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updated July 2023

For most DVDs, it currently costs less than four dollars (1 lb. Media Mail rate).

The SwapaDVD system will calculate your postage for you, based on the weight of the packaged DVD as estimated in the database. The correct (least expensive) postal class for that shipment's weight will print out on the wrapper.  Currently, that will ALWAYS be the Media Mail rate.

For a list of current USPS postal rates, please visit this page.

DVDs need to be mailed in their original cases; the weight of the case (and packaging) is included in the database estimate.  You will see the database estimate of the packaged DVD on the Wrapper Settings page when you go to print the address to send a DVD.

You should check your package weight and adjust the estimate on the Wrapper Settings page, to be sure that the postage is correct.   This is especially important if you use Printed Postage, since there are no refunds for printed postage once the wrapper has been printed.


See Current Postal Rates

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