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VIP - The Complete First Season
VIP - The Complete First Season
Actors: Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Shaun Baker, Natalie Raitano, Leah Lail
Directors: Adam Nimoy, Barry Primus, Bruce Seth Green, Chuck Bowman, Deran Sarafian
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Television, Mystery & Suspense
NR     2006     16hr 12min

A campy syndicated series about Vallery Irons, a girl working at a hot-dog stand who accidentally saves a celebrity and is mistaken for a bodyguard. She and a team of beautiful bodyguards form a bodyguard agency called V.I...  more »

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Actors: Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Shaun Baker, Natalie Raitano, Leah Lail
Directors: Adam Nimoy, Barry Primus, Bruce Seth Green, Chuck Bowman, Deran Sarafian
Genres: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Television, Mystery & Suspense
Sub-Genres: Crime, Comedy, Comedy, Mystery & Suspense
Studio: Sony Pictures
Format: DVD - Color,Widescreen
DVD Release Date: 03/14/2006
Original Release Date: 09/26/1998
Theatrical Release Date: 09/26/1998
Release Year: 2006
Run Time: 16hr 12min
Screens: Color,Widescreen
Number of Discs: 5
SwapaDVD Credits: 5
Total Copies: 1
Members Wishing: 0
Edition: Box set
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Reviewed on 9/15/2019...
Typical 80s and 90s Baywatch and Chips type plotline if you like those with actors and actresses guest stars that you know. Lots of beautiful women and handsome men in this. A must if you are a Pamela Anderson fan!
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Movie Reviews

VIP Season 1 (1998-99)
P. Burgos | Delano, CA | 01/06/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"VIP lasted a goood 4 seasons before getting cancelled in 2002 after the company went bankrupt. Here are the 22 episodes that come in the 4 season Disc Set.

1.) Beats working at a hot dog Stand 9/26/98
Vallery Irons is thrown into the role of bodyguard to the stars when while on her date with a celebrity at a film premiere he cowers behind her when a gunman appears, she saves him. Her date tells everyone that she's a hired bodyguard rather than risk embarrassment by revealing the truth. A bodyguard agency that caters to celebrities soon hires her as their boss. The agency is renamed V.I.P. (Vallery Irons Protection) and with her now part of her team they feel pretty safe. On her first day on the job however a militia group enter the building where the agency is located wanting to kill Vallery and her then date but now first client.

2.) What To Do With Vallery When You're Dead 10/3/1998
Victor Balick, a media mogul, is targeting Arnie Feign. Arnie is an Internet author who plans to release a tell all expose exposing Victor Balick who's real name is Ileat Petrovski. Petrovski is actually a cold-blooded killer. Arnie hires V.I.P. to protect him but at the same time Victor Balick is trying to hire V.I.P. to protect him. Why? Who Knows? The V.I.P. team goes to Arnie's place but he doesn't trust them, he thinks they're working for Balick behind his back. Vallery convinces him that they're not. Just then some of Balick's men open fire on them, they retaliate making it seem like there's more of them than there actually is. After this is all over they're back at V.I.P. headquarters discussing a payment plan. Arnie is going to make them a press kit instead of paying them. Just when Arnie thinks he's safe Balick pops out of the trunk of Arnie's car commanding him at gunpoint to get in the trunk and tells Val to drive. Luckily for Val he didn't wear his seat belt so she just opens the car door and swerves, sending him flying out of the car and knocking him unconscious.

3.) Bloody Val-entine 10/10/1998
Tasha's ex-husband, an ex-assassin for the KGB and master of disguise known only as "The Owl" is hired by Frank Scarnavako, a mobster with a green thumb to kill Val's paparazzi.

4.) One Wedding and Val's Funeral 10/17/1998
Vallery is hired by King Soltan of Ardina to be the royal matchmaker for his son the prince. But when the prince orders some pizzas and the pizza girl just happens to speak Ardineese Tasha becomes suspicious. And she has a right to be, it turns out she's actually a stone cold killer. When Val tries to tell the prince he has his servant try to kill her but she escapes and saves the king from Alex, the stone cold killer. The prince planned to overthrow the king to take his place.

5.) Scents and Sensibility 10/24/1998
V.I.P. must protect a scientist who's creating an aphrodisiac. He tests it on himself at first and it seems to attract every woman he meets except Val and Julie, a co-worker that he's in love with. There is a side effect however, the people who are affected by it go crazy and want to kill the user.

