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WWE WrestleMania X-Seven
WWE WrestleMania X-Seven
Actors: The Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H
Genres: Sports
NR     2001     4hr 0min

There was definitely a problem in Houston on the night of April 1, 2001. Wrestlemania X-Seven invaded the Reliant Astrodome. The 2-DVD set includes all 11 matches, Sunday Night Heat footage, superstar interviews and more!


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Actors: The Rock, Steve Austin, Triple H
Genres: Sports
Sub-Genres: Wrestling
Studio: Sony
Format: DVD - Color
DVD Release Date: 08/07/2001
Original Release Date: 01/01/2001
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2001
Release Year: 2001
Run Time: 4hr 0min
Screens: Color
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaDVD Credits: 2
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 7
MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Languages: English

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Movie Reviews

...of all time...
Tommy G. | Fayetteville, AR United States | 04/30/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The three words "of all time" get thrown around a lot in this day and age, and I am not innocent of constantly uttering them myself, in effect watering down their significance. But when I say that Wrestlemania X7 is the greatest Wrestlemania -- even greatest PPV -- OF ALL TIME, I am not exaggerating. Everything from the opening montage to the post-main event celebration was electric live on PPV and none of that electricity is lost on DVD.This was a Wrestlemania that WWF needed to succeed, what with the failure of the previous year's Wrestlemania 2000. The WWF attained that success with X7, in everything from the card to live attendance to PPV buys. Most of the matches had well built storylines and were just great matches in themselves. Another treat was the Gimmick Battle Royal featuring special appearances by the always-welcome Bobby Heenan and Mean Gene.One aspect to this PPV that made it such a success was the diversity of the card. Wrestlemania 2000 was bogged down in tag team matches, triple threats and unproven wrestlers. X7, however, had something for everyone. Technical wrestling fans will drool over Benoit vs. Angle for years to come. Hardcore fans love the TLC II match. Fans of the over-the-top storylines were into the father vs. son match. And fans of the industry's top two stars at the time, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, will always remember fondly their main event that night on April Fool's day in 2001.The DVD extras aren't much, but what do you need with extras when the PPV event itself gives you one hell of a show? Even with all of the positives on this show, there are some negatives. In the aformentioned father vs. son match, fans did not react well to Shane's WCW allegiance and this slightly took away from the impact of his win over Vince, although it was more Linda McMahon's win than Shane's. Also, some of the other matches just didn't click for whatever reason. Although a very decent opener, Regal vs. Jericho was a bit off, as the latter was going 100MPH and Regal just didn't seem to be in key that night. Chyna vs. Ivory was an atypical squash match akin to those we used to see on WWF Superstars in the late 80's. But one of the greatest advantages DVD has over VHS is the ability to go to the next scene instantaneously at the press of a button. Wrestlemania is WWF(E) and pro wrestling at its best. Get this DVD."
WWE WrestleMania X-7
4 Real | New York | 08/11/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"WWE WrestleMania X-7

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs. William Regal
A decent opener with some good wrestling and some high spots as well. Not one slow or boring point in this match. Match rating 7/10

APA and Tazz vs. Right To Censor
Once again a decent match with a lot of excitement. Good to see Tazz wrestle. Match Rating 7/10

WWE Hardcore Championship
Kane vs. Raven vs. The Big Show
A very entertaining/brutal hardcore match that saw all three men fight it out all over the arena. Awesome finish and a cool window spot by Raven. Match Rating 9/10

WWE European Championship
Eddie Guerrero vs. Test
Once again a decent match with some nice spots. My only complaint about this match would be the interference even though it was predictable it was going to happen. Match Rating 7/10

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
There can only be one first. There can only be one blueprint. WrestleMania 17 was the night where the whole Angle Benoit series started and what a match it was. A Very back and forth match that saw each man display what they're all about. Technical wrestling, submissions, high flying, brawling, false finishes. This match had it all but what really stands out in my mind about this match was the wrestling the two did at the beginning of the match. A Great Match by two phenomenal athletes. My only complaint is that the match had a weak ending. Match Rating 9/10

WWE Womens Championship
Chyna vs. Ivory
This is what we call a squash match. Chyna basically kicked Ivory's ass through out the whole match. Entertaining but not that great. Match Rating 6/10

WWE Tag Team Titles
Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz
OMG! What a match! Better than their SummerSlam TLC match that they had the previous year. This match will blow you away. So many big spots in this match like Buh Buh and Matt going through.......wait! I don't want to spoil it for you! All you have to know is that this match is amazing, awesome, fantastic and any other word you can think of that resembles the word great. Match Rating 10/10

