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The Very Best of One Step Beyond
The Very Best of One Step Beyond
Included — 1. One Step Beyond - Aerialist, The — 2. One Step Beyond - Anniversary of a Murder — 3. One Step Beyond - Brainwave — 4. One Step Beyond - Captain's Guests, The — 5. One Step Beyond - Clown, The — 6. One Step Beyond -...  more »

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Number of Discs: 4
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Member Movie Reviews

Noranne G. (spookiemagic) from LAS VEGAS, NV
Reviewed on 6/7/2010...
Despite it's age, this series stands the test of time pretty well. The stories were all supposedly based on actual facts which adds to its overall creepiness. And in my opinion, absolutely no television show or movie (with the possible exception if Henry Mancini's title theme for the 1962 movie "Experiment in Terror")had a more unnerving score. As soon as the background music started up, you knew something paranormal was about to happen.

We have seen remakes of such classic TV shows as "The Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits" come and go, but so far Hollywood has ignored revamping this gem and that is a real pity as it would definitely be great to see what an updated version would be like. (and hopefully keep that background music!)
3 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.
Leslie L. (Highlander4812) from WYOMING, MI
Reviewed on 1/12/2009...
Very interesting to see how many actors had parts in these episodes. Worth watching!!
2 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.
Tammy P. (Raindancer) from GROVE CITY, OH
Reviewed on 6/26/2008...
Having never seen these shows before, I really enjoyed them. They were BETTER, in a way, than the old Twilight Zone-type shows, because each episode was based on the facts reported of true psychic phenomenon experienced by everyday people and verified by other witnesses! All kinds of psychic events occur in these episodes, from ghostly encounters, mental telepathy, transporting back in time, premonitions, life-saving unexplainable "coincidences" and biographies of amazingly talented people with skills no one else seems to have.

Be prepared to be amazed and delighted by these episodes made in the 1950s and 1960s, I believe. They should not be missed by folks who enjoy true tales of the paranormal and phychic phenomenon.
3 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.

Movie Reviews

Television's paranormal pioneer
Annie Van Auken | Planet Earth | 08/18/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"ONE STEP BEYOND was the pioneer TV show in the supernatural genre. This half-hour ABC TV series (first broadcast on Jan 20th, 1959) was based on purportedly true stories. Occasionally an episode featured the person who actually experienced a paranormal event (The Peter Hurkas Story, for example). Pure fantasy, fiction and irony would later be employed to great success by Rod Serling's TWILIGHT ZONE. Because ONE STEP BEYOND dealt with more genuine (and therefore less "mind-boggling") subject matter, it was quickly surpassed in popularity by the Serling show. This series met a premature end in June of 1961, but not before 97 episodes had aired.

MILL CREEK's box set of VERY BEST OF ONE STEP BEYOND presents 50 episodes encompassing all three years of the program's network run. Twenty-four season two episodes, 14 season three and 12 from the first abbreviated year make up the collection.

Episode ratings were obtained from a TV show archive website. The numbers seem inflated, for based on five of these programs that have polling data at a much larger film resource site, the average rating is only 5.7 on a 1 to 10 scale. The TV show site's averaged-out score for all 50 programs in this package is: 9.1.

The following alphabetized list includes poll results for each show, episode number, original date of broadcast and principal actors involved.