6.) Diamonds are a Val's Best Friend 10/31/1998
Val is hired to guard the star of Neptune, a 50-carat diamond. But it gets stolen while under her watch. The thief turns out to be Nikki's cousin Gino. When Mr. Parcigian, the guy who paid them to protect the diamond finds out it was stolen he gives them 24 hours to retrieve it or he'll sue them. When Nikki's grandfather, a big wig in the mob, thinks he's getting the real thing from Gino finds but finds out he's got a fake he gives V.I.P. 24 hours to get him the real diamond or he'll kill Val. Tasha finds out that Gino is hiding the real diamond inside Protocon. Now V.I.P. and the mob team up to get it back. After they get it back and are about to escape Gino arrives with some old army buddies and demands they give it back. The diamond was in the limo and Nikki just rigged an explosive device on the passenger side door, so as Gino goes to get it they start to run and Gino sees them trying to escape and goes after them. Just then the limo explodes with the diamond inside. But Nikki had just switched the real diamond for a fake so it wasn't the real diamond that blew up it was a fake, leaving her grandfather with the real diamond.

7.) Deconstructing Peri 11/7/98
Her boyfriend's father is targeting Peri Woodman, the star of Fox Star One. He's a senator and she's releasing her memoirs, which will expose him and ruin his political future.

8.) Val Got Game 11/14/98
V.I.P. must protect a promising future NBA star from a psychotic agent who's trying to keep him out of the NBA draft.

9.) Vallery of the Dolls 11/21/98
Rogue magazine centerfolds are being kidnapped so V.I.P. is hired to guard the remaining centerfolds at the mansion and find the missing ones. Val feels it's her fault when the first one is kidnapped because it's right out of her commercial for V.I.P. All the models stay at the mansion so when Quick sees one leaving suspiciously he and Tasha follow her to a hotel only to discover she's there with her husband because they never had a honeymoon. So Quick and Tasha wait outside the door when two gunmen create a diversion by opening fire on them. When the gunmen leave Tasha and Quick check the room and find the model kidnapped and her husband knocked out on the ground. Val and Kay find out that the kidnappers are copying scenes from movies to kidnap the models. When Val and Kay go to tell the rest of the team Val gets kidnapped in the process. Turns out the kidnappers are working for Chloe, a Rogue employee. She plans to make money off their beauty and sell them on the Asian market. Chloe is doing this because she's jealous because she could never be a Rogue centerfold, she admits. The rest of V.I.P. arrive just in time to save the day.

10.) Midnight in the Garden of Ronnie Beeman 1/16/99
Ronnie Beeman, a controversial talk show host hires V.I.P. as security on his self titled talk show. On their first day on the job they stop an audience member from attempting to assassinate Ronnie Beeman. When they interrogate him all he tells them is that his name is Daniel J. Kilborne. Before they can anything else out of him he kills himself. Val however notices a tattoo on his right bicep which helps identify him as member of a Black Ops Commando Unit. The unit consists of four men and one woman. The next day at the studio another member of the Black Ops Commando Unit attempts to kill Ronnie Beeman, backstage this time. He also fails but manages to escape by car. Nikki and Tasha follow him to the commando's empty hideout and they manage to set off an electronic trip wire giving them seconds to escape before it explodes. They just barely make it. Afterwards when they explore the remains they find blueprints for the studio of the Ronnie Beeman Show. Ronnie takes some good advice and takes some time off leaving Val as the guest host. Val goes on a truth trek and helps the guests talk it out instead of duking it out. Then when Val announces her next guest, Ben Hale, an employee of the NSA (National Security Agency) all hell breaks loose when the remaining members of the Black Ops Commando Unit open fire on him. Turns out they wanted him more than Beeman. Their problem with Hale and the NSA is that the NSA refused to believe that the Black Ops Commando Unit was on their side and sent them to prison for six years. Val however protects Hale from them until the rest of V.I.P. arrives.

11.) Good Val Hunting 1/23/99
Eric Collier, America's answer to Richard Branson, hires V.I.P. to protect him when he puts a bounty on his head. After a few people try to kill him they decide it would be better to hide out in San Pedro where he owns a top security installation. Back at V.I.P. headquarters Kay is watching a movie on TV when her cable goes out. She finds out that they were the only ones who lost the cable. Which means that the message was meant to be seen only by V.I.P. Once Tasha learns this Collier introduces them to the people who tried to "kill" him. It was just a plan to see if V.I.P. was a worthy adversary for his next game, a hunt where they're the targets.