Father vs. Son
Street Fight w/ Mick Foley as The Special Guest Ref.
Shane McMahon vs. Vince McMahon
Another great entertaining match that saw some great storytelling and some very big bumps taken by both men. Extremely Entertaining match...especially the ending. Match Rating 9/10

Gimmick Battle Royal
Great to see some of my all time favorite wrestlers such as Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter go at it. This match will defiantly satisfy old school wrestling fans. Match Rating 9/10

The Undertaker vs. Triple - H
WOW! What a match these two had. I don't even think I can call it a match. This match was a street fight all the way which saw chairs and hammers come into play in this match. This brawl is a hardcore wrestling fans dream. Match Rating 9/10

WWE Championship
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock
Holy ****!!! And I thought that the other matches were great! This match was unbelievable! The entire match was a back and forth encounter by two of the greatest wrestlers of our time. The end was surprising and unpredictable. All the false finishes made this match the best match of the night. Not a lot can be said about this match except for the fact that it was a perfect match. A great way to end the show. Match Rating 10/10

Not only was this an amzing PPV it was the greatest WrestleMania of all time! This PPV is defientaly worth your money no matter what but it is however very hard to find in stores. This WrestleMania had a little bit for everyone which is what makes this not only the grand daddy of them all but the grand daddy of all WrestleManias. C YA!
Wrestlemania X-7: The Playground for The Immortals
canadiancowboy | Surrey, BC, Canada | 09/09/2001
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Wrestlemania. The greatest sports entertainment event. The only ppv that's three months in the making. The 2001 version (WM 17) could possibly be the greatest ppv ever. It's the best of my collection for sure. Never have I seen intensity and athletic ability in wrestling then here.The DVD format of course have some extras you should know about. It's a 2-disc format that split up in a weird way. The event is more or less cut in half between the DVDs. The first eight matches are on DVD 1, the last 3 DVD 2. A far cry from last years Wrestlemania 2-disc. But who cares? Here are the extras:Play It Now: Plays the first 8 matches (DVD 1) or last 3 (DVD 2)as seen live on ppv.
Pick A Fight: Pick a match of your own choosing
Flashbacks: How two wrestlers came to WM
Extra Stuff:
DVD 1: A Benoit interviw, extra match (Grandmaster Sexay & Blackman vs. X-Factor), and video clips of the WWF visiting Ft. Hood and WWF Axxess.
DVD 2: Bushwacker Interview, a WWF New York Clip, the Triple H/Undertaker incident, The Highlight video (usually shows a recap of ppv) and what happened the next night on RAWThe first two features are standard. The flashbacks and extra stuff are pretty cool. Unfortunately, the next night on RAW just shows the night in short, edited clips. I would like to see the whole main event of RAW, just like on TV. But enough about the features. You want the matches:1)Jericho vs. Regal: Intercontinental champ match. These two are good wrestlers but I personally think they lack chemistry, at least in the ring. They tried though and made an okay match. 3.5 stars out of 5.2) APA & Tazz vs. RTC: An okay match that I think was the best you get from the six. Not to say the six men are not good. Just not in a six-man, brawl-style match. Didn't have a nice flow they usually have in singles (Tazz, Venis) or Tag (APA or Buchanan/Goodfather). 3 stars.3) Raven vs. Big Show vs. Kane: Hardcore champ match. This was pretty hardcore. I rather enjoy the Raven strategy: hit hard, run hard. Showed he's pretty smart. Good pshychology of showing Kane's and Big Show's ability to hurt somebody. Check this match out if you wanna see an interfere-free, first fall wins hardcore match. 4 stars.4) Test vs. Guerrero: European Champ match. A quailty matched that was well-paced, nice thought out and gave us a pretty cool new move (Tilt-the-whirl to powerbomb. Trust me. It's cool). The match did something Regal and Jericho didn't: show two different wrestlign styles clashing together. Test with his power and strength against Guerrero's speed and technical superiority. 4.5 stars.5) Angle vs. Benoit: Ever hear the phrase 'For every hold, there's a counter-hold'. Add 'For every counterhold, there's another counter-hold', and you can explain this match. I didn't think you could reverse the anklelock or the crossface, but you can as shown in this match. The technical ability of these two really show off here. Too bad it was slow to start and had a bad ending. 