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The SwapaDVD system is designed so that each member manages his or her own DVD transactions from My Account.   It is important to mark a DVD received as promptly as possible after you receive it, so that the sending member will get credit for sending it.

When you receive a DVD from SwapaDVD:

  • Log into SwapaDVD
  • Click My Account on the toolbar at the top of the site
  • Click the En Route to Me tab under the Message from the Librarian
  • Scroll down to see the transaction for this DVD
    • If the transaction for the DVD is not on the En Route to Me tab, read this
  • Click on the transaction
  • Click
    • If there was a problem with this DVD, Click
    • Read all about Problem transactions here.
  • The next screen will be the DVD Received page.
    • at the top you can write a Personal Message to the sender of the DVD
    • in the middle you can fill in optional additonal information about the transaction
    • at the bottom you can write comments about the swap that only we will see

When you have done this, the DVD will move into your Transaction Archive and the sender will have gotten credit for sending the DVD.

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