12.) Escape From Val-catraz 1/30/99
V.I.P. is hired for the wedding of Cynthia Murdock, her mother is very rich and her father is behind bars at Cyrus Rand Federal Penitentiary in Los Angeles, California for having stolen 17 million dollars of police money. When he finds out about the wedding he says he'll reveal the location of where he hid the money on two conditions. One is that he is allowed to attend his daughter's wedding and the second is to have V.I.P. to protect him. The Feds agree but he has to lead them to the money first. On the way to the money one of the agents has a friend shoot at their truck to take out the other agent so the two of them can keep the money for themselves. With Val and Tasha following behind they see the whole thing and try to rescue Harry Murdock. Having succeeded, Val, Tasha and Harry Murdock are now fugitives because what one of the agents in on it said to the media. Having stopped by the roadside the two corrupt agents catch up to them and try to get Murdock but he escapes with Val. Tasha following behind takes care of the agents and jumps into the agents car with Val and Murdock. The agents find out that he's going to his daughter's wedding so they go there. Harry, waiting to see his daughter, goes out through the window and to the well in the backyard to retrieve a duffel bag filled with the 17 million dollars of stolen police money. When they get to the wedding the corrupt agents tell everyone that they're looking for Harry Murdock and then open fire which starts a fight between them and V.I.P. The money gets burned however when a bomb that Nikki threw lands near the bag and sets it on fire. The wedding still takes place however but for an unknown reason it takes place at Cyrus Rand Federal Penitentiary.

13.) The Last Temptation of Val 2/6/99
While trying to get her credit limit raised Val foils a bank robbery with the help of an unknown man. Kay hacks into the bank's video surveillance and Nikki recognizes the unknown man as Japanese action star Johnny Loh. Johnny Loh fled from Hong Kong after a stuntman died on the set of his last movie "Dragonsport 2". He's now wanted by Hong Kong police for questioning in the 1997 death of the stuntman and by the Hong Kong mob for knowing the truth about his death. V.I.P. is hired by Jay Chesler now that his bodyguard (Johnny Loh) is on the lam. While doing her rounds Nikki sees someone is in the garage and goes to investigate. The person in the garage turns out to be Johnny Loh and he knocks her out and kidnaps her. He later returns to the scene of the crime with Nikki as insurance to get what he had earlier tried to get, his laptop with the truth about the stuntman's death on it. When he gets his laptop back a few members of the Hong Kong mob break in and try to get the computer, which they don't succeed in. Val and Nikki hide Johnny at Val's and Maxine asks Johnny to show her a move that includes handcuffs. She volunteers Val and just when Val and Johnny are handcuffed more mobsters enter and kidnap Val and Johnny. Johnny creates a diversion and escapes from the mobsters grasp. Finding out that the info they requested is in Emily Chesler hands they go after her at school where she works as a nude model. Luckily V.I.P. arrive first and are able to protect Emily and defeat the mobsters for a final time.

14.) Val Under Siege With a Vengeance 2/13/99
Val and her "staff" are invited to a charity event. The "staff" are to be used as models and parade down the runway. During the fashion show terrorists interrupt and hold them hostage. Val must now locate Simon Wirth as he is the one the terrorists want. She finds him but he refuses to come so she takes him at gunpoint. The terrorists want Simon because he has the codes for the U.S. treasury, or so they think. He hasn't developed a new code for the treasury in over a year. The terrorists mad decide to open gunfire and a fight ensues leaving V.I.P. the winners.

15.) Val on the Run 2/20/99
A key witness in a video piracy case is being followed so he calls Val. She sends V.I.P. and they arrive just in time but the assailants manage to escape from V.I.P. Steve Wizner, the key witness, was suppose to have round the clock protection by the FBI but they were nowhere to be found. When they arrive at Steve's house the two agents are there. He decides to have V.I.P. as his bodyguards, with Val at his side at all times. While the agents and the rest of V.I.P. are waiting outside Val and Steve are in the hot tub. Then one of his housekeepers comes in and shoots Steve in the head. Agent Lampert informs Val that she's the target now because she now knows what Steve was killed for knowing. Then we see agent Lampert paying Helga, the housekeeper who killed Steve. Agents Lampert and McCoy then inform V.I.P. that Val ran away from them. Val and Maxine are at Maxine's mother's, then all of a sudden the bad guys show up and Val manages to keep them at bay until V.I.P. shows up. The bad guys escape making V.I.P. chase after them but the bad guy's car blows up. Tasha finds out that agent Lampert bailed out Helga which leads them to believe that agent Lampert is the leak. Val then receives a phone call from agent Lampert and he says he wants to meet her alone at a safehouse. She goes with V.I.P. already there and agent Lampert explains to them that Steve's death was faked. Steve then appears and some fake agents show up and try to really kill him but they don't succeed.

