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WWE - Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses: A Life in Wrestling
WWE - Mick Foley's Greatest Hits Misses A Life in Wrestling
Actors: Mick Foley, Mankind
Genres: Action & Adventure, Sports
NR     2004     6hr 30min

This is a greatest hits compilation of the hardcore icon mick foley! this 2 disc set contains highlights from foleys work in wwe wcw ecw and smw. Re-visit his characters mankind dude love and the sadistic cactus jack Stud...  more »


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Actors: Mick Foley, Mankind
Genres: Action & Adventure, Sports
Sub-Genres: Action & Adventure, Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 01/20/2004
Original Release Date: 01/20/2004
Theatrical Release Date: 01/20/2004
Release Year: 2004
Run Time: 6hr 30min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 1
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English
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Movie Reviews

Here's what you'll get...
the one and only | I live south of Parts Unknown | 02/23/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is just the same release as "Mick Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses' that was released four years ago in 2003. Only this time you will get an extra disk in the DVD set that comes with a couple of extra matches. Let me be clear...if you are a new fan of wrestling, this is ESSENTIAL!!! This has some of the greatest matches ever released. I will admit some are not as good as others, but there are some rare gems...


Cactus Jack and Max Payne vs. The Nasty Boys:
Wild brawl from WCW that had the use of a lot of weapons, chairs, tables, and more than one wild spot! Cactus Jack at one point suplexes a table onto one of the nasty boys on the ramp leading to the ring in a great spot. However the Nasty Boys get the win after Cactus gets leveled with a shovel to the head...8/10

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu:
Many people actually believed one of these two would die because they were each that violent. The match is back and forth but many considered it a let down...even Mick himself. But nonetheless this is still an entertaining match and there were table spots, dont worry. Sabu at one point had Cactus on a table in the audience and did a moonsault off the top rope onto Cactus through the table! The ending was kinda cheap but Sabu wins a good fight. 7.5/10

Cactus Jack and Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk:
There was not one wrestling move in this entire match! More and more weapons were used and Stevie Richards at one point makes an apperance but pays for it! Cant remember who wins, I am doing this review based on memory [yes, I have watched this DVD set that many times] but it was a great match to watch for the violence! 8.5/10

Other matches include

Cactus Jack vs. Vader
Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman [Texas Death Match]
Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck [Cactus' last match in ECW]


Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk:
This was one of the rarest matches that had Mick wrestle as himself. These two tore the roof down and it was even better because Stone Cold Steve Austin was on commentary! Tables, chairs, trashcans, and brutality is what resulted when these two legendary figures met in the ring! Mick Foley wins...9/10

Mankind vs. The Undertaker:
The famous Hell in a Cell match that had Mankind getting thrown twice off the roof of the cage; once on top of the announce table, the other through the roof of the cage. Thumbtacks and chairs would also make appearances in the match and Taker wins. 10/10

Cactus Jack vs. HHH:
The famous street fight from Royal Rumble 2000. Anything and everything was used. Barbed wire, thumbtacks, tables, steel steps, handcuffs, chairs, trashcans, sledghammers, just to name a few! Cactus at one point was handcuffed and took some brutal chair shots to the head, but fought back and sliced HHH's head open with his trusy barbed wire 2 by 4. HHH wins after pedigreeing Cactus face first onto a pile of tacks! 11/10

other matches include

HBK vs. Mankind [Mick calls it the greatest match in his career]
Mankind vs. The Rock [when foley won the title]
Cactus Jack vs. HHH [the first time these two fought, not the best but still really good]

and finally the third disk includes:

Cactus Jack vs. Randy Orton:
This is what the wwe was lacking the most in 2004...VIOLENCE!!! Luckily this is a rare treat that had Randy proving he has what it takes to go hardcore. Orton at one point fell back first onto a pile of tacks without a shirt on! His back looked like a pincushion! A huge board of barbed wire makes an appearance, as does chairs, cookie sheets, tables, and trashcans! Great match that Randy won. 10/10

