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WWE Survivor Series 2003
WWE Survivor Series 2003
Actors: Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon, Molly Holly, Kurt Angle
Genres: Sports
NR     2003     3hr 15min

Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 12/16/2003


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Actors: Brock Lesnar, Shane McMahon, Molly Holly, Kurt Angle
Genres: Sports
Sub-Genres: Wrestling
Studio: World Wrestling
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 12/16/2003
Original Release Date: 01/01/2003
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2003
Release Year: 2003
Run Time: 3hr 15min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

The best ppv from WWE in quite some time
Chris Honaker | Elizabethtown, Kentucky United States | 11/17/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"In weeks prior to the show, I wondered if it was actually gonna be good. I mean the WWE this year has hyped up many matches and ppvs this year, and they have failed to deliver on many occasions. Luckily, we got a nice show this time around. Here's a run-down of the card and my opinion on them1. Team Angle(Angle, Benoit, Cena, Bradshaw, and Holly) vs Team Lesnar(Brock, A-Train, Jones, Morgan and Big Show)
An unlikely group of team angle vs The biggest tag team ever assembled in team lesnar which weights at a total of 1800 lbs.
Holly made his return in over a year and Cena had just turned face, Matt Morgan debuts, Nathan Jones turned heel.
Order of Elimantions:
- Hardcore Holly got DQ when he attacked lesnar and manhandled a referee who tried to break up the fight in :30
- Bradshaw delivered the clothsline from hell on A-Train in 1:05
- Big Show chokeslammed Bradshaw in 1:25
- Angle hit the angle slam on Matt Morgan in 9:42
- Angle made Nathan Jones tap out to the ankle lock in 10:08
- Brock f-5ed Angle in 10:20
- Benoit became the 2nd person to make Brock tap in 12:28
- Cena believe it or not gave the f-U to the big show in 13:53
Survivors: Benoit and Cena
Very fast paced, good wrestling and great performances all around2. Lita vs Molly Holly
Lita made her return at Unforgiven and became the #1 contender for the women's title in a fatal four way on Raw. Molly targeted on Lita's neck throughout the match, obvisously since Lita did have neck surgery. Lita put on a good effort surviving the molly-go-round but got pinned when Molly took the turnbuckle pad off and rammed lita face into that turnbuckle. Match lasted 6:49. It was decent.3. Shane vs Kane (Ambulence Match)
The final encounter between these two came to a close in this match. I didn't this match was as good as their last man standing match at Unforgiven but it wasn't bad. Shane tried everything to win the match. He delivered the elbow off the top rope on kane thru the spanish announcer's table, lured kane into the back and backed a truck into him, and placed the trashcan on kane and jumped on top of the ambulence truck and dropkick the trashcan into kane's face but Kane's strength was too much for the boy wonder as he thrown back and forth into the ambulence truck. The match ended with a tombstone on the outside of the ring which is similar to what happened to Linda. Match wasn't as brutal as I was expecting but it was still good. Match time 13:34
4. Gurreros vs Bashams Brothers
An okay match. The Gurreros outperformed Bashams Bros. throughtout the match. A good amt of interference from shanquia who ended up getting a frog splash from Eddy. Chavo delivered a swinging ddt on one of the bashams but accidentally kicked Eddy when he did the move. As chavo was checking up on Eddy the other basham bros rolled up chavo and hooked the tights to remain champs in time of 7:33
5. Team Austin(HBK, Dudleys, RVD, and Booker T.) vs Team Bischoff(Steiner, Henry, Christian, Y2J and Randy Orton)
You know the stipulation, if austin's team loses he's gone, if Austin's team wins Austin can back to raising hell and kicking some a--. This was another good elimantion match which was filled with alot of chaos and interference from Austin, Bischoff, and Batista. HBK put on an all-star performance
Order of elimantion:
- Booker T. gave Steiner the book end in 7:26
- Henry powerslammed Booker T. in 7:49
- Dudleys and RVD stacked on top of Henry for the pin at 10:04
- Orton RKO RVD in 12:04
- Jericho did a Reverse Bulldog on D'von in 13:47
- Christian hitted the unprettier on Bubba Ray in 16:50
- HBK used sweet chin music on christian in 20:27
- HBK countered the walls of jericho into a rollup in 23:54
- Orton pinned HBK after a batista powerbomb in 27:26
Sole Survivor: Randy ORTON
6. Undertaker vs Vince McMahon (Buried Alive)
I don't if you even want to call this match. McMahon got murdered in this one, as he was busted wide open with only 2 undertaker punches. Taker whacked Vince in the face with a shovel, took vince over to the steps and the stairs to whack vince on the leg with them. After a dissing out tons of punishment, Taker carries vince over to try and bury him. Kane makes a surprise apperance and help Vince bury the Taker. Match Time: 11:597. HHH vs Goldberg
Decent title match. Goldberg was able to dodge an attack from evolution and pinning the game with the jackhammer. Match time:12:23Good wrestling and well paced action and entertaining non-match segments. Austin saying goodbye and beating up the Coach. A confortation b/w Bischoff and the manager of Dallas Mavs. Backstage encounters with goldberg and lesnar.
I strongly recommended buying this when it comes out."
Survivor series 2003 is a 5 star ppv
alex fryling | erie pa | 01/13/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)


