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Yu Gi Oh - A New Evil s.4 v.1
Yu Gi Oh - A New Evil s4 v1
Genres: Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
UR     2005     2hr 20min

The Battle City Tournament is over and Yugi has saved mankind from complete annihilation at the hands of Marik! The world is safe once again?or is it? After returning home, Yugi heads back to the History Museum to try once...  more »


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Genres: Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Sub-Genres: Television, Anime & Manga, Animation
Studio: Funimation Prod
Format: DVD - Color,Full Screen - Animated
DVD Release Date: 12/06/2005
Original Release Date: 01/01/2005
Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2005
Release Year: 2005
Run Time: 2hr 20min
Screens: Color,Full Screen
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaDVD Credits: 1
Total Copies: 0
Members Wishing: 0
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Languages: English, Japanese

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Movie Reviews

The Season That Got Me Hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh!
Pamela T. | Utica, KS, USA | 12/30/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The Yu-Gi-Oh! seasons before this one never interested me very much, but this one really got my attention. There is a lot of ancient mythology woven into this storyline and a few preludes to set up the Dawn of the Duel story arc (the second half of Season 5 and the final story arc of this series). For those who just want to see card tournaments in cartoon form, however, this may not be for you. The storyline is much more involved than a few friendly (or not so friendly) card games, and the battles do seem tedious compared with wanting more of the story to be revealed. It seems like people who loved the first three seasons were not as fond of this one, and people who weren't impressed with the first 3 seasons loved this. One of the defining moments of this arc, the first duel with Rafael and his Guardians, will take place on Season 4 volume 2 (the next DVD, due out in Feb. 2006). Personally, this is my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! season of all.

List of episodes on this DVD:

A New Evil (Parts 1 & 2) - Yugi's Egyptian God Cards are stolen by a mysterious group of motorcycle punks. Yugi chases them, only to find a strange old man who uses a sinister card called the Seal of Orichalchos to lock Yugi and himself in a duel to the end. The winner walks free, and the loser becomes a prisoner of the "Great Beast".

Legend of the Dragons - Yugi's dreams lead him to the World of Monsters where the Dark Magician Girl begs for Yugi and the Pharoh's assistance and introduces them to their new friend and the first of the dragons to be awakened: Timaeus.

The Creator Returns - While Yugi and his friends plan a visit to California to meet with Pegasus, Seto Kaiba and Mokuba find out someone is trying to take over their company. Left with little choice, they make plans to confront the threat to their livelyhood.

Deja Duel (Parts 1 & 2) - Seto and Mokuba travel to the Duelist Kingdom to confront Pegasus, or is it Pegasus? During this Duel the second dragon is awakened by Seto: Critias. Meanwhile, Yugi and his friends are en route to meet with Pegasus in San Fransisco.

An Unexpected Enemy - Yugi and friends find themselves stranded next to an abandoned gas station when their driver mysteriously vanishes. As a large motorcycle band threatens them another biker comes to their rescue, and Joey insists that it was Mai Valentine who saved them. When they reach the Industrial Illusions headquarters, however, they are confronted by an angry Mai weilding none other than the Seal of Orichalcos."
Other Volumes
Pamela T. | 09/16/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I know the other Wakeing the Dragon volumes and Amazon should pet em up

Vol. 1 A New Evil

Vol.2 My Freaky Valentine

Vol.3 Fate of the Pharoah

Vol.4 On the Wrong Track

Vol.5 Flight of Fear

Vol.6 Fighting for a Friend

Vol.7 Grappling with a Guardian

Vol.8 Rise of the Great Beast

And then there will be a new series called Grand Champinoship

Vol.1 Unwanted Guests

and thats all so far."
Yu-Gi-Oh! Wakeing the Dragons
Pamela T. | 08/30/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"After Duelist Kingdom,After Battle City,after The Movie,there comes a new enemy with powers far behoned them all. This DVD starts the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wakeing the Dragon sereies(AKA Doma ses.4). It includes a new opening and these 5 episodes

1&2.A New Evil Parts 1&2
A Robed Man challeneges Weevil and Rex to a Duel.He then reveals a new kind of Duel Disk,a Dark Duel Disk.Meanwhile Yugi and his friends go to the museum and Yugi holds up the 3 gods to get his memory,but then far away,a man named Dartz chansts a spell to freeze the tablet that is Yami's only way into Memorey World. Then Yugi and the other look outside to find monsters destroying the city,and everyone thinks its Kaiba's Virtual Holograms. Then at night the 3 gods are stolen and appear in real just like the other monsters and Yugi and the others follow them only to find 3 Bikers with them,and the Robed Man. The Robed Man then holds the Soul Cards of Weevil and Rex and Yugi duels the Robed Man for them and the God Cards.But first The Robed Man plays a card called the Seal of Orichalcoas,which makes all his monsters Drak and gives them 500 extra ATK. Points.Plus no one can leave or enter the circle,surouned by the 2 Duelist.The loser gets his soul taken,and the winner is free.Then the robed Man plays Obelisk and makes it Dark with a extra 500 ATK. Points. Yugi trys countering the Seal with his Puzzle but Shawdow powers dont work on it. Yugi then plays the Magnet Warriors and Strike and Sacrifice allowing him to Sac. his Magnet Warriors and destroy Dark Obelisk.Yugi then plays Dark Magican and finishes the Robed Man off,before the Robed Man soul is taken,he throw the Obelisk God Card to the Bikers with there Motocycles,and the Bikers drive off.