16.) ThunderVal 2/27/99
When we last saw Dr. Tina Stokes ("Scents And Sensibility") she apparently died in a car crash. But she's back and very alive. This time she hires V.I.P. and they head off to the Carribean. It seems as though she has turned her life around but she only hired V.I.P. as a decoy for the feds while her and her partner Angel(also from "Scents And Sensibility") plan to steal a toxin. While making their escape with the toxin on a sea-doo Val notices them grabs a sea-doo and follows them. She pulls ahead of them and shoots a harpoon into a lifeboat sending Tina and Angel into the water and the toxin into the air which Val manages to catch just in the nick of time.

17.) The Quiet Brawler 3/6/99
When Val's favorite actor opens up his own gym she gets V.I.P. a corporate membership. This doesn't sit well with a local drug dealer who's business isn't going so well now that the gym has opened up. Rex Reevo an actor on "The Brawler" films has a personal grudge against Dave Hart. So he destroys Dave's gym attacks one of Dave's friends so Dave will fight him. Attacking his friend did and Dave agrees to fight Rex Reevo and wins. Since Dave put all his money in the gym and has no money to pay V.I.P. he gives them a lifetime membership to his gym.

18.) K-Val 3/12/99
When Val hears a caller threatening a radio psychologist and her family she sets up an appointment for her with V.I.P. When Dr. Lonnie thinks the stalker might be a co-worker Val accompanies her to work. While on the air she gets threatened again so Kay tracks the call and Nikki goes after the stalker. Turns out he was only a messenger. Nikki warns him to step out of his car because there's a bomb under it but he doesn't listen and his car blows up with him in it. While on a break Dr. Lonnie hears a threatening message from inside the building. It turns out to be a co-worker who was playing a cruel joke on her. Dr. Lonnie is getting real worried now and asks Val to take over the show for her. Val agrees and does it with Dr. Lonnie right next to her. Back at V.I.P. headquarters Kay is going through a list of people who called the Dr. Lonnie show and got on the air. She finds the name of an ex-marine who might have gone mercenary. So Quick goes to pay him a visit but he attacks Quick. Then two women in uniform join in but Quick takes care of all three. Turns out the guy is also another messenger. Tasha goes to see her friend Badger to help her find out who the voice on the tapes threatening Dr. Lonnie belongs to. Badger finds out that the person who recorded the messages on the tapes was trying to frame a man named Dunley for the crime. While on the way back to V.I.P. Val, Nikki, Dr. Lonnie and the driver are being followed and shot at by a helicopter. Tasha suspects that Roy, Dr. Lonnie's husband is the stalker. Hearing that his cover might be blown Roy escapes with Jeremy, Dr. Lonnie's son, through the secret exit. Tasha follows and explains to Roy that she knows his plan. Jeremy then escapes from Roy and Roy runs away from Tasha. Tasha follows Roy again but Roy grabs a hostage. Jeremy appears behind Roy and distracts him so Tasha can catch him off guard and disarm him.

