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My Tutor
My Tutor
Actors: Matt Lattanzi, Caren Kaye, Kevin McCarthy, Clark Brandon, Bruce Bauer
Director: George Bowers
Genres: Comedy, Drama
R     2000     1hr 37min

My Tutor starts with an aerobics class gyrating their hips to the strains of some outdated disco, leading the viewer to believe that it's another trashy sex comedy. But the movie--about Bobby (Matt Lattanzi), a young man w...  more »


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Actors: Matt Lattanzi, Caren Kaye, Kevin McCarthy, Clark Brandon, Bruce Bauer
Director: George Bowers
Creators: Mac Ahlberg, Sidney Wolinsky, Marilyn Jacobs Tenser, Michael D. Castle, Joe Roberts
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Sub-Genres: School Days, Drama
Studio: Rhino / Wea
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen
DVD Release Date: 02/08/2000
Original Release Date: 03/04/1983
Theatrical Release Date: 03/04/1983
Release Year: 2000
Run Time: 1hr 37min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 8
MPAA Rating: R (Restricted)
Languages: English
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Movie Reviews

L. wilson | dallas | 08/28/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"old movie, remembered from my teen years, good quality, only movie in which Caren Kaye appeared nude or clothed."
"You're my tutor, WHOO; teach me anything you want me to lea
The Straw Man | Aloof October on April's Birthday | 06/19/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"When watching "My Tutor", I think U2 stated it best "Sometimes you can't make it on your own." In other words, watch this movie with a friend, so you can enjoy the idiotic, yet simplistic storyline of this cult 80s classic and laugh together. Or if you lose conscious from how stupid, unbelievable, vapid and silly most the movie is and at least there is another person with you who can call for help.

Before I go any further, this movie is such a guilty pleasure for me and I love it, I'm man enough to admit it.

As for the movie itself, I will do my best to explain, starting with the plot. Bobby (Matt Lattanzi) has just graduated from high school, sort of. Bobby has flunked his French class which is the catalysts to the amazing plot of this prolific film. Since Bobby has failed French he will not be permitted into Yale. This notion doesn't sit well with Bobby's father, so daddy pulls some strings, since he is a Yale alumni, and a compromise is made: if Bobby can pass a French exam of 85% or higher, he can go to Yale in the fall.

Consequently Bobby only has the summer to prepare for this test, so daddy gets him a private tutor. Now to make matters even more exciting, Bobby's private tutor is a sexy blonde, 29 years of age named Terry (Caren Kaye). I don't know about you, but Bobby should be thinking really hard about buying his dad a nice father's day gift. The quagmire now is can Terry bring up Bobby's French skills so he can score at least an 85%?

This is the part I never saw coming, but Terry and Bobby become involved intimately and romantically. This relationship develops despite the fact that Terry is chic and a world traveled woman, and Bobby is a naïve and inexperienced young man. It appears that this attraction develops out of no where, at least on Terry's end. A great deal of things are thrown at this unorthodox couple; the difference in age, the grapple of "education or love making", Bobby's father and Terry's ex-boyfriend. Yet this is one summer either one of them will forget anytime soon, but will their love last?

There is also a funny, yet humdrum subplot with two of Bobby's friends. They spend the better half of the movie trying to get Bobby and themselves laid in some of the most precarious and droll situations. This does produce some laughs and plenty of gratuitous nudity. One of Bobby's friends is played by no other than Crispin Glover A.K.A George McFly from "Back to the Future". Who in many ways appears deranged throughout the entire film, a definite plus.

I also have to say that Bobby was somewhat androgynous in this movie. He was really super sensitive and many times spoke in a high pitch, whiney voice. To listen to Bobby complain or protest against Terry tutoring him in French was actually really hilarious and vexing simultaneously. I really found it interesting that Terry was into Bobby, it screams more about the demons in her past than any skeletons that might be in Bobby's closet.