1. Team Angle vs. Team Lesner- This was a good way to kick things off. It really got the crowd involved. I thought it was a good idea to get people like holly out of there quick. Without them this match went along alot better. I was surprised when angle was the third elimenated. I thought it was going to be him and lesner. Good choice keeping cena in which gave him a bigger face push. Good match. Winner Team Angle. Match Rating 8.5/10.

2. Molly Holly vs. Lita for the womens title- This was a above decent womens match. Molly is not my favorite diva on the list but she could always wrestle better than most and then you have lita who is always good in the ring. About a 7 minute match and a decent pace. Winner and still womens champ Molly Holly. Match Rating 5.5/10.

3. Shane Mcmahon vs. kane in an ambulence match- This was not as good as there match at unforgiven but this was still a good match. It was about 13 minutes which i thought could have been longerbut it was still a good match. The only really bad part was the camara kept going off back stage. A really nice spot were shane jumps oof the ambulence. Also a nice table spot and some hardcore action. Winner kane. Match Rating 8/10.

4. Los Guerreros vs. The Bashams for the tag team titles- This was one of the best tag team matches i have seen in a while. Good work by both teams. I think the bashams have gotten better in the ring. Good work by both teams. Winners and still wwe tag team champs the bashams. Match Rating 7.5/10.

5. Team Austin vs. Team Bishoff- Match of the night by far. I forgot how good these elimination matches can be if you put alot of time into them. I thought that booker t and rvd got eliminated preatty quick. Back and forth action. An awsome comeback try by michales who was down 4 to 1. There was blood and lots of action. I did not like the ending but it still did not hurt the match. Winner Team Bishoff. Match Rating 10/10.

6. Undertaker vs. Mr. McMahon in a buried alive match- I was hoping to get a little more from this match. Dont get me wrong the match was good but i think it could have been alot better. The one thing that was good was there was a few weapons used and lots of blood which made the match alot better. A surprosing ending if you ask me. Winner Mr. McMahon. Match Rating 7/10.

7. Goldberg vs. HHH for the WHT- I liked the idea of when the wwe put these two together but i have not really enjoyed there matches as much as i thought i would. There match at unforgiven was rather sad while this one was a little better i think not by alot. I liked the fact that flair was there at ring side for the match he always helps during a match. I thought it was better than unforgiven by a little more. Winner and still WHC Goldberg. Match Rating 7.5/10.

Well that raps up another. I would give Survivor series a grade of 54/70 which is a 77% which means it is a perfect ppv. I think that is a solid grade for two reasons. First off there really was not one bad match on the whole ppv. Second there were some awsome matches and just decent. I think wwe put alot into making this ppv special. I think you should get this dvd. If you dont mind and tell me if my review was helpful or not i would appericate that. Also you can check out my others by clicking on other reviews. Thanks for your time."
Entertainment over Wrestling?
Cameron | SA, Australia | 08/13/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"* = Poor match *1/2 = boring for a weekly episode ** = not expected PPV quality **1/2 = not good enough for a highly anticipated match *** = decent match ***1/2 = good match **** = Great Match ****1/2 = excellent, a classic! ***** = the perfect match, only a handful can have this rating (In particular, Austin vs. Bret at WM13)

The Survivor Series 2003 PPV was definitely one of the greatest PPV's of 2003. It's not saying much of course, but it was one hell of a PPV. It doesn't topple over WrestleMania XIX in wrestling skill, but if you had seen it live it would have definitely been more suspenseful because much more was on the line: Austin's career, Vince or Taker's life, World Heavyweight Title and the outcome of the Ambulance match. Doesn't seem great on paper really, but the DVD should keep you entertained for a long time to come.

1. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Hardcore Holly & Bradshaw) vs. Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, Big Show, A-Train, Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones) in a classic Survivor Series elimination tag-match:

This match didn't have much of a storyline going for it, but here it is: For some reason GM Paul Heyman decided to have a classic SS match to take place at The Series. It had to be Kurt picking members for his team vs. Brock Lesnar's chosen teammates. John Cena had become a babyface just after No Mercy and had not goten along with Benoit. Brock had Paul Heyman to aid him to produce the heaviest team in Survivor history. The match had nothing on the line at all. To not ruin part of the match, I'll just say that 3 unimportant wrestlers get eliminated very, very hastily (And thank god). The match doesn't run for too long, but it is very solid action. Kurt doesn't get much wrestling time in the match, which was expected at the time. For an opening match, it's great. For what action it offers...

2. Women's Title Match- Lita vs. Molly
Yeah yeah yeah...

3. Shane McMahon vs. Kane- Ambulance Match
The Kane vs. Shane saga continues from their clash at Unforgiven 2 months earlier. The feud started when Kane's mask came off and he tombstoned Shane's mother, Linda. At Unforgiven, it was a last man standing match, where Shane had taken a dive off of the stage (very high) and had lost the match. Then, an Ambulance match was declared for the Survivor Series to end the feud once and for all.
The start of the match was decent, with some stupid bits in it. You'll think to yourself, 'why does Kane get to get up from moves that would normally KO a normal opponent?', but nonetheless... eventually, the war heads to the back, where Kane almost gets beat. The action, again, decent. Then, the fight ensues on the entrance path, where they fight around the Ambulance. One big high-flying risk by Shane was amzing, which saves the match from being a little stiff. Overall, it's solid hardcore action.

4. WWE Tag Team Championship match- Los Guerreros vs. Basham Brothers
This match is a filler match, and sets up Eddie and Chavo's feud which leads up to the Royal Rumble. The match itself is decent, but ends a bit stupidly which will leave you moaning.

5. Austin's Career vs. Bischoff's Career- Team Austin (Dudleyz, Booker T, RVD & Shawn Michaels) vs. Team Bischoff (Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Christian, Mark Henry & Scott Steiner) in a classic Survivor Series elimination tag-match:
The match came about when Austin was not allowed to attack anyone without being physically provoked. Bischoff and Austin had been feuding as co-general managers since May, and even though Austin's wrestling career was over, his on-screen persona still existed. Bischoff had declared that a team that Bischoff assembled could defeat a team that Austin assembled, and that whoever's team lost would have to leave forever, and resign as a co-GM. Austin accepted, and the match would take place at the Series. The first part of the match is quite stiff, with some usual tag-match action, but eventually ran smoothly. The stakes were so high, that seeing this live would have been so much more greater than it already is, but that fact is that some of the earlier parts of the match were average. Eventually, a bloody battle occurred with the remaining competitors, and if it was seen live, the tension would have been out of this world. Unfortunately, if you know the outcome, it won't be that great, but I'm telling you, the last efforts that were put in the match to keep the fans entertained were just too great to be ignored. All in all, this match definitely deserves...

6. Buried Alive Match- Undertaker vs. Vince McMahon.
The match was assigned when Paul Heyman had accidentally given authority to the Deadman, so that he could choose a match at Survivor Series. A month earlier, Vince had interfered in Taker's match, and Taker wanted to punish Vince in a Buried Alive Match. Vince had said some violent things about Undertaker, so the bad blood rose to an all-new high.
To keep it short, this match is indeed entertaining, but a real squash match, as you would expect. Vince starts bleeding profusely on the first punch, and is basically mutilated throughout the remainder of the match. There isn't much real wrestling invloved, and is a set-up for a certain match at WrestleMania XX. This match can only deserve...