(7.3) (#15) The Aerialist (2/28/59) - Roy Baker/Mike Connors
(9.4) (#63) Anniversary Of A Murder (9/27/60) - Harry Townes/Amzie Strickland
(9.9) (#25) Brainwave (10/6/59) - Whit Bissell/Raymond Bailey
(9.7) (#19) The Captain's Guests (5/26/59) - Felix Locher/Robert Webber
(10.) (#49) The Clown (3/22/60) - John Close/Yvette Mimieux/Mickey Shaughnessy
(9.2) (-#4) The Dark Room (2/10/59) - Cloris Leachman/Ann Codee
(6.5) (#78) Dead Man's Tale (1/17/61) - Lonny Chapman/Jean Engstrom
(7.9) (-#9) The Dead Part Of The House (3/17/59) - Phillip Abbott/Mimi Gibson
(9.4) (#33) Dead Ringer (12/1/59) - Norma Crane/Grant Williams
(7.5) (#54) Delia (5/3/60) - Barbara Lord/Murray Matheson
(9.6) (#23) Delusion (9/15/59) - George Mitchell/Norman Lloyd/Suzanne Pleshette
(9.1) (#11) The Devil's Laughter (3/31/59) - Alfred Ryder/Alma Lawton
(9.5) (#26) Doomsday (10/13/59) - Fintan Meyler/Patrick O'Moore
(7.2) (-#7) The Dream (3/3/59) - Jack Lynn/Charles Horvath
(8.5) (#39) Earthquake (1/12/60) - David Opatoshu/Elvira Curci
(6.4) (#20) Echo (6/2/59) - Ross Martin/Leslie Barrett/Edmund Glover
(9.5) (#76) The Executioner (1/3/61) - Crahan Denton/Tom Middleton
(9.6) (#48) The Explorer (3/15/60) - Rudolph Anders/Edith Evanson/Bert Convy
(8.5) (#31) Forked Lightning (11/17/59) - Frank Maxwell/Candy Moore
(9.3) (#21) Front Runner (6/9/59) - Walter Burke/Ben Cooper
(9.8) (#56) Gypsy (5/17/60) - Johnny Seven/John Kellogg/Robert Blake
(9.7) (#37) The Hand (12/29/59) - Robert Loggia/Miriam Colon
(9.8) (#50) I Saw You Tomorrow (4/5/60) - Francis Bethencourt/Narda Onyx
(10.) (#28) The Inheritance (10/27/59) - Sean McClory/Jan Miner
(10.) (#84) Justice (3/7/61) - Pauline Jameson/Ewen Roberts
(10.) (#77) The Last Round (1/10/61) - Charles Bronson/Feliz Deeback
(7.6) (#74) Legacy Of Love (12/20/60) - Charles Aidman/Norma Crane
(7.0) (#44) The Lovers (2/16/60) - Rudolph Anders/Irene Tedrow/Sig Ruman
(9.9) (#36) Make Me Not A Witch (12/22/59) - Patricia McCormack/Leo Penn
(9.3) (#30) Message From Clara (11/10/59) - Barbara Baxley/Robert Ellenstein
(8.2) (#67) Moment Of Hate (10/25/60) - Joanne Linville/Linda Lawson/John Kellogg
(9.2) (-#2) Night Of April 14th (1/27/59) - Patrick Macnee/Barbara Lord
(8.0) (#82) Night Of Decision (2/21/61) - Richard Tyler/Robert Douglas/Ken Drake
(8.5) (#29) The Open Window (11/3/59) - Michael Higgins/Louise Fletcher
(9.7) (#24) Ordeal On Locust Street (9/22/59) - Suzanne Lloyd/Gary Campbell
(10.) (#81) Person Unknown (2/7/61) - Robert Carricart/Rudolfo Hoyos Jr./Jay Novello
(9.9) (#52) The Peter Hurkos Story (Part 1) (4/19/60) - Albert Salmi/Norbert Schiller/John Banner
(9.9) (#53) The Peter Hurkos Story (Part 2) (4/26/60) - Albert Salmi/Andrew Prine/Peter Hurkos
(7.7) (#12) The Return Of Mitchell Campion (4/7/59) - Patrick O'Neal Lilyan Chauvin
(9.8) (#14) The Secret (4/21/59) - Robert Douglas Maria Palmer
(10.) (#61) The Storm (6/21/60) - Lee Bergere Rebecca Welles
(9.3) (#62) Tidal Wave (8/30/60) - Jean Allison/William Schallert
(9.9) (#68) To Know The End (11/1/60) - Alexander Davion/Noel Drayton
(9.8) (#72) Tonight At 12:17 (12/6/60) - Peggy Ann Garner/David De Haven
(8.1) (#69) The Trap (11/15/60) - Mike Kellin/Jeanne Bates/Ruth Storey
(9.9) (#45) Vanishing Point (2/23/60) - June Vincent/Edward Binns
(9.7) (#10) The Vision (3/24/59) - Jean Del Val/Bruce Gordon/Pernell Roberts
(10.) (#55) The Visitor (5/10/60) - Warren Beatty/Joan Fontaine/Charles Webster
(10.) (#73) Where Are They? (12/13/60) - Richard Devin/Phillip Pine/Joan Tompkins
(10.) (#42) Who Are You? (2/2/60) - Anna Lee/Philip Bourneuf"
"STEPPIN' OUT--into another dimension!"
Phoebe Stogstill | by the shores of Gitchee Goomie | 07/18/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have really enjoyed watching the fifty episodes included in "The Very Best of One Step Beyond." I will undoubtedly purchase more of these as my finances allow. A lot of viewing for not much money. It is such a delight to watch so many stars early in their careers, doing fine acting in these stories: Mike Connors (Mannix), Yvette Mimeaux, Cloris Leachman, Suzanne Pleshette (Newhart, the Birds), Ross Martin (The Wild, Wild West) Bert Convy, Robert Blake (Baretta), Robert Loggia, Charles Bronson, Patty McCormick (The Bad Seed), Patrick Macnee (The Avengers), Warren Beatty, Pernell Roberts (Bonanza, Trapper John, MD), Louise Fletcher, Patrick O'Neil and Albert Salmi. These are just a few and you will recognize all of the faces if you don't recognize the names, if you are of a certain age. I was always a fan of this show and Twilight Zone.It didn't have the budget that TZ had, but it did have one thing it didn't. Stories in "Beyond" are based on true events and not fictional stories. They are every bit as mysterious and entertaining. Younger people may gripe at the black and white and seemingly crude productions, but that was the way life was then. That WAS the state of the art and it cannot be made modern now. This is the beauty of them. We have a historical record of a very special time in American culture and ingenuity that needs to be appreciated for what it is. They are all great, but "The Dark Room" with Cloris Leachman and "The Clown," with Yvette Mimeaux are standouts.
50 Episodes of One Step Beyond
Camery | 06/28/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I purchased this package for $5 at Wal-Mart. Great deal, great episodes. I watched several times. Highly recommend."