Cactus Jack vs. Edge:
This was from last year, and it was also as brutal as any Cactus Jack match was. tacks, tables, fire, and barbed wire make appearances. Edge wins after spearing Foley through the ring ropes onto a table set on fire! 10/10

Cactus Jack vs. Ric Flair:
This was an I Quit match that had both men taking huge punishment. Foley at one point gave a scoop slam to Flair onto tacks, then flair fought back and knocked foley out of the ring right to the floor! Flair even gave his chops while wearing Mr. Socko wrapped in barbed wire! Flair wins in a cheap ending as Melina comes down and starts interfering...bad ending to a great feud and match. 9/10

the last match is Mick Foley and Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk from ECW One Night Stand 2006 [VIOLENT MATCH]

There you have it, this is recommended if you have either lost your old copy of this previously released set or if you are a new, new fan of wrestling...This is highly recommended."
D.P. | California | 05/20/2006
(4 out of 5 stars)

"A hardcore legend in Mick Foley has his wrestling career is spotlighted here on this DVD. Foley will go down in history for being able to control the crowd, being violent & hardcore, and also being able to be one of the most loveable characters in wrestling. This DVD is a great collection of violent matches with comments form Foley himself along with his famous promos & extra matches.

Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader - During a time where Vader was just killing his opponetts, Cactus Jack was able to hold his own and go toe to toe with Vader. This also includes exclusive footage that was censored on TBS.

Chicago Street Fight: Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. Nasty Boys - This was one of the "stiffest" matches I've ever seen as these guys were legitlity brawling & hitting each other with the weapons and you just see at one point Cactus get his head cracked with a shovel on the floor.

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu - This match was more about the post match brawl between the two than the match itself. Foley admits before the match that the hype & reputation between these two set a standard that nobody could match.

Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido - This wasn't anything really memorable past showcasing his time in Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

Texas Death Match: Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman - Foley openily admits that this match wasn't pretty as Sandman got a concussion at the beginning & really threw everything off. Mick described this match perfectly in the beginning, it was a trainwreck.

Cactus Jack & Raven vs. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer - The classic ECW wild weapons brawl as they had everything including the kitchen sink. It would get sick as you see things like Cactus ripping at Funk's arm with glass. With cameo's from Taz & Bill Alfonzo, this is worth watching again & again.

Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck - Nothing special here past this being Cactus' last match in ECW against the man he took under his wing & helped make a superstar.

Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels - Mick said it himself in his own book that this was the best match of his career and WWE proclaimed as the match of the year in 1996. HBK's high flyin' lucha libre influenced style mixed with Mankind's hardcore daredevil style made for one hell of a match.

Falls Count Anywhere: Cactus Jack vs. Triple H - Tables, trash cans, and weapons galore in this brawl with an entertaining prematch promo from the "3 Faces Of Foley." One of the best matches in RAW history.

Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk - A throwback to their ECW brawls as both of these wrestlers are just using their own bodies are wrecking machines. Stone Cold on commentary just adds to the craziness of this match.

Dude Love vs. Stone Cold - The best match in the history of Dude Love as it's another brawl that goes all over the place from the ring to the outside and even the set with all the cars gets involved. McMahon, Brisco, Patterson, and Undertaker all have cameos in this match.

Mankind vs. The Undertaker - Foley's most memorable performance as he takes a beating that you have to see to believe.

Mankind vs. The Rock - One of the most emotional title wins that "put alot of butts in the seats" as Foley wins the title for the first time with help from Stone Cold. This match itself isn't as good as their Survivor Series match or their later matches like the Halftime Heat match but still, it was very emotional.

Street Fight Match: Cactus Jack vs. Triple H - This is the match that catapulted Triple H into the bonified main event superstar that he is today. Thumbtacks, barbed wire, and blood all over the place as these two took you on one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

Bonus Matches:
Falls Count Anywhere: Cactus Jack vs. Sting - This match has commentary from Coach & Foley where they talked about his storytelling throughout the match & his time in WCW. This was Cactus' best WCW match in his opinion and it really is. Action all over the ringside area along with great storytelling revolving around Sting's injured ribs.