7. World Heavyweight Title Match- Goldberg vs. Triple H
This match occurred when HHH had put a $100,000 bounty on Goldberg's head. Batista collected the bounty by injuring Goldberg's shin or ankle. So, a match was made at the Series, obviously, for these two men to wrestle for the Title, which was held by Goldberg.
Let me just tell you something- HHH can only wrestle a real good match when he is involved with another wrestler with a lot of talent; and Goldie just does not have enough talent OR charisma to carry Trips to an above *** match. Big power moves mixed with low ring psychology and low charisma isn't truly good enough to be a high-carder, so Goldberg really shouldn't have had the belt, and I don't care what any mainstream wrestling fans say about it. The match is basically Goldberg getting the upper hand early on, and then Trips capitalizing on Goldberg's ankle injury, with Ric Flair helping Triple H by beating on Goldberg when the ref isn't looking. The match is mediocre, but still is a fine way to top off an otherwise great PPV.

Also, on the DVD, there is a fairly good Cruiserweight Title match involving the champ, Tajiri, and his opponent the then-babyface Jamie Noble. It's definitely Sunday Night Heat quality, and in all respects to the cruiser devision it should have been included AT the PPV instead of on Spike TV or whatever it's on before the event actually starts. This match gets a rating of **1/2, which is good for a match on SNH, which would embarass the likes of Bill Goldberg's/HHH's efforts.

The overall DVD extras section is decent, as you get to see the Survivor Series ad, the making of it, Survivor Series history, the extra match, Austin/Michaels aftermath and the usual pre-match and post-match interviews.

Overall, some matches are lacklustre, particularly the Goldberg/HHH match, but the rest of the event makes this DVD definitely worth a purchase. This DVD and this PPV put together deserves a rating of ****, as the mainevent just brings the event down by half a star."
Survivor Series 2003 was FATAL
Mathew Brentson | SA, AUSTRALIA | 04/11/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Survivor series 2003 had alot on the line including jobs,titles and lives in the burried alive match.It was truly one to remember.Team Angle vs Team Lesnar-This was an okay elimination survivor series match but not as good as the Raw one later on in the night.The first few eliminations were so sudden and in no time it was down to 2 on 2.Team Angle wins thanks to John Cena and his chain. Time-12 mins 7/10Molly Holly vs Lita-Exellent womans match.It was slightly longer than normal woman matches and there was some great moves from Lita.Molly retains her title. Time-6 mins 6/10Ambulance match-Kane vs Shane-Brutal match from the start with Shane taking Kane over the top rope.The match was contested on the outside not in the ring which made it more interesting.Shane as usual entertained with several risks I loved it when Shane jumped off the ambulance and kicked the can in Kanes face.Kane wins the final encounter by tombstoning Shane on the concrete.Awsome match up!!! Time-12 minutes 9/10Los Guerros vs Bashams-Not a good tag team match.Its what I expected The Bashams are plain and boring and Los guerros were not much better.Worst match of the PPV by far fast foward this match. Time-7 mins of crap 4/10Team Austin vs Team Biscoff-In my view the best match of the night.Come on it was 27 minutes long and the eliminations were well timed not like the Smackdown one.All 10 superstars were great and did some exellent wrestling moves.HBK was brave but got beaten thanks to Orton and Batista.Austin loses his job but go's out on a good note ,Stunning coach Time-27 mins 10/10Undertaker vs Mr McMahon-Brutal match Undertaker was beating up McMahon for most of the match.McMahon didnt throw a punch before Undertaker carried him to the grave yard.Shocking end with Kane,Takers brother burrying the deadman after an explosion in the truck.The match was a bit disappointing because it was boring at times and was too short.The huge lead up was not worth it. Time-10 mins 7/10Goldberg vs Triple H-Pretty good match concidering Goldberg was 1 legged and Triple H was off his game. It was a physicaly intense battle between two huge athletes with Goldberg winning by eliminating Evolution with a sledge hammer and pinning the Game with The Jackhammer. Time-12 mins 8/10Survivor series was an exellent PPV with a great card all of the matches lived up to its expectation.Best match of the night was Team Austin vs Team Biscoff.Raw matches were better in this PPV. overall rating-51/70"