but it's entertaining. 3 and a half stars.

This is my all-time favorite live-action series and I still love watching these discs, despite how poor it can get. Even the bad episodes have intros and outros from The Cryptkeeper, and sometimes, if you look hard enough, you can even get the classic TFTC vibe that existed on the previous five seasons.

Slightly better than Season Seven, nowhere near the quality of the first five... buy this sixth. Then buy Season Seven, then the films, and you have the entire Tales From the Crypt epic to watch over and over and over. And you will. To me, TFTC and The Simpsons are my favorite discs out of my entire DVD collection to watch repeatedly."