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu - The Cactus/Sabu rematch that includes commentary from Foley & Coach. This match is better quality (both in video & in ring action) than the previous one.

"Jack" Foley & Les Thornton vs. British Bulldogs - Mick's WWE debut that results in him having a dislocated jaw thanks to the Dynamite Kid.

DVD extras across both disc include an interview a week after his match with Vader, the promo where Cactus Jack spits on the WCW tag team titles, two anti-hardcore ECW promos including his favorite one revolving around a fan making a sign suggesting that Sandman canes his 5 year old son, his ECW farewell speech, a Confidental piece on what he's been up to since leaving WWE in 2001, the early Mankind "ear" teaser promos, one of his Mankind vignettes from the "dungeon", the promo he did before his Mind Games match, the video features from Las Vegas with Al Snow, and a backstage promo between Commissioner Foley & Kurt Angle. Hidden extras include the video of a young Mick Foley jumping off the roof of his house, the Dude Love entrance video, his Chef Boyardee commercial, and the DX paraody "Have A Bad Day."

(Now the following matches 4 matches are on the Hardcore Edition disc & all have commentary with Joey Styles & Mick Foley. Keep in mind for this review that I already had the original 2 disc version & caught the 3rd "Hardcore Edition" disc on a WWE 24/7 replay so I don't know the bonus material or hidden extras on this third disc.)

No Holds Barred Match: Mick Foley vs. Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton - Foley in this match did what he did for Triple H in 2000 & Edge at WM22. He put Orton in his hardcore enviroment & heavily put him over as it showed that Orton can take some serious punishment that most wrestlers can't & still go while telling a good story in the ring as well. Also hear how Mick Foley felt about how his match a month earlier at WrestleMania was his motivation for this match along with how honored he felt that Randy Orton kept referencing this match years later.

Edge vs. Mick Foley - This was about Mick Foley getting his "WrestleMania moment" and he did because I felt like this was the best match of the night & one of the best hardcore matches in WWE history. The spear though the flaming table at the end is really something that has to be seen.

w/Mick Foley & Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Beulah - This match was like an updated version of the November 2 Remember '95 match...only replace Raven with Edge. Just great hardcore action with Funk stuck in barbwire, Dreamer & Edge brawling, the catfight with Beulah & Lita and even Foley on fire. Just great non-stop it was nice to see Beulah again (you can never get enough of her). The commentary is interesting here as you hear how Mick was disappointed with the setup to this match along with his feelings about how Vince McMahon viewed Terry Funk.

"I Quit" Match: Ric Flair vs. Mick Foley - Seeing Ric Flair take these hardcore spots in his shape & age in the ring is really to see. It got a little weak towards the end with Melina running in but still, the match is something to see as we hadn't seen Flair act this psycho since his matches with Terry Funk. During this match, you'll hear why Mick Foley felt so negative about this encounter from the match itself to how Flair was booked afterwards.

In the end, after releasing the bonus disc full of his last runs in WWE along with his personal thoughts, this is truely an ultimate Mick Foley collection that any true fan would cherish so I recommend."
Mick Foleys Greatest Hits & Misses
S.L.H | England | 08/20/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I wanted this DVD so much when it first came out and when i got it was surprised just how good the matches were on this DVD in their full length.


