Help Center - What if I cannot mail a DVD that has been requested from me?

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If you cannot mail a DVD, you need to decline/cancel the request as soon as possible so that the requestor can try to get this DVD from another sender.   When you decline or cancel a request, it will be passed along to a new sender if there is another copy available in the system.  If there is no other copy available in the system, the requestor will get the credit back and the DVD will go onto his or her Wish List. 

Please note:

  • When you decline or cancel a request, the DVD will be removed from your Tower.  If you want to offer the DVD again, you will need to repost it.

  • If you are declining because you are out of town or unable to mail any DVDs for some reason, you should be using the Vacation/Hold feature to put your Tower on hold--this will prevent incoming requests.

To cancel/decline a request:

  • If you have not yet accepted the request:

    • Log into SwapaDVD, go to My Account   and click on the request.

  • If you have already accepted the request:

    • Go to the "DVDs to Mail" tab in My Account and click on the transaction for the DVD.

      • You can do this up until the time you have marked the DVD mailed.
      • If this is a request for a Wish Listed DVD you must cancel it yourself.

        • Do NOT ask the requestor to cancel
        • If the requestor cancels, this will remove the DVD from his or her Wish List entirely, and he or she will have to get in the "back of the line" again if he or she still wants the DVD.

If there is no button on the request (if you have already marked the DVD mailed and now for some reason cannot send it), you should contact us to cancel it for you.

If you are the requestor, and a sender has told you that a DVD cannot be sent, but has already marked the DVD mailed, the sender must contact us to ask us to cancel the transaction.


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