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You are not required to use the SwapaDVD Wrapper. 

  • The SwapaDVD wrapper has some advantages: zip+4, plus legibility, both of which improve transit time and prevent misdelivery.
  • Of course you can only use the Delivery Confirmation and Printed Postage features if you print the wrapper.
  • You can use alternate packaging and apply page 1 of the SwapaDVD Wrapper as an address label if you like.
  • If you want, you can hand-write the address on your package. See Can I hand-write the address to send a DVD? for more information.

Alternate packaging options include: bubble mailers, manila envelopes, brown paper (like cut-down grocery bags), etc.

  • Whatever method of wrapping you choose, your goal should be to create a sturdy package that will withstand the USPS journey to its new owner.
  • Use plenty of tape (shipping, not Scotch), especially at corners and seams.
  • It is important to put something in the DVD case to help keep the DVD in place while in the mail.  DVDs can come loose from the jostling in transit and can become scratched this way.
    • This could be a small piece of bubble wrap, or scrunched-up tissue paper/papertowel etc.
    • Place the material over the disc, to keep it in place in the case. 
    • If there are several discs in your set, make sure each disc is secure.

Mailing Supplies

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DVDs can be sent using First-Class Parcel Rate OR Media Mail Rate.  The weight of the package determines the cost of sending a DVD.

For directions on how to properly wrap a DVD using the SwapaDVD Wrapper please visit our How to Wrap directions.

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