Cactus Jack Vs. Big Van Vader - A brutal brawl like no other, Cactus takes a horrible beating and hearing Vader break his nose is just sick. You see unseen footage not shown in WCW of Cactus being busted open and the ending which is a surprise brilliant battle. 8.5/10

Chicago Street Fight
Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne vs. The Nasty Boys - My favourite tag match ever!! Who could have thought WCW could have put on such a violent match in 1994!! Alot like ECW with the use of lots of weapons and tables. (Watch out for some nasty chair shots and Cactus being pushed off ramp onto cold concrete!) 10/10


Cactus Jack vs Chris Candido (RIP) - For some reason i never liked this match and didnt get into it even though it is a decent technical affair, Cactus shows he isnt just a hardcore wrestler. 5/10


Cactus Jack vs. Sabu - This match had way too much hype going into and was never going to deliver to its full anticipation. Like Mick says most people expected him and Sabu to kill each other in this match and people were bound to be dissapointed. This said i think this match is a good hardcore bout with both taking some good bumps and hits. 8/10

Texas Death Match
Cactus Jack vs. The Sandman - One of the misses on the DVD and a very wierd match. Sandman is mainly a brawler who can put on a good hardcore match but he was out of it for this match so it was all Cactus and the ending was messed up alot of times by the fact Sandman didnt know what to do, hard to watch at times but some good weapon spots. 5/10 (For the good weapons and Sandman continuing even though not really there in mind)

Cactus Jack and Raven vs. Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer - What we all remember ECW for! Best match on DVD for ECW and was what we all expect it to be. Weapons everywhere (Even a VCR!!)and just an all out brawl to remember, finish was a little messy but doesnt ruin the match. 9/10

Cactus Jack vs. Mikey Whipwreck -His last match in ECW and second best match ive seen Whipwreck in (No.1 is against Billy Kidman Uncensored 2000)this match was good and solid with some good spots from both men.


WWE Title
Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels - Brilliant best match of 1996 and didnt even have a proper storyline to back it up. This match proves that Mick is not just a hardcore wrestler who brawls but is someone who can put on a good technical match with someone like HBK. Brilliant but deserved a proper ending. 9.5/10 (Would have been 10 but for the run in)

Falls Count Anywhere
Cactus Jack vs. HHH - Classic Raw match which was the turning point into the attitude era and a more aggressive style. Good match which goes throughout the arena and the ending is excellent, the first match between HHH and Cactus who always seem to work well together. 9/10

No Holds Barred
Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk - Only match on DVD as Mick Foley.A ok solid match but it felt like the crowd didnt care until near the end. 6/10

WWE Title
Dude Love vs. Stone Cold (c) - Only match as Dude Love but is a good example of the infamous attitude era. Good brawl and Vince McMahon and Undertaker help this match along. 8/10

Hell In A Cell
Mankind vs. Undertaker - WOW most famous Hell In A Cell match ever and most fans have seen many times. You all know that Mick takes some crazy bumps and both give their all in this brilliant and brutal match, Undertaker had a broken foot and Mick was messed up aftr the fall from the top so to create such a match from that makes this a classic. 10/10

WWE Title
Mankind vs. The Rock (c) - Micks first title win shame it had to be on Raw. This is not the best match these two have had but was a decent match with lots of interference. 7/10

Street Fight WWE Title
Cactus Jack vs. HHH (c) - WHAT A MATCH! Best street fight ever! This match is full of weapons and blood and they put their all in this match. HHH and Cactus were at their best here and put on a performance that keeps you on the edge of your seat BRILLIANT! 10/10

Buy this DVD most of the matches are top class and are worth their money, this DVD proves that Mick is one of the best in the business.
One of the Greatest WWE DVD's Ever!
Chris Enloe | USA | 04/30/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Mick Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses is no doubt one of the greatest superstar profiles WWE has ever released. Here's whats on it.

Disk One:
Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader WCW Saturday Night 4/17/1993
Some of the latter day hardcore fans may not like this one, but it was good for its time. Cactus wins.

Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne vs. Nasty Boys in a Chicago Street Fight
This one took place at WCW Spring Stampede 4/17/1994. I was very impressed with this match. I never thought I would see something like that in WCW (especially in 1994!) Nasty Boys win.

Cactus Jack vs. Sabu ECW Hostile City Showdown 6/24/1994
Cactus was sent to ECW by WCW to wrestle this match. Very entertaining with some nice spots. Sabu wins.

Cactus Jack vs. Chris Candido SMW 11/18/1994
Nice match for Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Cactus Jack wins.