4.5 stars.6) Ivory vs. Chyna: Women's Champ match. Short and to the point. This match served only to give Chyna revenge and to show her superiority. Nothing more. I have nothign against women's wrestling in WWF but please actually wrestle. I don't like seeing one-sided matches, though annoying Ivory getting pounding is entertaining. 3 stars.7) Shane vs. Vince: Street Fight w/ Mick Foley as Special Ref. Two non-trained athletes fighting it out = boring right? WRONG! The intesity, excitement and athletic ability (mostly Shane) of these two made this match just as good as the main event. I couldn't believe Shane doing two crazy bumps or Vince's willingness to take one of those bumps. 5 stars.8) Dudleys vs. Hardyz vs. Edge & Christian: TLC 2! Tables were broke, ladders were climbed, and chair were dented with head prints. Does it get better? Yes. Yes indeed. This mtach was better then the first TLC match because this had different better spots that were well chereographed and timed well. Also, it never looked like they were setting up a spot. Very cool match. 5 stars.Side note: The PPV is split here to disc 29) Gimmick Battle Royal: Go over the top to be eliminated. Do you want the whole list of wrestlers? Well, okay: Nikolai Volkoff (The Russian wrestler), Kamala (He rubs stuff on his belly), Kimchee (Kamala's trainer), Iron Sheik (Hated villian in old school WWF), Sgt. Slaughter (Loved wrestlers in his time), Repo Man (Funny gimmick), Earthquake (Big fat guy who sat on you), Gobbledy Gooker (I can't explain), The Goon (Hockey goon), Tugboat (See 'Eathquake'), One Man Gang (Big fat guy who didn't sit on you), Hillbilly Jim (Don't go messing with a country boy), Brother Love ('Taker first manager), Doink (He's a clown), Duke Droese (He's a garbage man), Micheal Hayes (A freebird?), Jim Cornette (The best darn manager ever. . .next to The Brain), The Bushwhackers (You're very deprived if you haven't seen these two). Fun for what it was. 4 stars.10) Triple H vs. Undertaker: A great match that was overshadowed by the other 5 star matches. I bet you next year, not many people will remember this match. It's too bad. This was excellent. Watch 'Taker chokeslam Triple H 'straight to hell'. It's so cool! 5 stars.11) The Rock vs. Steve Austin: WWF Champ match. Never before has a match been so personal, so intense, and so wonderfully down that it makes you cheer, boos, and makes you angry at the end of it all. Most of all, it entertains like entertains like no other. This is a match for all ages. It was brutal yet technical, chaotic yet orderly. The pace was perfect and the crowd just made it even better. Watch teh build-up to it and you get even more into it. The storyline wa perfect shown during the match. Stone Cold constantly showed he would do anything to win the belt. The Rock showed he wouldn't give the belt up without a fight. The end will shock you, anger you, and then entertain you. You almost believe that this wrestlign storyline is real!!! 5 stars b/c that's how far my rankings go.Great main event. Great mid-cards. So many 5 stars in one ppv and I rarely give up 5 stars. A must have for any wrestling fan."
The Greatest WrestleMania Ever!
Scotty 2 Hotty 24 | Back Woods, GEORGIA | 03/09/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Many people refer to WrestleMania 17 as the "Greatest WrestleMania Of All Time" & some will even go further then that & dare to say that this is argubably "The Greatest Wrestling Pay-Per-View" ever. With arguments could be made for both of those statements, this event is undoubtfully a must see event.

WrestleMania 17 was a significant event in World Wrestling Entertainment's history at the time. With WrestleMania 2000 previously failing on so many levels such as too many tag team matches, triple threats, & unproven wrestlers that didn't belong on the card whatsoever, WWE needed WrestleMania X-Seven to succeed & it did.

This WrestleMania card had something for everyone to appreciate that WrestleMania 2000 didn't have. True technical wrestling for the true wrestling fans in the Benoit/Angle confrontation, hardcore wrestling for the die-hard ECW fans in the Hardcore Title Match & in the TLC 2 Match, over-the-top storylines including the Father vs. Son McMahon Family Street Fight involving all four members of the McMahon Family, having the Gimmick Battle Royal for entertainment, & having 4 of the greatest superstars (at the time) squaring off against one another in HHH vs. Undertaker & in the main event as The Rock battled Stone Cold Steve Austin with the aftermath surprising everyone in the building & watching on TV.