It was very amusing that Bobby's home in many ways mirrored a college campus. It appears that his home goes on for miles and miles. Consequently, Bobby rides a motor scooter that would fit the profile of Peter Parker more than a rich teenager from California. Bobby's rich father couldn't buy him a car, rather a motor scooter. Perhaps daddy is in the oil business and not giving Bobby car is adding to the family's wealth. Just a side note, there is a scene with Bobby and scooter that I found so comical I had to turn the DVD off and walk away from the television for ten minutes.

I am totally unconvinced that Bobby's father, being Yale alumni and three steps below God in the financial department couldn't pull more strings to get Bobby into Yale. Why would an elective high school course like French hold so much merit on whether or not student should get into Yale? I guess with respect to plot, a French tutor is much sexier than a tutor in Botany.

There are several "MacGuffins" (events/things/characters basically unimportant to the story, yet are present) in "My Tutor". For instance, Bobby's mother being an airhead, Terry swims in the nude at night, the focus on Bobby's maid and gardener only speaking Spanish and Terry always exercising in a women's aerobic class that is an equation of Richard Simmons VHS multiplied by Jane Fonda Beta tape. Oh as for the bubble gum pop theme song, "You're my tutor, WHOO; teach me anything you want me to learn." If there is anyone out there that knows where I can find this song, I am not sure what your reward will be, but it will be worth it.

"My Tutor" was made in 1983, which was the beginning of a very memorable decade and this movie really showcases music, fashion, the hair and the carefree, yet somber attitude of the spirits living in the era. The day might come when we as a modern society are erased from the planet due to war, famine, global warming, political and/or religious genocide or yetis that will eat all people. Under the assumption this does transpire and some odd race of aliens visit Earth years in the future or a mutation of humans evolve on Earth millions of years from now. Both of these groups' sole purposes might want to understand the prior human race that inhabited the planet many, many moons ago. Giving these conditions, the DVD of "My Tutor" can and will provide a lucid picture and/or a time capsule of history in the 1980s."
Not What You Would Think
David Baldwin | Philadelphia,PA USA | 01/03/2010
(4 out of 5 stars)

"In the early Eighties there was a garden industry of films about "losin' it", "Risky Business" being the "Citizen Kane" of the genre. Most of them were pure exploitative garbage with little or no redeeming social value. "My Tutor" was labeled by some as falling in this category. Don't be fooled. Yes, there are gratuitous nude scenes here. This was probably thrown in to make the bean counters at Crown International happy. The makers of this film actually attempted to make something profound. Siskel and Ebert at the time championed this flick on their show. The relationship between the virginal Bobby (Matt Latanzi) and Terry(Caren Kaye), his French tutor, is palpable and believable. The love scenes between the two are explicit but not in an exploitative way and there's a certain tenderness to them. Sex is only one part of the love they share and the conversations between the two are just as compelling. This film also showcases a young Crispin Glover who impresses and shows what might have been if he hadn't gotten wierd on the Letterman show. The term "buried treasure" is bandied about on alot of films but "My Tutor" definitely falls in that category."
What a Summer!
glen | 12/16/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"What a summer to never forget.. This guy gets into a lurid, yet sweet love affair with a really beautiful French tutor and then sets himself up for a score on another amazingly beauty of his own age at the end. The end of the movie the main character guy jumps for joy. WOW I would too. .. I was taken aback somewhat on how drama-less MY TUTOR is. The movie pace is tepid and calm. The characters are just having a nice time, in a nice place in nice weather, and they seem aware of these facts and don't bother to get really angry or upset about certain plot events. It's just a summer fling. Another classic Crown International flick. The actors are attractive, the scenery nice and there is mischief and fun to be had.

One glaring missed opportunity is the kid's parents give him a big birthday party. Like rich people do it's catered with a live band. Seems unfortunate the movie budget didn't allow for a quality musical act. The group shown is an unknown new wave group which I am guessing really is not a group at all but rather actors.. and lame actors at that... and sound horrible! If a better band was inserted here, it would have elevated MY TUTOR a whole lot. I wouldn't expect Duran Duran, but any simi-known new wave 80's band, or any group with some talent would go a long way. Oh well that was a shame..
But I really enjoyed this very light summery flick. The actual tutor Caren Kaye is soooo attractive in a cute but striking way. She is addictive to watch."