Cactus Jack vs. Sandman in a Texas Death Match ECW 2/4/1995
Not as great as I thought it would be, but still good. You could tell in some spots that Sandman wasn't in his right mind! To win this one, you had to pin. Then he had to stay down for a ten count (kind of a mix between a regular match and a Last Man Standing match.) Cactus wins.

Cactus & Raven vs. Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer ECW November 2 Remember
This match was AWESOME! Many weapons used including a VCR, a cheese grador, and a frying pan! Funk and Dreamer win.

Cactus vs. Mikey Whipwreck ECW 3/9/1996
This was a cool match. It was Foley's last ECW match. Cactus wins.

Extras for Disk One
Post-Match Vador Interview
Cactus Jack vs. Sting WCW Beach Balst 6/20/92 Foley and Coachmen on commentary.
Cactus Spits on the WCW Belt
"Cane Dewwy" Promo (Mick's favorite.)
"Anti-Hardcore" Promo
Cactus vs. Sabu rematch Hamburg, PA. Foley and coachman do commentary.
ECW Farewell speech
"Jack" Foley & Les Thornton vs. British Bulldogs 9/13/1986
WWE Confidental: Foley explains his absence.

Disk Two
Introducing... Mankind!

Mankind vs. HBK World Title WWE Mind Games 9/22/1996
Mick calls this his favorite match. It was a good match. HBK wins by DQ.

Cactus vs. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley Falls Count Anywhere Raw 9/22/1997
This match was sweet! It was also cool to hear the Raw fans start chanting ECW ECW! Cactus wins.

Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk Raw 5/4/1998
Nice to see these two friends battle it out. Foley wins.

Dude Love vs. Stone Cold World Title Over the Edge 5/31/1998
This was Foley's greatest match as the Dude Love character. Add Vince McMahon as special guest referee and Undertaker at ring side during the entire match and your in for a treat! Austin wins.

Mankind vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell King of the Ring 6/28/1998
This is the match that Foley will be remembered most for. Him falling of and through the cage was amazing. Add a steal chair and some thumb tacts and you get one of the greatest Hell in a Cell match ever. Undertaker wins.

Mankind vs. The Rock World Title Raw 1/4/1999
This was a emotional one for Mick Foley and a decent match. Mankind wins his first of three World Titles.

Cactus Jack vs. HHH in a Street Fight World Tile Royal Rumble 1/23/2000
This has to be one of the greatest street fights of all time! Barbed wire, steal chairs, thumb tacts, handcuffs, and other weapons are used. Lots of blood. HHH wins

Extras for Disk Two
Mankind Teasers. WWE fans get their first look at a disturbing newcomer.
Music to My Ear. Mankind talks about his symphony of destruction.
J.R., Mankind, and Paul Bearer prior to his Mind Games match against HBK.
J.R. interviews Mankind Raw 6/9/1997.
The Birth of Mr. Socko. Mankind visits Mr. McMahon in the hospital. Very funny!!!
Mick and Al Snow in Las Vegas.
Commissioner Foley and Kurt Angle

Disk Three
All of the following matches can be viewed with regular commentary or special commentary with Mick and Joey Styles

Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton No Holds Barred for the Intercontinental Title Backlash 4/18/2004.
This match was sweet with lots of thumb tacts and barbed wire. Orton wins.

Foley vs. Edge Hardcore match Wrestlmania 22 4/2/2006
This match was great. Most shocking moment is win Edge spears Foley through a flaming table. Edge wins.

Foley, Edge, and Lita vs. Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, and Beulah ECW One Night Stand 6/11/2006
This match, in my opinion, was the greatest one from one night stand. Barbed wire, fire, and other weapons were used. Foley, Edge, & Lita win.

Foley vs. Ric Flair I Quit match SummerSalm 8/20/2006
It was so sweet to see these two legends battle it out in the ring. Lots of blood shed. Ric Flair wins.
No extras on disk three."