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho Vs. William Regal - A very good choice for an opener. Nothing really memorable or exciting in the match but solid wrestling. Jericho was selling his injured shoulder leaving Regal targeting it throughout the match. Not a technical masterpiece but its a match that did its job. 3.5/5

A.P.A. & Tazz Vs. Right To Censor - This was an average filler at best but it served its purpose. Bradshaw cut an appropriate promo before the match & it was a good idea to have Bradshaw wrestle in his home state. Both teams put in a good effort for the 5 minutes they were out there & it was a good choice to allow this match to be on the card. 2.25/5

WWE Hardcore Champion Raven Vs. Kane Vs. The Big Show - This is the part of the night where the event truly begins to shine & pick up. Raven was put at a disadvantage from that start as he was in there with Kane & The Big Show. Kane & TBS worked really well in this type of environment & Raven did his best to go back to his ECW ways to put on a good Hardcore Match. This match was entertaining from start to finish & it delivered. 3.5/5

European Champion Test Vs. Eddie Guerrero - This was another filler match but it played out well. Test's best run in his career was in 2001 & Eddie has the ability to have a good match with just about anyone so this match was good. Some slight interferences from Radicalz member Saturn with a little "lyin', cheatin', & stealin'" from Eddie that made for a good match. A good performance from both men & this was a good match for the now shelved European Title. 4/5

Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Benoit - The Olympic Gold Medalist & The Rabid Wolverine put on one great wrestling match. This is also the first true technical match at a WrestleMania since Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels from WM 12. Everything a wrestling match should have, Benoit & Angle gave it. Lots of great suplexes, reversals, finsher escapes, near falls, high risk, & everything in between. This is a great one-on-one match & one of the bests in WrestleMania history. 5/5

WWE Women's Champion Ivory Vs. Chyna - This is a total squash match. WWE did the rigth thing to give Chyna the belt but Chyna deserved more credibility then this. This match is borderlining as the WORST Women's Title Match ever. This is the only low note of the night. 1.5/5

Shane McMahon Vs. Vince McMahon w/Mick Foley as the Special Referee (Street Fight) - This is a lot better of a match then what many thought it was going to be. The Street Fight rules was a good stipulation to the match & it really added more flavor to the match as well. The story told in the match was very good & it felt real at the same time. You could really feel the intensity in this match. A couple of good spots with Shane doing his usual table spot & also using the Van-Terminator for the first time in his offense with the shocking face-turn in Trish. A very good match that everyone will enjoy. 4/5

WWE Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz Vs. Edge & Christian Vs. The Hardy Boyz (Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match) - These 3 teams took what they did at SummerSlam last year to a whole other level. TLC II has much more crash & burn spots, more death defying antics, more table crashes, more chair shots, & more breath taking moments then what TLC I had with special cameos from Rhyno, Lita, & Spike Dudley. This is one exciting match that did its due where it was amazing for every second all 3 of these teams were out there. 5/5

Gimmick Battle Royal - This is just an over-the-top battle royal featuring some of the WWE's most interesting & unique superstars from the past that includes Sgt. Slaughter, The Iron Sheik, Doink The Clown, Repo Man, Tug Boat, Earthquake, The Goon, Kamala, The Bushwackers, Nikolai Volkoff, Hillbilly Jim, Michael Hayes, & others with special commentating done by "Mean" Gene Okerlund & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Its entertaining but nothing special. 2/5

Undertaker Vs. Triple H - This wasn't a wrestling match by any means, it was war from start to finish. Undertaker & HHH started the match very wildly & crazy and when the referee got taken out, this match turned into an out of control slugfest where the majority of the match is fought in the crowd. The last 10 minutes of the match is the most exciting where HHH & Undertaker has a great offensive exchange until HHH suffers to The Last Ride. Do not expect a 5 star classic wrestling match here as this match is the complete opposite. 4.25/5

WWE Champion The Rock Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (No Disqualification Match) - Props has to be given to WWE for making this match No DQ & allowing Stone Cold & The Rock to hold nothing back in this match. This main event has everything from technical wrestling, brawling, weapon use, blood, intensity, finisher escapes & stealing of the finshers, & eveything in between. Stone Cold & The Rock always have great chemistry together & this match is no exception as it is argubably their best match together. The Rock & Austin kept the match exciting with having no dull or boring moments in the match at all. This match will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. The last 5 minutes will blow your breath away with the surprising heel turn of Steve Austin. A fantastic main event & an awesome way to end "The Grand Daddy Of Them All". 5/5

WrestleMania X-Seven is THE BEST WrestleMania ever. If you want to see everything a PPV is suppose to have, then I highly recommend purchasing WrestleMania X-Seven."