19.) Mudslide Val 5/1/99
Val gets a call from Dr. Richard D. Gold saying that he needs protection. It seems that a certain car has been following him all week. The next thing we know, just as V.I.P. arrives, he's dead from an apparent heart attack. Kay looks through his laptop for clues and she discovers that someone tried to erase one of his files just before he was killed. Dr. Gold had mentioned that someone else's life was in danger before he was killed. She retrieves the file, it's an entry in an address book, The Red Oaks Health Spa. They go there undercover. Tasha as a masseuse, Nikki as a fitness instructor, Kay and Quick as guests and Val stays with the owner of the health spa. Then a suspicious van pulls up and a woman steps out retrieving buckets of sulfuric acid from the van. Nikki notices the van and the empty buckets and calls for back up. The acid was dumped into the owner's private hot tub. The rest of V.I.P. arrive just in time to save the owner and Val from stepping into the hot tub. It's clear now who the second target is. The owner's name is Bob Porter and until two years ago he was a federal agent in deep cover after a drug dealer named Adam Banta. Now Adam Banta is back along with Karen Rite. He wants revenge because he's now disfigured and Bob Porter had testified against the cartel in court. Kay then receives an e-mail from detective Grispy. It seems that Dr. Gold was murdered. He was injected with a mixture of insulin and pentothal. Karen and Adam steal the identities from a couple and stay at the spa. Val and Bob go into the sauna but Karen passes by and locks them in and puts the steam to the limit. While Val and Bob try stopping the steam Nikki, Tasha and Quick have a gunfight with Adam and Karen. Karen runs into the tanning room and Nikki follows her in. Karen tries to shove Nikki into a tanning bed and closes the lid. She misses the first time but gets it the second time. Then she gets the water bottle from the water cooler and tries to electrocute Nikki but Nikki gets out and shoves Karen into the tanning bed. The bottle falls in with her and Karen is electrocuted to death. They then go and rescue Bob and Val who have passed out are lying on the floor of the sauna room. They then go into the room where Adam and Karen were staying and find a suitcase containing insulin and pentothal. They also find two glasses with fingerprints belonging to Adam and Karen. Adam was believed to be dead but he's apparently still alive and gunning for Bob Porter and V.I.P. The spa is closed because of Adam. Instead of the telling the members the real reason and creating a panic they tell them that there was chemical spill. Another gunfight with Banta and his cohorts ensues but Banta escapes. Val and Bob go to her apartment. Kay calls to tell Val that Banta was tracking them. Val turns on the TV and sees that Banta and some of his cronies are coming. Val and Bob booby-trap the apartment but Banta catches them off-guard. He forces them onto the balcony where he plans to throw Bob over the balcony but his plan is thwarted by the rest of V.I.P.'s arrival.

20.) Raging Val 5/8/99
Quick's past as a professional boxer is explored as the Russian mob try to control boxing and do to a current boxer what they had done to Quick.

21.) Three Days to a Kill 5/15/99
Kay's boyfriend from college escapes a mob hit and comes to L.A. Once in L.A. Val and Kay go to pick him at the airport. At the airport though Kay is mistaken to be Romona Flynn, a professional hit woman, by the guys who want her boyfriend dead. Her cover is blown however when the real Romona Flynn arrives. Val, Kay and Stu (Kay's boyfriend) escape but Romona follows them on her motorcycle. The car that Val was driving suddenly stops and Val manages to make Romona fall off her motorcycle. Kay learns that her boyfriend is a cheater and she sends him to Alaska, then she starts to date one of the guys who wanted her boyfriend dead.

22.) Val The Hard Way 5/22/99
A man named Prophet hires a group called The Double D Girls for a Las Vegas job. The only problem is The Double D Girls get busted before they can get to Las Vegas. Prophet doesn't know what The Double D Girls look like so detective Grispy decides to use V.I.P. to go undercover as The Double D Girls so he can find out who Prophet is working for. When they get to Las Vegas the limo they're driving in contains a bomb. They have 82 seconds to diffuse but first they have to find it. They find in time and throw it out the sunroof. They find out that Prophet wants them to steal some platinum. They pull off the job but the real Double D Girls show up and steal the platinum. They want to take Quick as a hostage but the rest of V.I.P. come to save him. Together they defeat The Double D Girls."
Mindless Fun
Jade Blue | PHILADELPHIA, PA United States | 03/08/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This show used to come on at the most random times-like 3am after the clubs closed and we were all trying to come down off a buzz...This show was perfect for that. In its "hey-day", it came on in the afternoon on the weekend when most are either working off a hang-over or doing laundry, etc. I always thought the fact that it was so reality-absent was wonderful. I was upset when the show didn't return as it always made me chuckle. It was a cute show and an appropriate vehicle for Pam Anderson."
Where, oh where, have my other seasons gone?
Sean P. Logue | Research Triangle Park, NC USA | 12/22/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This show is great fun to watch. It is one of the best entries in the "girls with guns" genre, mostly because it doesn't try to take itself too seriously.

The only thing missing are all the other seasons that came after this one. I can't believe that after all this time they still aren't out on DVD!"