3.Wakeing the Dragons
Rebecca and Professor Hawkins return and telll Yugi that years ago,before Egypt,Alantis had Duel Monsters. That night Yugi has a dream and enters a room where he sees Dark Magican Girl.She tells him that this is Monster World,and that Monster World and Earth used to rest together side by side,but now something is distrubing the balance,a man named Dartz is trying to resurect his wife by reviveing a Atlantis God,The Great Levithan,and its already at Earth. She tells both Yugi that they are the chosen ones,and they have to pull a sword out of a frozen Dragon, Timaus,to battle Levithan,Both Yugi's pull the sword,and Yugi wakes up,he then goes outside to see a giant eye asorbing every monster and other things into is,Yugi looks at his Duel Disk and sees the card,Timaus is his deck zone,he plays it and the mighty Dragons appears and destroys the Eye of Levithan,But then he hears Dartz' voice saying Levithan will be back.

4.The Creator Returns
A video from Pegasus arrives,and everyone is freaked since they havn't seen Pegasus since Duelist Kingdom(or the Movie,maybe a dub error). The video shows Pegasus saying he can't say any impotant info on this tape incase it falls into the wrong hands. He says he is being watched,and Yugi should come to Industrial Illusions HQ to see him,its in California. Pegasus says he will pay for the plane tickets and everything.Meanwhile Weevil and Rex are lisening in on this news,and sneak abored in Yugi and the gangs bags as they fly to California,but when they get there,The Gang says the bag is not theres and the nag with Weevil and Rex is moved soemwhere else. Meanwhile The Gang gets a limo as they go to Industrial Illusions HQ.

5.Deja Duel Part 1
Pegasus sends a Video E-Mail to Kaiba saying that he has the stocks of Kaib Corp.and to get them back Kaiba will have to come to Duelist Kingdom and duel him for it. Kaiba and Mokuba then leave of their Blue Eyes Jet for Duelist Kingdom. As they arrive,Kaiba and Mokuba walk in to find Pegasus ready to duel,Kaiba hooks his Duel Disk to the Duel Platform,while Pegasus just uses the Duel Platfrom. Pegasus starts by maekeing the same moves he did in Kaiba"s first Duel with him. Kaiba keeps on winning by countering the moves. Pegasus then plays Toon World,and Blue Eyes Toon,and Dark Magican Toon with it,practically destroying Kaiba's forces. Meanwhile Weevil and REx (still in the bag) fall out of the truck that was bringing them to the Lost and Found,and end up in a Street Alley,Then some tough guys on those streets start surounding Weevil and Rex. At the Limo Yugi is thinking about how Pegasus was so troubled in the vido while Joey and Tristan are enjoying the sites of Califronia.Back at Duelist Kingdom Kaiba plays A
Wingbeat of Giant Dragon,allowing him to return his just summoned Blue Eyes into his hand,and in exchange destroys all Magic cards on opponets side of the field,includeing Toon World,all the Tonn die with Toon World and Pegasus goes down to 2200LP. Pegasus becomes silent and akes off a mask,revealing his face as one of the bikers,he says the real Pegasus has been captured,the biker,Alister plays the Seal of Oichalcoas as he puts on his Dark Dul Disk. Kaiba is amazed at both the cards rules and the Drak Duel Disk,as Alister says, My Revnge has come.

To be Continued to next Volume, Vol.2 Ses.4 Title:My Freaky Valentine

and Vol.3 Ses.4 Title:Fate of the Pharoah

Both other DVD's comming soon

Review for this DVD:Good begginning of a great season,this DVD has info,great storyline,and action packed Dueling,all the best for a great Yu-Gi-Oh! DVD."
Great Season
Pamela T. | 10/13/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"after a somewhat half/half season (battle city) Yu-Gi-Oh! innovates surprising certainly me and a lot of other people as well.
battle city was reppetitive and becoming more boring with every episode whereas this season stays interesting. i would certainly recommend this dvd and the others to any fan of the first season. if you liked the second one, oh dear, don't buy any dvd's of this season since it is probably wasted on you. new enemies, new cards, and best of all a good story which battle city was lacking is evident in this season"